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Chapter-23 He Knew.
“OMG!”I gasped the moment I was out of Sanskar’s earshot.
I just couldn’t believe​ Sanskar kissed me.I mean no I am not trying to be a drama queen but this was my first kiss.

‘Or am I just being naive?’

It’s just a kiss right? This may mean nothing to him.But the words he said and the way he said it was just so…adorable.I am still not over it,not yet.

I made my way straight back to my room in order to change since I was all wet.Once I entered I walked into my closet.I checked myself out in the mirror.I was wet from head to toe,my clothes were sticking to my small body and my hair was sticking to my cheekbones.While I was pinning them behind my ear I couldn’t stop but touch my puckered lips.They were swollen from my previous encounter with Sanskar. I felt as if they were still on fire.Eventually the sensation hadn’t left.I grinned like a maniac.

I changed into a blue high waist jeans and a black halter top.After a little touch up I immediately felt confident enough to at least face Sanskar-or may be not.

No I haven’t forgot about Ragini and Laksh,and this is why I immediately went to Ragini’s room in order to commence with my plan.

“I guess someone had a really good time a little while back…”commented Prateek behind my shoulder whispering in my right ear.

I involuntarily inclined my face so as to avoid his ticklish breath over my skin.He’s in sane,always scaring me with his special appearance.

“Hello to you too.”I remarked smiling.

“Should I assume you’re not the same Swara who came here a week ago…do we have a more mature Swara here.”he asked smiling mockingly.

“Hey! it’s nothing what you derive.”I replied playfully hitting his chest.

“Okay okay what are you up to? Are you going to Ragini?”he asked concerned.

“Yeah…and please don’t think I am in any kind of pressure.Everything is under control.”I stated confidently.

“Well have a good luck with that but you have to tell me the reason behind that pretty little blush.”he said pinching my cheeks.

“I will once I myself am clear.”I said pursing my lips.

He stared at me intensely for a while as if trying to figure out something then after taking a sharp breath continued-“I will meet you later but you will tell me.okay?”

“Yes.”I replied.



Ragini wasn’t able to believe what she just heard,what I just told her.I knew she wouldn’t be able to take this news well.

“Oh I will never ever leave that bastard.”she fumed throwing a pillow on the floor.

I rolled my eyes in annoyance since I knew her reaction was utterly dramatic.

“Ragini you are no less than him.”I stated as clearly as I could.

She stopped in her tracks and paused to give me a dreadful look.I patted her arm and directed her to sit.

“Look Ragini I know you feel betrayed,cheated,used and all the things that are actually okay for anyone in your place.But we have to keep some patience over here.It’s not that you were going to marry Tanuj anyway.You were also standing him on the aisle.Right?”I tried to make her see some sense.
“Yeah right… I think I should deserve worse.All this havoc started due to me,if I hadn’t agreed for this marriage in a haste everything would have been perfect.”she said palming her face frustratingly.
“What’s done is done.Now we have to make things right.”I said rubbing her back.
“But how? I know that Tanuj won’t except his deeds easily.He is a great actor.”she said squirrelly.
“I know he will.We will try to have a mature conversation with him.”I assured her.
“You’re a sweetheart Swara.But we will also have to inform Laksh and Sanskar.”she said hugging me tightly.
I gulped and my heart fluttered at the mere mention of his name but tried my best to still squeak a ‘sure’.
Sanskar’s POV
“Just one glimpse and I’ll be at ease for at least a few minutes.”I mumbled to no one from across the hall staring towards Swara’s room.
I haven’t even had a sight of her after my pretty little confession. I remember her going towards her room all wet and shy.But where is she now?Is she still in her room or not?
I can’t even just go and barge in there.I raked my hair in frustration and walked towards Ragini’s room in a hope to see Swara.
“Hey man!We have to go at Ragini’s room.Apparently Swara and Ragini have to talk to us about something important.”he said leisurely keeping a hand across my shoulder.
I instantly paced my steps since I was finally going to see her.Just the minor thought of seeing her made my heart beat leap.
I grabbed the door knob and entered without knocking.
“Hey! Where are your manners?”whined Ragini as she was retreating from what I assume a hug from Swara.
“Oh sorry wrong time,Laksh you shouldn’t have saw this.”I said hiding my laugh.
“Yeah whatever…”said Ragini rolling her eyes.
But all this while I couldn’t even properly look at Swara. I was too shy to look directly but from the corner of my eyes I could see tapping her feet and​ biting her nails.
She’s nervous.
There was this really awkward silence between me and Swara while Ragini and Laksh were chatting like they always did.
Me and Swara were waiting for them to finish so that we could discuss our plan.
Whenever I tried looking in her direction she shifted her gaze.
“You two aren’t fighting?That’s new.”commented Ragini while smiling teasingly.
“I bet now they never will.”said Laksh grinning at me and playing with Ragini’s hair who was leaning over him.
“What do we have to do?”I asked diverting the topic.
“Tanuj we really don’t want to have a scene over here.”I stated folding my hands over my chest.

We were in one of the lounges of the hotel confronting Tanuj about his pretty little deeds.

“I…I don’t know what you guys are even talking about.”he said in a monotonous voice.

“Why aren’t you marrying Ahaana if you love her?”Ragini almost shouted in fury.

“Yes I will marry her.”he said with bored expressions.

We were just looking at him with curiosity encouraging him to speak more.But I assume Ragini wasn’t even ready to let him finish so she decided to butt in instead.

“What do you think you will ruin my life after our marriage by seeing Ahaana at that time?”she said infuriating and smashing the table with her fists.

“Yeah as if you were going to marry me.”he said maintaining his calm expressions shutting Ragini instantly.

“How did you…?”Ragini squeaked while we were listening to Tanuj in utter confusion.

“What did you think I never knew what was going on behind my back? I always knew that you were going to run away on the marriage night.That you were going to betray me and marry this Laksh instead.”he said raging furiously.

Swara and I opted to keep quiet for a while since this was not the kind of situation we expected.

I couldn’t stop myself from noticing how Swara was still all calm and composed as if she was planning her next move.

“You shouldn’t have agreed for this marriage if you didn’t intend to.”he stated getting up to leave.

“Tanuj wait…How did you know about them?”asked Swara infering to Ragini and Laksh directly looking him into his eyes.

“She told me herself.”he said readjusting at his place.

Now all we could do was stare at Ragini in utter confusion and disgust.

‘How can anyone be this stupid?’

When she saw us staring at her waiting for an explanation she finally spoke.

“What? No! guys he is lying…”she said stuttering.

“Really?”asked Swara keeping her hands over her waist her temper rising.

She looks cute when she is angry.Okay don’t consider me creepy now.

“Uh…Umm I don’t know…did I?”she asked Tanuj.She was absolutely unsure about her own deeds.

“She told me the night Laksh came.When we were at the beach party.”Tanuj told maintaining proper eye contact.
Ah…the beach party wherein I had a tiff with Prateek,since I was jealous seeing him dancing with Swara.
“Oh damn yeah… I was drunk and I was just too excited after seeing Laksh.”said Ragini playing with her fingers.
“What do you want?”Laksh asked in a serious tone.
“You carry on with whatever your plan was and eventually I will marry Ahaana.”he said again getting up to leave.
“What the hell. That’s utterly stupid.”I said finally forming an opinion.
“You guys are not juvenile who aren’t allowed to marry with your choices.Just tell your parents the damn truth.”This thing is getting out of control and over my head.
“You have a marriage in a few hours and here are you guys not even able to form a firm decision.”I continued fuming.
“You know what I’m out of this.”said Tanuj walking out on us.
“Why the hell is he behaving so naive?”said Ragini rolling her eyes.
Swara who was silent all this while finally found a voice-“I know.”
Well well well look who’s here.Is that ccdkfc????
Anyway yeah that was the update.I know some of you may be disappointed since​ there was no romantic scenes of Swasan.But you know it right I have to get along with the story.?
What do you think Swara knows other than the fact that Tanuj lives Ahaana?
Comment and tell me.??

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