[email protected] (part-3)


I heard Ragini talking to someone over phone. Yes I know eavesdropping is not a good habit but still she was sounding worried.
I knocked the door to which she immediately cut the call. As I entered her expression changed from pale to an excited one.
Ragini-“OMG Swara you are finally here. When did you come?”
Swara-“ This morning only. I called you many a times but it was engage”
Ragini-“I am so happy that you came bestiee”

Swara-“yes Ragini! I am also equally happy to see you and what a big surprise it was to hear about your marriage. By the way who is this Tanuj and from how long are you guys dating I want to hear each and every thing from the start tonight. Okay?” I said all this in one go
(Even though I was thinking to ask her about the weird conversation which I just heard but thought to keep a mum)

swara-“but for now let’s Rock the party!!!”
We all entered the club hooting and shouting like idiots. Everyone was present there except the elders. High volume music, Dim lights, people dancing on the floor. Some preferred sitting in the Hookah lounge which was upstairs, while some attacked the drink’s counter.
All of us sat at one of the corners of the lounge. And then came Tanuj(you can imagine Tanuj as Karan Tacker).He gave a warm smile to everyone and gave a big hug to Ragini.I could see that she was very happy to see him and why won’t she, he was her fiancé.
“ooo someone is blushing like a tomato!! who is it do you know Vani?” I teased Ragini who grew more red.
Vani-“yes! Swara look at her she is looking so cute isn’t she?”

swara-“ yes she is”
Ragini-“Anyways guys please let me introduce you to Tanuj”
Tanuj-“hello everyone..” He said pleasantly.
Ragini introduced everyone one by one to Tanuj.
“….and this is Swara my best friend”
“hello!” I said smiling.

Ragini-“this is Sanskar one of my best buddy.He was also our classmate”
To this I looked at Sanskar. I didn’t notice when he came. He was wearing blue ripped jeans with a yellow T shirt. Simple but equally smart. Yes I can never stop myself from admiring…him childhood problem you know :p. With him Kavita had also came and I don’t know why but I loved to see both of them as a couple they looked perfect (something’s definetly wrong with me ~-~)
“So come on guys what are you waiting for let’s enjoy the last freedom party of Ragini”-announced Vani.
I danced my heart out. By the end of the party most of my friends had already boozed and were on the verge of going out of their senses.

But I was not. I didn’t need a drink to make me sleep. I am an expert in sleeping anytime anywhere.
While my friend’s were busy dancing I went to the bar to ask for water.I sat on the seat when suddenly out of nowhere Sanskar came and sat beside me(oh the same way he used to sit beside me in class eighth *-*)
sanskar -“hi! what’s up? Why are you drinking water? It’s a party have some drink….wait let me order for you…waiter!”
swara -“wait no! Sanskar I don’t drink..”

sanskar -“you don’t drink? oh that’s nice because I don’t too”
swara -“YOU Sanskar malhotra don’t drink? That’s impossible “
sankar-“oh wow and with what logic do you think that I drink?”
swara-“you know you are having that kind of image”
I mentally face palmed myself for what I just said
sanskar-“What kind of image?”He asked sipping the soft drink.
Swara-“you know it right! that you are sweetheart of everyone girl present here.”
what am I even speaking-_- arghhh
Sanskar-“oh every girl over here haan….this means you too right?”He chuckled after saying this.
Swara-“WRONG and by the way where is Kavita?” I asked in order to change the topic.
sanskar-“Actually I dropped her to the room….she was totally out of her senses.She drank too much and now she is probably sleeping”
sanskar-“so swara are you single?”

Now what was that for?
swara-“yes! Still single and happier than anyone in a relationship”
swara-“I am independent. I can live according to my rules.No one poking and instructing me to do something I don’t even want to.In short I am a perfect bachelorette.”
Sanskar-”Hey! Have you ever been in a relationship? Like EVER”
Swara-”no…but I have saw many in one and they don’t look happy in any angle”
Sanskar-”Even I am in a relationship with kavita but look at me still all good and happy.Now what do you have to say about that? You cannot judge anything without experiencing.If you want I can satisfy all the requirements of a boyfriend or a good partner and then you tell me the experience.what say?”…….He laughed.

Swara-”hahahahah very funny! -_-”
swara-”Actually If I try to look at the other side then I must say that you are right.But love and the drama is so not me.ewww those cheesy couples who….Oh! I don’t wanna even describe”
To this sanskar let out a loud chuckle.
Sanskar-”well swara do you remember we used to be seat partners in class eighth? And how I used to beg you to sit with me in maths practicals remember?”
Swara-”yes I do.But I didn’t expect that you would remember this too…”

sankar-”Why won’t I Due to you I have passed Half of all the tests:p”
Swara-”ya ya…and it was always me used to study for hours so that both me and you could pass! While you were busy wooing all the girls”
sanskar-”Oh come on! “
After a perfect conversation with one of my old friend I decided to go and have a peaceful sleep.But didn’t I had to have a night out with Ragini so as to know her love story.Oh yes here I come Rags!

How was it? Good bad please comment.
Do tell me whether you it enjoyed or not.How did you like the friendly conversation between swasan. Yes! I know you are looking forward for a love story but love begins with friendship right?

Do comment and tell me whether I should continue or not.

Credit to: ccdkfc

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