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Chapter 4
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“The party was great” I said.Making Ragini abruptly come out of her thoughts.
“Yes! It was.” she replied.
Swara-“What happened is everything okay?”I asked her keeping a hand over her arm.
Ragini-”yes of course what will happen to me?”
Swara-”It’s just that you look so quiet.Is something wrong?”
I asked this thinking she would tell me about the phone call.
Ragini-”oh come on shona! Everything is okay.don’t take tension”
Swara-”Okay then tell me about You and Tanuj :*”
Ragini-”So our story is….that we don’t have any story”
Swara-”what?…What does that even mean?”
Ragini-”oh swara we don’t have a story because we are having an arranged marriage”
Swara-”that’s really surprising because I always thought you would go with your choice.But I am equally happy as Tanuj is really a good guy and you both compliment each other”
Ragini-”So the story is we have no story….now please let me sleep because tomorrow is Mehendi and don’t want to look ugly with puffy eyes.Good night”
Swara-”well ragini! When I came to call you for the party in evening I heard you talking somebody over your phone.you didn’t sound good.Is everything okay? You are not hiding anything from me right?”
Listening to this Ragini sat up straight over the bed.
Ragini-”what? What are you saying….err…that call no it was nothing…just my business clients nothing else..actually I haven’t joined from the last two weeks that’s why they were worried.nothing else….um…good night”she said or should I say stammered.
Something was definitely wrong with this girl.And she was hiding something.but what? Struggling with those thoughts when did sleep took over me i didn’t even realize.
I woke up by the screams and shouts of people.urghhh what the hell is wrong with them can’t they live in peace.There was no option for me other than to go and check what’s wrong with them.
I go to the balcony hafy sleeping ,muttering something and cursing all the peeps for ruining my baby sleep.Yes! My sleep is my baby.
I see people running here and there preparing for some function.
Oh no! How can I even forget today is Ragini’s mehendi. I must get ready fast.I straightly ran into the washroom to have a quick bath.
I preferred wearing a lehenga as it was a traditional function.
{Swara’s lehenga-HERE} I let my hair open.
After having a final look at myself in the mirror and complimenting myself more than enough I head towards Ragini’s room because I knew she must be struggling with the dress.
“Hey! Ragini what’s up all set?”I said.
To my surprise she was already ready.and why won’t she I was the one who woke up late.
“Oh! You woke and you are ready MY SLEEPING BEAUTY?”-she asked me sarcastically.
I couldn’t reply but smile sheepily.
“Oh no!please haan keep that thing away from me for god’s sake…please no!”I begged Vani.
We were in a lawn which was beautifully decorated with orchids and roses.Everyone was already present there before me.
“But swara it’s just mehendi and what will happen if you apply some over your hand?….Now come on it’s ragini’s wedding.you have to have this”
“But this…this thing smells so awful.No I won’t apply it”
“Oh come on guys….I f she doesn’t want to have it then let then let her be naa…we must never enforce something over someone,because it does nothing but ruins a person’s life”said Ragini in one go staring her mother continuously.Every one out there specially me were shocked listening her words.
Her mother excused herself after that.No one noticed but it go unnoticed by me.My instinct was right something’s definitly wrong.But what?
“Okay fine I will have this Indian tatoo:p.”I said in order to lighten up the mood”
While I was being applied that awfully smelling thing over my hand.I saw sanskar and Kavita by the poolside.
Were they talking or quarrelling.Yes it was clear that they were having an argument. After that ‘ruining my hand’ session went over I saw ragini was also done with her mehendi and she didn’t seem to be happy which was evident from her face.
I was walking by the poolside while my mehendi still hadn’t dried.I didn’t change as I didn’t want my other dresses to get ruined.
The weather was windy and my hair were constantly flowing in all directions.I didn’t care and kept on walking.I sat on a pool chair and tried to calm down.I was not at all able to figure out what the hell was wrong with this Ragini.
“Hey! Would you mind if I sit here for a while” asked SAnskar.
“Yes of course I will mind I will slap you right here right now. Oh come on of course you can sit.”I said sarcastically.
He sat beside me and then suddenly we both said together
“I am confused…”
We looked at each other surprised.
“Why are you confused swara?”
“No! Just some random thoughts.what about you?”
“I am confused due to kavita…she and I had a bit of a tiff and now I don’t know how to make her okay…”
“Yes! This is why I hate being in relationships.Look at yourself.”
“Oh like really! Just look at the irony so ms.swara kapoor even if you are are single then why are you confused?”
He knows how to counter very well….
“I cannot tell you because I myself am not sure about the situation.If I say something now it will be a bit fast.Anyways tell me why kavita is upset.maybe I can help ya?”
“She came and asked me how is her mehendi looking…I mean seriously? And I replied good…and didn’t even bothered to have a look as I was having an urgent email to check….nut she being stubborn thinks that I don’t care about her”
At this I couldn’t control my laugh and kept on laughing like an idiot.
“Hahahahah mehendi…hahaha see i told ya anyways you must now go and admire her mehendi.besides you know it right how to woo girls”

Credit to: ccdkfc

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