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Raglak reach kolkata. @ railway station

Laksh- my baby today i will show everyone what this lucky can do!! Especially my dad. He will be shocked. Ragini was very nervous. She said dont know lucky what im going to do. My family will be very angry with me……laksh hugs ragini and says dont worry all will be fine.
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Ragini enters with her luggage. Sumi sees her first. Her thaali drops. She gets teary eyed. She runs to ragini but stops. There is complete silence for a minute. Shekar calls ou misti misti who came. He comes out. He sees ragini and becomes emotional. But thinking about what she did he becomes angry. He comes and gives her a tight slap. Ragini gets shocked. She cries. Sumi says shekar!!!!! She goes and hugs ragini and she makes her get up. She says where were u for 8 whole months. Didnt u even care about telling ur mom. Why did u do this. Ok now get up and go to ur room. Dadi is also there. She cries too. Ragini says ma papa u vety well knew i wanted to be a singer. I went to persue my dreams. Shekar says well then go stay with ur dream. Dont ever step into my house. Do u even know how much ur mom cried. Leave all of it. Because of u ur sister what all she is going through now…..he cries on telling about swara. Sumi cries too. Dadi also cries. Shekar shouts get out!!!! Sumi says ragini andar ao. Shekar objects sumi says meri kasam shekar agar tumne mujhe roka toh. They go in.

Ragini falls at shekars feet. She tells i know papa im a very bad daughter. Pls forgive me………she cries badly. Shekar says ok i will forgive u for what u did with us but because of ur crimes ur sister is bearing the punishment. She had such a big deeam of becoming a doctor……ragini says swara where is she what happened and runs to their room. She sees all swars books and stuff gone. At the same time downstairs she hears a familiar voice kyaa ragini aagayi. Its her swara….both see each other. Swara cries and smiles at the same time and goes to hug her. They have a hug. Ragini then notices swara keeping her hand on her tummy and becomes shocked. She says swara what is this. Swara smiles and says its my kid ragini. Shekat comes in at that time and tells her how swara had to marry sanskar and give him a kid due to maheshwaris pressure for a child. ( swara tells all that sanskars parents forced them to have a child soon as she didnt want anyone to k ow what sanskar did with her as she considered it her past. She was anyhow happy with sanskar now ) ……..

Precap- laksh in mm….swaragini sisterly moments…..swaras godh barai…..swara tells truth to ragini…..

Sorry for small update guys im busy with exams and study. I ll upload another eoisode if i can. Plsssss plssss plssss comment my dears …..love u alll

Credit to: Shreya

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