Swasan…d best epi 18

Guys this episode will be swara pov
Swara’s pov

I did not know what had happened a few minutes ago. I just know that im in car and going somewhere. My head aches badly. As i tried to look aroind i found my eyesight blur. I guessed i was under influence of chloroform. I took deep breaths. I tried to move but my hands and legs were tied and my mouth gagged. I wanted to shout but felt weak. The car travelled for 15 more mins. It then stopped. I immediately closed my eyes and thought that the person who kidnapped me might come to take me. I was right. The person came. He opened the door.

I acted as if i was still unconsious. I felt two familiar arms lift me. I began thinking who it was. I suddenly heard a mumbling from thr familiar voice’my swara how much i missed u. But did u even think of me once?? See but now i came back only for u.’ he laid me on the ground which was wet and damp. I opened my eyes. I was shocked to see arjun?!!! What is he doing here. I just looked around. It was a farmhouse with plants on all sides. It was drizzling slowly. I stood up gathering strength. Arjun was busy unlocking the door of the house. I turned right and began to walk slowly without his notice. But he was sharp. He held my hair and pulled my hand. My godh barai bangles which ma gave me broke in pieces. My hands began bleeding. I screamed. I never had felt pain so much. Except for my first bad night…..

He immediately left me and said oh no what have i done i ve hurt my swara no no no…..swara pls come. He pushed me slowly into the house. He said swara how i missed u. I know u missed me too. So i came back see. Now we will lead a happy life. But i dont like ur tummy swara u have become so fat. I said dont u get it im pregnant. He saw mw in anger. I said with sanskars child. He shouted swaraaaa…..ur only mine and always will be. After ur kid comes out we will dump him in an orphanage and have a fresh start. Just like we had planned. I said pls let me go. All will be waiting for me. Ma papa di and also sanskar. He said u want to live then u have to stay with me. Ur mine or else ur are not anyone else’s.

Swara said pls arjun what hapened to my friend arjun why have u become lime this. I have a family now. Pls let me go. Swara starts crying hardly. Arjun says u either stay with me or u die. He takes a revolver. Swara shouts noooooo. Pls spare me and my child. No arjun no plsss…..
On the other hand sanskar comes out to check on swara and sees watchman shouting that someone took away swara. Sanskar says what !!! Watchman says someone wearing mask too her away in a van. Van number xoxoxo…

Sanskar says what the hell who will do it. All family members get to know. Sanskar starts crying slowly tears come out of his eyes. Lucky comes and takes him. He says bhai whats all this happening. Why would someone take away bhabi. Sanskar says its my fault. I should have gone walking with her. I din go. Its all because of me. Lucky says bhai we have to find bha i its not time to cry. Sanskar and lucky go to police station amd ask dem to trace van. At gm ragini faints hearing that swara got kidnapped…….

Precap– what may happen guys????? Guesd plssssss

……i may pick ur ideas tooooo
I could not resist myself from writing guys. Hope u enjoy. Comment plsss….

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  1. plsssssssssss dnt seperate swasan.rejoin their family with swasan.sanskar can trace the van and can save his swara.

  2. Pls update the next part soon . also a small request don’t drag the arjuns part too much end it as soon as possible . don’t mistake me .

  3. Sanlak finds swara…arjun gets arrested….godbharai happens happily…n raglak scenes

  4. i guess sanlak finds swara..

  5. I guess for a few time separation between swara and sanskar so that they can realize how much they love each other

  6. With the help of police Sanskar trace van n heriocally enters last moment….. Sanlak rag together giving arjun punishment for his wrong doings… N finally arrested by police
    End of arjun part…

  7. Pls don’t kill that child.. Plz

  8. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz dont kill the child let them have the child…………………

  9. Plzzzz don’t kill the child yaaar and Plzzzz unite the swasan

  10. Plzzzzzzzzz update soon

  11. Plz don’t seperate them

  12. Stella Terensia

    plssssssss don’t suprate my sanskar and swara plssssssss update soon

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