Swasan…d best epi 3

Here goes the third part of my ff……so v saw how sanskar behaved with swar

Sanskar gets up with a hangover trying to recollect stuff. He sees swara sleeping on the couch and has fire in his eyes. He goes and pats her cheek to wake her up. Swara opens her eyes slowly. She has lost all strength and seeing sanskars face tries to get up and move away from him. Cause she is weak she falls off the couch. Sanskar thinks what happened to her and leaves her on the ground as she resists hims. Sanskar goes to the washroom and stands under the shower. He sees swaras wet clothes and her broken bangles. He washes his face and remembers the night. He gets to know it and then runs out in his towel. Seeing this swara gets up from the floor and moves back. She gets scared of him. He says swara yesterday…..but swara cuts in and says-pls sanskar ji dont come near me. Pls go away from me. Im very scared. It hurts a lot. Pls….and she faints and cries. Sanskar takes her to the bed and makes her sleep. He quickly gets ready and and goes to the kitchen and gets a cup of tea.while coming back he dashes uttara and she asks what bhai tea for bhabi huh?? Wat happened yesterday ha??.

Sanskar says pls be sensible at least sometimes and leaves angrily. Uttara is shocked and wonders what happened. She follows sanskar. Sanskar gives tea to swara but she just keeps saying go away go away. Sanskar keeps a thermometer in her mouth and she is running high fever. Uttara goes and tells this to ap. Ap too thinks as to y swara i sick. Sanskar thinks he needs to leave this house and go back to the flat.( guys sanskar lives separately and just comes to mm once a week to meet ap and sujata and once dp and all forced him to marry so he married). He tells ap

Ma i think i should get going. Now that for ur force i have married. I think my duties are over now and i should leave with my wife. I will leave after lunch. He goes and tells swara that we are leaving. Pack ur bags. Swara says where and y should we leave?u will do something to me please i dont want to go. Sanskar- I said na get ready we are leaving right away.in a louder tone. Swara got sacred and started crying. She says ok and packs her bags. She gets ready and goes down. Ap says swara pls cook lunch beta its a ritual and ya this is ur first and last day in this house beta. I hope u understand. Swara hugs ap. She goes to kitchen she does nt know how to make coffee also. She only knows to study.

She struggles and thinks. She also feels tierd. Uttara comes there with food and says bhabi i know everything. This is from a hotel u can serve this. She serves everyone. All eat and say its good. Ap gives her banglea which she is wearing. When they are about to leave swara says one minute sanskar. Sanskar thinks swara i going to say everything. Swara says ma can we take uttara with us. She also turns to sanskar with pleading eyes and says pls ma will feel alone and yes me and uttara are anyway studying the same course. Ap says yes and sanskar says ok. So uttara also leaves with them…..they reach the flat. Swara goes inside and says i want to sleep uttara and afterwards we will see. She takes some medicine and goes to sleep glaring angrily at sanskar……

Precap- what is sanskars next step???will he divorce swara or will he say sorry for his mistakes and will swara forgive him???

Guys pls bear with me. I know ur hating it and im not a good writer. I will try and end it very soon if its not nice. Pls give me raglak ideas and ya tell me if swara should show attitude to sanskar or should she forgive him???

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  1. Hey ……first thing I luv ure ff secondly u are not a bad writer . It’s really nice and make swasan frnds and swara continue s her studies , PLSSSSSSS DONT END URE FF AT ALL ??????

  2. i jst love it……..it is an amazing story………plse update soon

  3. swara should not forgive him easily after what he all done …
    sanskar should feel guilt for his act n say sry bt swara take time to forgive him…

  4. I like the concept….do update sooooon

  5. It’s really good

  6. feel sad for swara

  7. Pls continue. I luv ur ff very ff. Feeling bad for swara

  8. Its really nice… N Swara shud continue her studies n shouldn’t forgive him so easily…

  9. Unite them after sanskar says sorry and corrct his mistake?

  10. Want to read moreeeeeeee.

  11. Its superb dear you r a good writer pls don’t take so much time for next episode I just loved your ff waiting for next episode

  12. I find no reason to tell that u r a bad writer, so stop telling tht:-) updt soon. And make it longer!!!!!!!

  13. hy dear you are really a gud writer and like the plot plz make sanskar caring soon dr lov you..dont talk about ending it soon

  14. i am happy that atleast sanskar remembers what he has done.

  15. Shreya we are loving this ff….plzzzzzz update soon with long description

  16. im just loving ur ff..we have always seen a aweet cute romantic swasan…so its very interesting to find a hatred turning to love…just awesome..!!
    and about raglak..i think u can portray laksh as some imp char in ragini’s career planning..i mean he should play an influential char in ragini’s choice of career…say a sponser of music competition..or something like that..
    well thats all i can think of presently..

  17. Please don’t end your fans fiction

  18. its nice plz update next part

  19. You are showing a completely different Sanskar.

    Whom I don’t like.Rest is your choice.

  20. nice dear I m waiting fr next epi

  21. Amazing

  22. Superb dear but swara should not forgive him easily

  23. Your ff is the best and I just love it. Your a really talented writer. Pls update next one soon

  24. Thank God he still remembers it. Don’t end it.

  25. Show swara childishness nd she forgive sanky

  26. Next part soon plz

  27. Pls update next episode soon

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