Swasan…d best epi 14

Hello guys……im soooo sorry for not updating for 3 days……i was stuck uo with exams and studies and my college ols forgive me…………

Ragini and swara see each other and hug each other. Ragini says its all my mistake because of me my shona is in this state. Omg why did i do this. I should have thought of the consequences. Pls forgive me swara.

Swara- no ragini dont say that. Circumstances were like that. Now get up. Afterall so man days later im with my sister. Lets enjoy. Ma sanskar will come in 2hrs. He has a meeting and ya he wants aloo paratha by ur hands. He asked me to ask u make them.

Swara and ragini go to their room. Rags says waise kitne mahine hue swara. Swara smiles keeping her hands on her tummy and says 8 months. Ragini says awwww so cute. She asks how is urs and snaskars relation swara. Everything is fine no. Swara says ya he loves me and my child a lot ragini. She gets teary eyed. Ragini asks swara kya hua y r u looking sad. Swara says pata nai ragini doctor said there are complications dont know what will happen to me and my kid. If anything happens to my child i cant bear it. All expect a lot from me. Ragini consoles her and says dont worry im with u now. Nothing will happen to u. I will take care of u. Swara smiles. She says ragini its been so many days since we saw srk movie after u left i did not see ven one srk movie because i had the hope of watching it with u only. Ragini says ya lets watch a movie. They bith go down and watch main hoon na. Sumi gets popcorn. Swara keeps the bowl on her tummy. They hear a car honking. Its sanskar. Swara gets up and gies out immediately. She screams sanskar come fast. Sanskar comes eunning. She goes amd hugs him tight.

Sanskar too hugs her. She says my sister came back. Sanskar says what with a digusted expeession. He says she came back!! Uff. Swara eyes him angrily. He says ok meri ma. But pls dont force me to talk to her. I just dont like her. Swara still eyes him angrily. He says k but only a formal greeting. Swara says ok and kisses him on his cheek. Sanskar holds her and says if i talk properly will i get more???? Swara blushes and says mayyyy be….! Sanskar and swara go in. Ragini is jumping and cheering srk. Swara joins her. Anskar is shocked seeing their behavior. He says swara what is this ur new face?? Swara ignore him and says just njoy the movie. He thinks in tv so much if i take her to theatre then what??? He sits. Sumi gives him aloo paratha. They enjoy. They decide to leave. Swara says sanku can i stay here plsssss ragu came so many days later pls let me stay. Sanskar strictly says no. Swara becomes really sad. Seeing this ok fine u cant stay here but she can come with us. Swara jumps with joy……ragini says swara calm down ur pregnant. Swara says ohhh yea yea. Ok go soon and pack. U hav to stay there with me only. Sujatha ma has anyway gone to mm and papa is missing her. So u stay and take care of me. Ragini says fine meri ma….i will come. Seeing ragini caring so much for swara sanskar thinks may she left for a genuine reason i should forgive her. They leave.

Precap- sanlak meet…….swara godh barai

Sorry for lare update guys and same precap. Sooo sorry. If possible i will write another episode. Pls comment. Should i stop. Tell me. Give me ue ideas too if possible i will incorporate them toooo. Love ya

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  1. Awesome

  2. missing raglak cute moments

  3. It’s awesome dear…
    Don’t even think to stop….plz….i really love ur ff….u don’t know how much I waited for ur ff…just open ff….and roll it to see ur ff….
    Waiting for ur ff….plz update fast..

  4. Superb

  5. Don’t stop it at all

  6. Good epi but very short.

  7. Nxt part tiday pls…nice ff

  8. Tara princess

    nice I need more sawsan

  9. Hi shreya i.m missing ur fiction so much..dont end pls continue its very nice story..but write bigger….show both swasan and raglak scene simultaneously…

  10. superb..

  11. I missed or off very much dear tq fr update now

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