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Swara is getting ready in the morning… She says to sanskar– ji ur baby wants cococola….
Sanskar- is it?? How does baby know about coke….is it baby who wants coke or baby mother. Swara if u want ask directly wont i get u??

Swara- ok fine. Now i want coke, ice cream and pizza. Go get them
Sanskar- uff….keep on eating afterwards u will be a fat lady
Swara- stop it sanskar after my delivery i will do fitness. Now go get what i asked u for. Sanskar leaves. Swara somehow becomes restless. She says why is it that i feel something wrong will happen today.. Let me go to mandir today. She tells suju and leaves with driver. She prays for baby health and leaves. On the way she feels dizzy and faints in the car. Driver reaches the flat and then thinks probably she slept off and tries waking her up. She does not. He calls suju. Suju paniks and says lets go to hospital. At hospital doctor sees swara. He says where is her husband. Suju calls sanskar and tells beta come fast doctors are telling something im not able to understand. Sanskar rushes.

At hospital doc says mr maheshwari ur wife has internal uterus bleeding. Its because of various reasons. I think its better u abort the kid. If she wishes she can keep the baby. For now everything is fine but during delivery time it might risk her life. Sanskar says pls arrange for operation i want my kid but not on risking my shonas life. Doctor says ok then ask her to sign on thes papers. Suju says beta are u sure u want to go for abortion. Now everything is fine na. Sanskar says ma pls what is swaras life goes. She is my life ma…..he goes to swara. Swara gets teary eyed. She keeps her hand on the tummy. She whispers something to the tummy. She says to sanskar i wont undergo operation. Sanskar says are u mad. I want the baby but not at ur life risk. Swara says as a husband u think. But im thinking as a mother. I cant kill my baby. And u have to promise me that if it comes to matter of saving me or my baby. U will save my baby only. She takes sanskars promise and they leave. In flat she goes to her room. Sanskar comes. She hugs him and says think positive sanskar nothing will happen. They sleep.

They reach mumbai. They practice and do some street shows with laksh friend ajit. They all are now a famous band. They are still awaiting to get a major contract for giving live shows. Laksh loves ragini now. But ragini and ajit are bff. Rags too feels for lucky.

Precap- lucky jealousy….swasan moments with baby……

Guys im upset with less comments. Pls comment. And yes i want a character for ajit. Pls tell me if i shd stop writing…..

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  1. Nice ur nd plz post next part fast nd show more swasan moment plz don’t kill swasan baby….u can show swara is in coma after delivery for 6 months like this nd baby us safe

  2. superb go head

    1. pls save swara and her baby

  3. nice .. show some swasan moments caring sanskar towards swara…. please and next episode show swasan baby..

  4. Tara princess

    super but update it fast plz friend and waiting for ur next part

  5. nice thanq for saving baby..

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  7. ooops nice PRECAP
    waiting for next part

  8. Ohhh nothing will happen na

  9. Awesome waiting for next update

  10. Pls post next part today only..nice

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  12. don’t think of stop writing we love it…

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