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After waving a bye to that man Ragini confirmed no one had noticed them by looking here and there.That man hopped into his car and drove off.
We both popped our heads out from the bench.
And to my surprise in front of the bench Kavita was standing.We both were shocked to see her.Sanskar had all shades of colour over his face.
I was not in a mood to give any kind of explanations to her.
“What are you doing here sanskar?”She said eyeing me.
“Baby! …uh..When did you wake up?”Sanskar saked.To which I rolled my eyes at him.Why is he scared of her anyway? He is acting as if something had actually happened between us.
“This is not the answer mr.sanskar malhotra and thank god I woke up”said kavita who was on the verge of having a blast anytime.

But I was least concerned with all this.The only thing which I was worried about was Ragini.And what was ‘HE’ doing here at this time.
“And what about you Swara?What were you doing here with my boyfriend.Are you trying to flirt or something and how dare you do this with sanskar who is in a relationship with me”Kavita said making me come out of my thoughts.
“Kavita behave!”shouted sanskar.
I raised my hand in front of sanskar gesturing him to be quiet.
“Relationship? Relationship my foot.You call Sanskar your boyfriend right.Then why are you so worried that he will easily get swayed away with some other girl.On one hand you say you are his girlfriend and on the other hand you don’t even trust him.”I spat at her in rage.No one could ever stop me when I was angry.
First this Ragini tension and then this woman who is still behaving like a teenage girl.
“….so please keep that shit relationships topic away from me.and yes that behind the bench scene…actually we were finding my ring which fell somewhere over here”I lied as I couldn’t reveal her about Ragini.

Sanskar just kept on staring my face as he was out of words.
Kavita stamped her foot and left murmuring something under her breath and eyeing sanskar.
“What was that?”Sanskar said.
“Leave all that and go to kavita she may be needing you”
“No I won’t “Sanskar said
“Just go or else she will think that something actually happened between us…”
“But that man and ragini…”
“We will talk about that later and yes please don’t tell anything to Kavita.”I said and bid a bye to sanskar.
“Okay! Now tell me whats happening with this Ragini?”Sanskar said loud enough to be able to heard by everyone.
We all were sitting in the recreation area of the hotel.Bowling alley,swimming pools,spa’s and video games (my love) everything was there.Ragini wasn’t there as she was busy for her attire selection for ‘Haldi’.
I slapped my forehead with his behaviour.Sometimes he acts really childish.
“You mean about her surprise gift.right sanskar?”I asked him gritting my teeth.
At once he got to know that I was angry and he wasn’t supposed to do whatever he just did.
“Ah! Yes…right….very right.How can you be this right swara?”Sanskar said nervously scratching the back of his head.Aww he looked so cute.

“Oh really sanskar what an idea…you didn’t tell me about this baby that you and swara were having a plan”Said kavita glaring at sanskar but not me :p. I sighed.
“Actually baby we I going to tell you…”sanskar said but was interrupted by vani.
“Wow are you guys planning for a surprise gift for Ragini that’s amazing.Isn’t it people.I think we must also contribute!”exclaimed Vani to which everyone replied with a yes INCLUDING sanskar.Oh! God he is in sane.
“Uh ya! We were actually going to ask you all about that.So guys think of something amazing we could gift to Ragini and tell us.”I said.
After this with a great difficulty I and Sanskar were able to meet at the terrace alone.
“Now tell me what the hell is going on and who that man was?”Sanskar asked annoyed.
“I don’t know what’s going on but what I am very sure about is that the man was Laksh.”I paused for a while.

“Who is this laksh and how is he connected with us?”
“You forgot? Are sanskar don’t you remember that new admission in class ninth.That nerd who once had a crush on Ragini….umm…you may not remember him as he was a ‘loner’.the topper of our class”
Sanskar’s expressions changed from confused to an excited one.
“yes yes yes…I got you…I remember Laksh maheshwari…got that”
“I am sure that was him”
“But what was he doing here at midnight in Ragini’s room…Were they in a relationship or something?You are her best friend right,she may have told you about that?” guessed sanskar.
“Yes! I knew that she was in a relationship with some laksh but didn’t know it was this laksh maheshwari…and sanskar I am myself meeting ragini after six years,so we rarely talked.”I justified myself.
“So what will we do now.”

“Now this can be told only by Ragini”
“Ragini I want to have a talk with you”I said or should I say ordered ragini.
“What swara! Not now.can’t you see I am busy selecting the outfits for haldi.You also give me a hand.come sit here.”she said patting the space beside her.
I sat beside her.
“Come on ragini it’s important.”I tried to speak in a low voice so that her mother who was at another corner of the room didn’t notice us.
“What?”she said examining the lehenga.
“It’s about yesterday night.”I said which made her froze and the lehenga fell from her hands.
YES shan you were right about Laksh.But other than that let’s see what happens next.

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