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Chapter 8
Ragini’s POV
It all started when I newly applied for the post of an intern or an assistant professor for russian language in Laksh’s company.
Slowly and steadily our friendship grew stronger and stronger.
Hanging out everyday with him was what I did.And one day we finally realized our love for each other.
He proposed me the very same day.
But I asked him to be make it official.Like every girl desires of having a perfect date.I was really very excited for my ‘propose day’.
He asked me to show up at the same place where we met first .I got ready and went there only to find him not coming.
He was not there.
I felt betrayed I tried calling him several times but his phone was off.
I cursed my luck.
I cried bitterly and went home.My parents knew about us.They were a great support I should say.They wanted me to move on.
Next day Tanuj’s parents came in order to talk about our marriage.
Tanuj’s father and dad were business mates.And please don’t assume our marriage was one of the business deals for them.They were genuine people.
My father was going to decline their proposal but I instantly relied with a yes.I was furious by laksh’s betrayal.
I myself was surprised at that.
Then Laksh showed up.I cried and asked him the reason he left me.He told me while he was coming to propose me for the big day, his car dis-functioned and he met with an accident.He told me he tried to contact me thereafter but silly me …I had snapped all my contacts from him..
I reconfirmed whatever Laksh told me with the hospital staff just to be sure.
In fact he himself did that in order to win my trust back.
I had decided that I will marry Tanuj.
Swara’s POV
“….and I decided that I will marry Tanuj”Ragini ended.
I was still not clear about what she was trying to do with her life.Her story was really weird.
“…then how can you love laksh if you are marrying tanuj.”asked sanskar. He was as confused as I was.
“Yes ragini sanskar is right.On one hand you are marrying Tanuj on your own will and now you are telling us how much you love laksh”I said with concern.
I didn’t want her to ruin her life anyway.
“Who said I am going to marry Tanuj?”Said Ragini with a smirk.
I am so not liking it now….
“What?”both me and sanskar baffled at what she just said.
“Swara don’t make that dumb face again you look awful.”said sanskar to me to which I realized my ‘I don’t understand’ look was back again.
“Then what do I do sanskar.This girl has gone mad she doesn’t even know what she is speaking.”I said throwing my hands up in the air.
“Yes ragini,swara is right First you say you are marrying Tanuj,then you say you love Laksh and now you are not marrying Tanuj”sanskar said taking my side.
Now he looked irritated.
“Whoa whoa whoa….I know what she will do…Ragini tell me honestly are you going to elope with laksh.”added sanskar.
“Yes I am”replied she.
While I was staring Ragini wide eyed sanskar was standing there dumbfounded not knowing what to say.
“Guys please try to understand.Its not that I want to hurt Tanuj,he is a good guy and I like him but only as a friend I love Laksh and I will marry him”she declared as if she had no concern about her wedding her family her friends.
At this sanskar gave her a high five and I shot him a look.Were they fooling me with some trick.May be or NOT.I wish they are.
I was trying to speak something but it seemed I was out of words.
“What?”they both asked.
“What? what .Do you even know what you are even speaking.And if you didn’t want to marry tanuj then you should have talked to your parents.right?”I said totally disgusted with her eloping idea.
“”I tried to talk but they won’t listen.Even before accepting tanuj’s proposal my dad warned me about that.but due to my foolishness I said a yes.And now if I discuss about this to them they will be angry.”
“Leave her.I am with you because I believe you should always be with someone whom you love genuinely”said sanskar hugging Ragini.
“And what about Tanuj,in all this non sense he is the one who is most innocent.Have you ever thought what he will go through when he will sit in the mandap waiting for you and then he will come to know the bride has already eloped with her lover”I asked her waiting for an answer.
“Swara then you tell me how will he feel when he will come to know that Ragini loves someone else ‘after’ the marriage”Sanskar said in place of Ragini. Pressurizing the word ‘after’
Oh wow now he is taking her side.
“I think we must support her “
At one place I knew whatever these two were up to was wrong but on the other their logic was correct.
I saw both of them looking at me with pleading eyes.
“Okay fine.what do I have to do?”
Now I am left only with one option that is to unite Ragini and Laksh.No matter whether it was correct or not.
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