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Hey guys in happy with your response but i want more commenta please. Its my humble request. Lets begin…..
So ragini has run away. Sumi realizes this and sits down with her hand on her head.
Swara -maa di must be in the washroom i will call her wait. Actually she was very nervous u know.
Sumi-she is not there swara.
Swara-ma see there is a letter here. I got in di table

Sumi reads it. Its written:
Maa i know that u ppl will b angry on me very angry. But pkease forgive me. I am also helpless. I agreed because dadi forced me. Maa i want to be a singer. U also know that and i know u are also helpless. And swara this is for u. Pls live ur life dear dont be like ur di. Marry the person whom u love. And ya pls study dear. I know ur dream is to be a doctor fulfil it. I will come back if i can gather courage to face u all. Bye ma baba and all of u.
Sumi breaks down seeing this. Swara consoles her and says i will go tell everyone. Before sumi can stop her she runs away and tells it to dadi and shekar.

Dadi calls ap and dp to room. She then tells them this and shows the letter. Sanskar,sujata and rp hear this and shout on sumi and dadi for their bad upbringing. All cry listening to this and swara seeing everyone cries. Dp is angry and says what will we do now. How will we show our face in the society. U people are ill mannered. Who will marry uttara now. We still have a daughter in our family. Dadi cuts in and says swara will marry sanskar. Sumi says maa what is this i wont allow this swara is very young and she is still studying. Dadi glares at her and says will u stay quiet please.i know what is right and wrong. All this happened because of ur freedom and pampering. So ols listen to me in this at least. Sumi stays silebt. And sees shekar. Skhekar looks on helplessly. Dp says ok now swara will marry sanskar. Its good u took this decision else we would hav removed u from samaj. Dadi agrees happily and fells like she achieved her goal of stopping swara studies.

All the arrangements are done and sanskar just nods his head. Inside his head is full of anger as all made him a piece of joke( guys sanskar had started likinf ragini only a little bcause of her beauty but its only little…) swara comes down ready as bride. Dadi gets her. And is smiling. Sanskar does all rituals holding swaras hand tightly. Swaras hands become red and she silently cries. While filling swaras hairline with sindoot he pushes her haid. All rituals complete and its bidai.

Sumi takes promise from dp that swara should be given time and should be allowed to study.
Swaras view

God whats happening? Di ran away and i am marrying my di’s fiance.
What will i do without mumma and baba and my dream of being a doctor. My di was right in her pov but me i am in the trap now. By the time i wink i got married. Pls devi maa only u can help me.
All cry. Swara cries in sumi’s arms and hugs all. Dadi thinks fi ally i threw this bangalan out of this house and i will rajj this house but my lado i wonder where she is and how she is but god pls keep her safe.

At mm
Swara gruhapravesh happens. Ap hugs swara and says beta take care i know this is too much to take at this age. But im like ur ma now. Pls feel comfortable beta and now go to ur room. Uttara takes her and makes her sit and and shows her the room and balcony. She talks for a while and leaves.
Swara feelings
Thak you ma all are good here. I feel ap is like my ma. I will tell sanskar ji to give me some time and we will be friends.
Sanskar enters at around 1am

Swara smells liqour and says sankar ji do u drink and ya i wanted to talk to u.sanskar shouts-chup! Enough is enough u think im a doll who can be married off. Dont i hav feelings and emotions. Swara says ji…sans-i said shut up! Anyways u look cute u know. But y did u do this to me. And ur sister besharam ran away. Well i thought of just using her and throwing her out. But i hav never tried a virgin u know dat too sooo young. So lemme try cmon. Swara moves back and gets scared. She runs but slips and falls due to her heavy dress. Sanskar drags her to d bed holding her hair and slaps swara(oh poor swara) then he removes her clothes and does her. Swara feel unbearable pain because its all a forced one. Sanskar in drunk state falls asleep on swara. Swara criea for sometime the whole pillow cover gets wet due to tears. She pushes sanskar aside and then runs to the washroom. She opens the shower and cries unbearably. She sees the marks on her hand and ribs them. They dont go and she cries even more. She then thinks what she should do now and changes quickly and sleeps on the couch.

Precap- think does sanskar remember all this or not and does he become good or stays rough……his reaction

Guys i know i write bad. This is something i love so pls encourage me with ur comments love u

Credit to: Shreya

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  3. He should be guilty and should treat swara nicely.

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  7. Its super dear i love it pls make him remember

  8. He should remember what he did !! Damn if he didn’t then what is there to wish!!! How could he do this to her when it is not her fault I accept u will be upset knowing someone did this to u I mean left u on ur marriage day but this kind of behaviour no I won’t bear it.

  9. Thanks guys for ur comments gimme raglak ideas pls…..and ya tmrw is suspense…wait

  10. Make him remember dear

  11. shreya u don’t think that u write bad ur ff is really nice n plzzz make sanskar remember all this n feel guilty for his action…

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  19. Thanks for ur comments guys i will make sanskar remember everything! But swara will b seen hating him and raglak ideas pls

  20. Plz make him remember and treat her nicely
    And superb episode

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  22. He should remember n feel guilt for that… But Swara should forgive him so easily… After all Wats her mistake?? She Juz did Wat her parents ask her to do…she is so innocent… She spared her dream of becoming doctor n college life … He can’t treat her like this… Disgusting… He knows that she sacrificed her own happiness n married him… After knowing this how could he do this with her….

  23. sanskar should rememember
    also should be guilt… after all he did it to swara
    swara is also victim just like him so he should feel sry for her .

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