Swasan…d best epi 16

Guys sorry dat i could nt post…..im busy wid my brothers wdding and upon dat exams i prbly can upload only 2 episodes a week i ll try my best….sorry again and guys thanks for ur exam wishes

So…..laksh enters……booommmmm
Sanskar- omg laksh u finally came so good to c u man……and woah u got gifts for me so good of u ever since this swara got pregnant people care only for her u atleast got something to me.
Laksh- bhai relax first let me show my face to bhabi unse aashirvaad bhi toh leni hai. Ragini was getting really curious to see laksh face. She said arre jaldi apna moo dhikao na!!! Swasan were surprised on her eagerness. Laksh kept all the boxes down and went and hugged sanskar. His face was now clearly seen!!! Ragini just forgets everything upon seeing laksh and says laksh………same with laksh he says ragini…….and then ragini shouts u lair u said na ur going to ur bro house why do always follow me like a cat u did same with me in mumbai.uff laksh……she then realizes her surroundings and gets super nervous…..laksh says oh hello i know we were in the same band u were singer so…so i followed u to practice and all and here i came to see my brother sanskar maheshwari

( he knows ragini nervouaneas and talks this to cover up) ragini realxes a bit but upon aeeing swara suspicious face she tells we were in the same band shona he was guitarist. Swara saysi never asked an explanation and laughs. She says ohhh so u are laksh. Sanskar talks a lot about. Ragini thinks both brothers are the same laksh 24*7 sanky sanky poor thing even my sister faces same thing. Laksh says bhabi ashirvad and goes toward swara. Swara steps back and says heyyy im younger to u. Laksh says rishtey mein toh aap mujhse bade hai na…..and then he goes and hugs her and says bhabi so glad to meet u. Im so happy to see u both. And ya soneone miaunderstood me all these gifts are for u and ur baby bhabi not for bhai. Enjoy……

ragini and swara laugh seeing sanskars poor face and says ok ok sanskar today i ll share my ladoo with u and also my gifts. Sanskar says u better dont i hate sweets and moreover ur gifts will be protien shake milk powder vlah blah which i hate. Their nok- jhok starts. Ragini says stop it guys lets go in. Swara rushes in and to annoy sanskar purposely sits on his couch where he sits and sees tv. She switches on her serial and keeps ladoo bowl with her and sees tv. Sanskar comes and says swara get up u know right its my place. Swara says sanskar ur kid likes this place amd is asking me to sit here. Sanskar says phir banadi baccha ka bahana. Swara get up now u do this everyday. Its my couch. I ordered new one for u ri8 go sit on that u always sit here. Swara says no no no……they fight again. Laksh comes and says uff u guys fight like students fighting for their seat in classroom. Stop. Sanskar goes and sits on sofa. He says sarcastically ha han eat ladooo u are going to be one soon after baby comes.

Swara took his words seriously and her eyes welled up with tears. She banged the bowl on the table and ran into the room. Sanskar also got angry amd shouted swara how many times do i tell u dont RUN!!! Ragini comes out of kitchen and sees laksh helpless unable to solve their fight. Sanskar suddenly realizes she ran to the room and runs behind sayind swara swara im sorry open the door. He bangs the door hardly. She does not open. Sanskar begins to cry. Laksh says bhai relax she just locked the room when she calms down she will open. Sanskar says no laksh she should not have any stress. Last time i teased her she was unconsious in the room. I broke open the door. She already has complications.

Im a fool i should not have teased her. Th door opens and swar comes out. She is still having tears inher eyes. Sanskar comes and hugs her. Laksh whispers to ragini let them apend time alone even we should spend some time na and winks at her. They leave quietly. Sanskar says swara u know how scared i was. Pls dont do this again. I promise i wont tease u as a ladoo again and ya the couch is urs. Swara hugs sanskar and says im sorry sanku i should not have run. U people tell me so many times i should also take care. They smile happily. Ragini cones out talking on the phone. She says swara ma called. Tnrw is ur godh barai ok. We ll go. Swara says ok rags.
After dinner midnight. Laksh slowly gets up and goes to ragini room. Ragini is also sleepless thinking about laksh that she could not talk to him properly even though he was in front of her. Laksh comes and slowly pats ragini shoulder. Ragini get up and says u laksh….now? Laksh says yes my baby. Wanted to spend some time… They talk the whole night and fall asleep.

Precap- not decided

Guys im out of ideas….i will introduce arjun track soon but raglak im clueless…..pls suggest and pls comment live u all

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  1. that arjun track will be intersting

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    what happened next friend ur FF is super

  3. Let Arjun develop crush on ragini so that raglak have some misunderstanding which they will solve later

  4. Tnx guys……im still waiting for comments i wont proceed further without a minimum of 15 comments pls…….tell me am i so bad in writing

  5. As always awesome
    All the best for ur exams

  6. Awsome epi as always ur a gud writer yaar

  7. Awsome as always nd ur a gud writer yaar

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  14. nice but who is arjun????????????????????????????????

    1. Arjuna was swara’s bf

  15. i liked ur ff from day one though i am a silent reader bt i broke my silence to get to know that u will be eneding it plz dont do so many other silent readers are also there who read it and beleive me its really amazing

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