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Chapter 7
“Mom swara and I are going to have a look at the mandap designs”Said ragini to her mom.
“Oh swara when did you come.Come sit we can have a nice talk.Since you have came I have rarely talked with you.come sit”Said ragini’s mom indicating me to sit beside her.
Ragini’s mom was a highly sophisticated lady in her late forties.
With her specks coming over till her nose and highly pressed and pleated sari,she looked like a teacher who was ready to give me loads of homework and punishment.
She was a highly strict mother but never stopped Ragini from chasing her dreams like never!.
But on the other hand her nature was extremely good with Ragini’s friends specially me.
“Yes! Aunty I would have loved to.But if I will chit chat at this time then how will the preparations be completed for ragini’s big day”I said diverting the topic and signalling ragini to come.
Sanskar was already waiting at the terrace for us.
“Swara! But you said only you knew about that?”Ragini spoke nervously.
“Don’t worry ragini I would not tell anyone”sanskar assured her.
“Yes Ragini…now tell us about everything which is going on.I know you are hiding something from me and being a friend I expect you to share all your burdens with me.”I said resting my hand over her arm.
As soon as Ragini was about to say something she hugged me tightly and started crying.
She was sobbing bitterly as if she was finding a shoulder to cry on.I was feeling really bad for her.
I rubbed her back assuring her that I was there for her.
After a very long she came back into her senses.I gave her my handkerchief to wipe up her tears.
“Swara…I don’t love Tanuj”she said and I sighed.
“We know that Ragini”we(sanskar and I) spoke together.
“Look Ragini the way you met Laksh who was your ex at midnights says that all”Sanskar said.
“No! He is not my ex!”exclaimed Ragini.
“So are you trying to say that you still love Laksh?”I asked.
“Yes! I still love him and I will never stop doing so.”
Sanskars eyes widened hearing this while I tried to figure out what exactly she was trying to say.
“So does that mean that you are going to marry Tanuj and have an extramarital affair with Laksh”asked sanskar.
“…and if you never wanted to marry Tanuj then why were you blushing all the way in your bachelorette party every time you saw tanuj”I asked bombarding ragini with questions.
“Guys you just know one sided story .”said Ragini.
Please clear it.
“Okay okay okay let me guess ladies..so you and laksh are in love but due to your parents pressure you have to marry tanuj.”declared sanskar.
“Am I right or am I right?”asked sanskar smirking expecting both of us to pat his shoulder for his wonderful guess.
“Wrong.It’s nothing like that. My parents are not at fault at this,I am.”said Ragini.
While this conversation was going on I was just staring at both of them having an extremely dumb face.and beware that’s not my fault I make faces like these when I am confused and this idiot was just making me more.
“Wait…sanskar don’t speak in between and ragini stop revolving this discussion.come to the point.”I said angrily as now it was getting over my head.
“Number 1:Is this marriage happening with your full consent?”I asked ragini.
She nodded.Sanskar and I made faces and looked at ragini with a poker face.
“Let me explain.”
Ragini’s point of view
It all started when I newly applied for the post of an intern or an assistant professor for Russian language in Laksh’s company.
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