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Chapter 5
“Why don’t you go admire Kavita’s ‘mehendi’ and spend some time with her?”I said waving my hand in front of his face. Suddenly out of nowhere Sanskar caught a hold of my wrist and stared at my mehendi.
“Wow this mehendi looks amazing over your hands.”He said playing with my hands.
I was shocked by his gesture.
He continued” You look so beautiful. How do you manage to look this beautiful without any effort” He said looking intensely deep into my eyes. I couldn’t stop myself from blushing harder and harder. I was like ‘AM I DREAMING?’
“sanskar…”I said but was interrupted by him.
“So How was it? Will Kavita like it if I try something like this?” questioned Sanskar wriggling his brows. For a moment I thought he was serious but it is for a reason why he is this famous among girls. His cheesy lines never fail.
“ Swara? Where have you gone? Speak something…tell naa will Kavita be okay if I say something like this?”He asked me.
I abruptly came out of my thoughts and said” Yes! Of course why won’t she. And by the way why are you behaving like a kid as if this is the first time you are in a relationship.”I laughed it off.
“Ya right? Why am I even asking such a question from YOU? Ms. I hate relationships.” He chuckled.
“Sanskar I won’t leave you…..just wait?” I said and started chasing him.
He ran here and there while shouting” ha-ha look at her Ms. I hate relationships ha-ha”…
We ran through everyone. They were staring us as if we had gone mad.
He ran till the beach where we both stopped and we were heavily panting. We both let out a loud laugh over us.
“Oh god ! You run so fast sanskar….”I said while struggling to breathe.
“uhhh ya…I ran…fast..Anyways let’s go back Sun is already going to set.”
To this I shifted my gaze towards that gigantic ball of fire which resembled that it was going to have a dip in the ocean.
“Why the hell am I not able to sleep?urghh…”I moaned while I struggled with changing sides on the bed.
First of all this ragini thing was not getting out of my mind and now secondly this sanskar…The way he admired me…even though he was just acting…did something to me. It was not the same feeling which I used to have when I had a crush on him. This was something different. Something unique.
Now I was somewhat cleared that I am so not going to sleep tonight so I thought of going and having a walk by the hotel lawn. Yes it was perfectly safe. No need to worry.
I took my Stoll and made my way out of the room.I was wearing a sleeveless faded pink kurta with white bottoms. Passing through the hotel lobby I reached the lawn. There were dim lights so that only the path was visible. No one was around and I preferred sitting over one of the benches. Cool breeze was making the atmosphere much more relaxing. For a second I forgot about all the questions which were raffling in my mind.
I couldn’t stop myself from admiring the structure of the hotel. Our rooms were visible from the lawn.
I closed my eyes and started enjoying the breeze which was making my hair scatter over my face. I felt someone tucks my hair behind my ear. A kind of shiver went down my spine I opened my eyes in a shock but calmed down after seeing Sanskar sitting beside me.
“Oh god you scared me to death. What do you always come like this?”
He sighed and said “Nothing ya…What are you doing here? Aren’t you feeling sleepy?”
“No! And what about you….Kavita didn’t agree right? ”
“How do you know that?”
“If she would have than you may have not came here…”
“Yes she didn’t, And now neither I want to. Now I am sick of it”
“So in all Ms. I hate relationships was right. RIGHT? Mr.sanskar Malhotra”I said teasing him with a wide smirk. “
“haha very funny.”he said.
“Hey! Where are your other friends?”I asked.
“They are unconscious right now due to the booze…”He replied.

“Well swara remember how I used to tease you in classes”
“Yes I do. You always used to crack your stupid jokes in between the lectures and I couldn’t stop myself from laughing.”
“And the teacher couldn’t stop herself from punishing you…haha” Sanskar completed for me. We laughed
“This place is really very beautiful isn’t it Swara”
“Yes it is” I said admiring the surroundings.
“Hey! I never noticed that window’s of our rooms are also visible from here.”
“ya…right” I said once again closing my eyes.
“Hey! Is Ragini sharing her room with her parents” He said.
“No! Not at all. She is not sharing her room with anyone. In fact her parents have rented the other side of the hotel with all other elders. Why?”
“See someone is in her room. There is a silhouette visible.”said sanskar.
I looked in the direction of ragini’s rooms window.
“But the structure of this shadow doesn’t seem to be like that of uncle….It looks like someone young. Might be of our age”
“Yes you are right Swara. May be that’s Tanuj. They may be wanting to spend some time with each other.you know a perfect couple time.”
There were two figures in ragini’s room from which one was ragini which was clear due to her very familiar ponytail? And another one was a man.
“No this cannot be Tanuj!”I exclaimed.
“And how are you so sure about that” asked sanskar a bit confused.
“Because Sanskar…Tanuj left for London on the night of Ragini’s bachelorette party itself. He had some important meeting or so”
“Then who can this be….”sanskar said .He was equally confused as I was.
After this the lights of her room went off and I saw a figure coming out from the entrance of the hotel.
“Hide!”I exclaimed. Both I and sanskar hid behind the bench.
“But why are we even hiding? we can directly ask ragini about this”said sanskar who was going to stand again to which I made him sit again.
“Just wait…I will explain you later” Sanskar rolled his eyes at this.
“Oh I know you are liking to hide behind this bench…alone with me…under a starry night.But ms. kapoor let me make this very clear to you that kavi…”Before letting him complete his sentence I kept my palm over his mouth and directed him to keep a mum.
I made him look towards the direction from where that man was coming.
“See!” I exclaimed when I saw Ragini in her hotel balcony waving a bye to the same man.
“But who is this?” sanskar questioned once again.
Due to dim lights we couldn’t see his face. But then suddenly his phone started buzzing and when he was going to receive his call due to the light of the phone I saw a glimpse of his face.
“Yes….Yes it is him. It has to be him” I said shocked. While Sanskar was having no idea who he was.

Credit to: ccdkfc

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