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Chapter 9
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Swara’s POV
Even though I hardly liked the idea of ragini eloping with laksh and betraying tanuj,I agreed to help them.
Oh god! Why is this so tough.I screamed to no one.
Today is Ragini’s Haldi and I was really excited for the wedding preparations before knowing about Ragini and Laksh but now what is the use of all this when wedding is not going to happen at all.
Morning sunshine was spreading its golden rays in my rooms balcony.
I got up from the bed to admire the morning breeze.
I stretched and pulled my hair up in a messy bun.God knows why I am bearing these hair over my head.may be because I won’t look good bald.will I?
Brushing those Idiotic thoughts away from my mind I made my way to washroom.

I bathed cleanly with my favourite soap and shampoo.God I smell great!
I came out of the washroom and went to the closet to find my outfit for the day.It is really tough.
At last I settled over a Pink and yellow lehenga.
The top was strapless and my shoulders were bare.I look hot! I exclaimed looking at my reflection in the mirror.
With some smoky eyes and blush and little tint over my cheeks and lips I was all set.
As soon as I came out of my room and made my way to the lawn out of nowhere a basket full of flowers was kept in my hands.
“Swara beta! Please give these flowers to the priest,he needs it.Oh god! Look at the amount of work left”she mumbled to herself.
“Dont take tension Aunt everything will be okay”

She gave a smile and went to continue with her work.
“SWARA! I am so happy”came ragini and twirled me around with her.
“Okay okay! Whats wrong?”
“It is my marriage.I need to be happy”she said with a wink while I rolled my eyes at her.
“Now lets go its the time of your ‘fake’ haldi”
“Sshhhhh shut up any one may listen.”she said keeping a finger over her lips.
“Yes swara you should not speak loud anyone can listen”said sanskar.
“When did you come?”I asked.

“Just now”
“any ways guys come or my mom will scream at the top of her voice”
Beautiful scenery,eye catching decorations and a beautiful bride Ragini.
Everything was just perfect excluding the fact that after all these ceremony everyone was going to have a big shock.
I was standing at a corner and thinking about all this when suddenly.

“Hey! Swara come apply some haldi to the bride to be”said ragini’s mom.
Sanskar who was having a drink choked at her words while I gave no reaction.
“Ya sure why not”
I took some turmeric paste on my hands and applied some on ragini’s cheeks.She smiled.
It has always been a fantasy of mine-attending marriage of your best friend and taking part in these little ceremonies.
“Now my turn!”exclaimed sanskar with a smirk.
He came and covered whole of ragini head with the paste.

She hit him playfully while everyone had a great laugh.
We all were standing in the great lawn together enjoying the meal.
We were talking,laughing and eating.
Suddenly out of nowhere Sanskar came and back hugged me.
My eyes widened at this while all our other friends were smiling inwardly.while kavita was as usual fuming.

“Come with me…”said sanskar in my ears.
I tried to turn but he immediately turned me again in the initial position.I turned my head and gave him a what-the-hell look.
He directed me to come.His hands were encircling me from back.
We walked together in the same position.I heard someone saying”I think after ragini’s marriage we have yet another marriage to attend”
To which everyone had a great laugh.I felt really embarrassed.
I wanted to punch sanskar on his face right there but he looked serious.

He brought me to the backyard of the lawn.There was no one.
Now I pushed him back roughly and separated myself from him.
“What the hell is wrong with you? Are you nuts.How dare you do this in front of everyone? Didn’t you even care for a second about kavita.”I asked him in a loud pitch.
He said nothing but caught me from my shoulders and turned my back to the reflecting art work of glass.

I could see my reflection in it and my eyes became wide when I saw my half opened blouse.
“Oh crap!”
“What the hell is wrong with you?Can’t you take care about all this.what if someone would have saw this?”
I tried to fix it with my fingers but alas my hands couldn’t reach.I remembered while I was wearing this I myself asked vani to help.
What do I do now?

“Sanskar can you please call vani…umm…my hands are not reaching there..infact she only helped me in wearing this”I said to which sanskar rolled his eyes.
“Swara but vani may be busy with the lunch and all other friends might be waiting for us.fix this fast and lets go or they will create their weird stories about us.”
“But how do I do it?”
I tried again but failed.
And then suddenly I felt some fingers over my hands.
“May I?” I turned to find sanskar obviously.

I nodded in a yes because I was left with no other option.
“Stay still.”he said.
While he was pinning it up my eyes were gazing his reflection.He was seriously fixing my hook.
Then suddenly he noticed me gazing through the glass and his eyes met mine.
I don’t know why but we couldn’t shift our gaze anywhere else but us.
I abruptly shifted my gaze somewhere else all red due to the embarrassment while he fixed it properly.
“It’s okay now.And I am sorry for bringing you here like this”he said calmly.
“No that’s fine.Instead I should be sorry for my behaviour and thank you so much for saving me from the embarrassment.”I said tucking my hair behind my ear.
“That’s okay”
“But what will we tell everyone if they ask something”
“We will tell them the truth obviously…”said sanskar with a smirk.

“No you won’t”I said glaring him.
He made some distance between us and shouted “yes I will” and started running.
“No you won’t. sanskar come here”I said chasing him.
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