Swasan…d best epi 17

Next day morning
Swara wakes up early in the morning nd wakes up sanskar also. Sanskat says swara pls let me sleep. Its been days since i hav properly slept. Swara says pls get up baby even ur baby woke up. We hav to go to badi too. He gets up and gets ready.

Raglak room-
Ragini hears swar shouting and says ohhh laksh get up and go fast plssss swara will come. Laksh gets up saying bhabi nono i ll go and ya i cant fight with her…uff
Ragini laughs and all get ready and leave to baadi. Swara on d way as usual her bak bak with sanskar they fight. Sanskar during godh barai ragini said i ll get many ladoos and sweets and all my favourites. So u should wait for me until i finish all of it. Can we stay there today. Sanskar says ya we ll c. He is busy driving swara keeps on questioning him. He gets irritated and says swara pls shut up! And ya u do whatever u want ok dont talk now thats it. Swara says ok! Sadly. Sanskar says okk talk but softly and sdont disturb me. Swara does not respond. She falls asleep. She wakes up when they reach baadi. Function starts. All have fun( sorry guys i dunno much about it . I even asked my mom she said there are no su h functions in our house. Its just like haldi.) swara becomes sleepy and says to sanskar i ll go for my walk and sleep. Dunno why feeling sleepy bit early today. My prince is very sleepy.

Sanskar says ok shall i come with u. Swara says no i ll for walk alone.sanskar says ok take care dont go out of the gate and its a princess not a prince. She just smiles and leaves thinking a prince or princess i just hope im able to see him or her. She walks slowly. She sees a shadow near the gate. She goes there. The watchman was sleeoing. She steps out. Suddenly a familiar hand covers her mouth and she is unable to scream. For a flick second he does not know what happened. She faints. She is thrown into a van and the van zoomes off. The watchman sees part of all this and shouts……….

Precap- who took away swara????…….

Guys sorry for small episode. Tell me u want boy baby or girl baby and suggest names

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  1. God not again!!!!!! Y arjun????

  2. Nice episode but too short.. Update the nxt part soon… Girl baby… Maanvi

  3. please update next part asap… waiting……. good… anyone… if you see both its ok…..

  4. I want baby girl like swara & want sanskar to win the bet…I want a girl like papa’s princess for sanskar

  5. Omg… I want girl baby…

  6. Baby girl…Sanskruti….

  7. but u said baby will born death.. now what abt swara’s drm… baby at age of 20… omg… sry for being cruel to baby.. even I love baby…

  8. It’s was awesome …..I think it should be a boy or maybe a girl if sanskar wants

  9. Baby girl …nxt part soon pls…. name…samaira

  10. NICE yr but too short but i think sanskar is bit rude to swara or he doesnt acceot her from heart plz show some emotional scene between them nd as swara has complication make her delivery like only baby can save or mother not both
    But swara will choose baby without telling sanskar but due to her complication she get save but go in coma for some months

  11. Arjun kidnap swara and epi is nice plllzzzz update soon I think baby girl

  12. Awesome

  13. twins???

  14. Awsome but plzzz show some emotional scene in swasan and

  15. Awsome baby girl maiyra and plzzzz update soon

  16. Nice but short update dear plzzz make next episode long and baby girl

  17. I think it should be a girl and her name mathumi

  18. baby girl n name aashi…n the kidnapper is arjun I think…

  19. Superb plz next part soon

  20. Oh thats arjun….
    Baby grl krithi…

  21. Boy because in every ff swara gives birth to a girl

  22. I too want emotional scene..girl baby name should be sara..bec its first 2 letter taken from sanskar and last two letter taken from swara..update fast

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