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Hello people! Here’s the next part!
“Nothing much,I just inserted a tracker in Tanuj’s phone while he was busy with the prayer in morning.”Swara replied confidently showing her phone which showed Tanuj’s tracker proceeding towards the skylark hotel.
I was really amazed by her intelligence.This is what I envied in her the most.
Unlike Kavita she was more practical and knew how to handle situations coolly.God knows why I have started comparing Kavita and Swara these days.
“Well Swara I wouldn’t stop myself from praising you for this.”I appreciated her move at which she gave the most sweetest smile.Cute!
“Hey look he is proceeding towards the main gate of the hotel.”said Swara pointing towards the huge gate of the hotel.
The black and golden metallic and gigantic gates were enough for one to emphasise the attracting aura of the hotel.

After driving till the door of the reception Tanuj got out of the car and gave the keys to the chauffeur.
I was driving keeping a considerable distance between him and us.
“Oh come on Sanskar just drive faster he has already entered the hotel reception.”Swara nearly squealed.
I gave her an annoying look to which she twitched her lips.
For a second I was almost going to loose my concentration due to her expressions.She looked really cute doing that.
‘Concentrate Sanskar.’ I reminded myself.

As soon as we reached the entrance Swara literally jumped out of the car hurriedly.
I thanked the valet giving him the keys and ran so as to catch up with Swara.
I saw her inquiring at the hotel reception,when suddenly I remembered something and ran to Swara.
“Oh Naina what are you doing here at this time,come let’s hit the pub.”I called Swara faking a smile towards the receptionist.
“Please excuse us.”said Swara understanding my cue.
We cornered ourselves towards the ball arena.
“What was that Sanskar? And by the way who’s Naina?”she asked anxiously waiting for an answer.

“Ms.oversmart Swara Kapoor”I said earning a confused look from Swara. “Don’t you know who is the freaking owner of this hotel-The skylarks.”I asked her stressing on the name of the hotel.
“It’s Tanuj himself!”she exclaimed to which I shrugged giving her a knowing look.
“We just can’t go on and ask the receptionist about the whereabouts of his boss that’s why I called you Naina.Hey wait you haven’t asked from him yet,have you?”I asked her nodding continuously,wishing she hadn’t.
“No I couldn’t.I just greeted him until you came.”she replied adjusting her Stoll.
I noticed she was only in her pants,a crop top and a Stoll.
“What do we do now?”she mumbled biting her nails.

“If you would have been the owner of this place where would you go?”I asked her scratching my chin.
“Well if I am the owner and I am already staying at another hotel which is booked by my fiancée for me,then I would have came here for some business or a meeting to which I will normally prefer going to a club or the dining area.”replied Swara thinking carefully.
“Wait didn’t Ragini tell us that Tanuj never happens to have a business deal at night? This means he is in one of the hotel rooms.We just need to figure out which room it is.”I stated.

“Oh really?yes of course let’s just go and check each and every room of this multistory building.”she said sarcastically gesturing the size of the hotel with her hands.
Suddenly I saw Tanuj walking through the corridor of the first floor directly opposite to me.He was talking with someone which I figured out as the hotel attendant.
I pulled Swara in elevator when Tanuj started looking in our direction.
“Ouch Sanskar what the hell!”exclaimed Swara whilst trying to balance herself.
I kept my palm over her mouth to which she widened her eyes.
The lift closed and so did my mind.My hands automatically found there way to her waist while one of my hand was still kept over her mouth.

I found my mind getting out of control due to our close proximity.Her beautiful lashes stilled as her black eyes were boring into mine.
I removed my palm from her mouth when I felt her breathing getting uneven.
I softly grabbed her nape contently staring at her inviting lips.
“What the hell is wrong with you?”she almost shouted pushing me back with her hands bringing me out of my wonderland.
“We are here for a purpose.”she stated adjusting her Stoll before continuing”what do you think you can do whatever you want and I won’t mind? Why did you push me in here?”she almost shouted pointing her finger at me.

“Listen you…”I said pointing my finger at her while continuing”I pushed you since I saw Tanuj outside.If he would have saw us then our ‘purpose’ won’t have been completed.”I quoted her words.
“You exactly know what I am talking about Sanskar,don’t you dare change the topic.”she snapped me.Yes she was talking about me coming closer to her.
We were staring each other angrily pointing our fingers at each other when suddenly the lift dinged signifying that we had already reached another floor.
The doors opened and an old couple entered in.
We immediately made our way out of the elevator.
“Kids these days…”commented the old woman to her husband.I think she saw us fighting.
“What are we going to do now? I don’t think we are right keeping a suspicion on Tanuj.”I declared rolling my eyes.
“Oh really then call Ragini right now and she wouldn’t know anything about Tanuj coming here which according to me is not possible if Tanuj is not up to something fishy since according to Ragini he shares each and everything with her.”she said in one go humphing and pouting.
‘Oh god!why does she always have to pout like this?’I thought admiringly.
“Look let’s go and search.”she said snapping her fingers in front of me.
We walked through the corridors in search of Tanuj.
“May I help you Sir?”an attendant asked me after seeing us wondering in the lobby.
“No,it’s really okay…”I said but Swara butted in.
“Actually yes we were wondering where is this hotel’s most luxurious room.We are going to marry next month and I was thinking of coming here for our honeymoon.”said Swara grabbing my arm and pulling me closer.
“Right honey?”asked Swara earning a nod from me.
“But ma’am you can always confirm that from the reception.”the attendant tried to help to which Swara gave a disappointed look.

Getting the disappointment from Swara’s face he continued-“Anyway,the most deluxe and lavish floor is the topmost,that is, the fortieth one.”he replied and excused himself.
“Come honey let’s check out that floor.”I teased Swara when the attendant was gone.
She gave me an annoyed look and continued walking towards the lift.
The topmost floor was actually lavish.Great interiors,expensive antiques,the marble flooring was clean and beautiful almost reflecting our images.
“Swara the tracker shows we are really near him.Do you really think he is in one of these rooms.”I said keeping my hands over my waist.

“Let’s see…”she trailed off.
“Wait!..the tracker,I think Tanuj is coming out of one of these rooms.”I exclaimed showing Swara the screen.
Since the hotel lobby was large and spacious there was no corner for us to hide or run anywhere.
“Swara…”I almost whispered.

She widened her eyes as if getting a glimpse of what my next move was.
I pinned her to the nearest wall I could find with the speed of light.
“Oh come on,just keep your hands over my hair.”I said keeping my palm over over her cheeks,so as to cover her face as much as possible.
She hesitatingly wrapped her hands,first around my neck but when one the doors was clicked open she kept her hands over my head almost covering my face.
I came closer to her when I saw Tanuj coming near us through my peripheral.To be specific we were hugging each other in the middle of the lobby,as she rested her face on my chest.

It’ll be a big disaster if Tanuj will see us.
I heard his approaching steps,now fading away.I had to be happy that Tanuj didn’t bust us but I wasn’t since this meant I had to detach from the most comfortable position I could be in. I just didn’t want to ruin this moment I wanted to stay like this forever inhaling her vanilla scent and keeping her petite form in my arms.
“Umm Sanskar..”Swara tried to bring me back to realisation.
“Hmm”I hummed and hugged her.
Now she started wriggling and pushed me back.
“Sanskar you better stay in your limits,at least think about Kavita.”she snapped again.
Why does she always have to bring Kavita in our conversations?
“Anyway do you know from which room he came out?”she asked pointing her thumb towards the rooms.

“From that one.”I directed pointing towards the left most door.
“See…”said Swara showing her phone -“Tanuj’s tracker is advancing towards our hotel.”
“So it’s clear that he came to meet someone in the middle of the night hiding from everyone.”I stated scratching my chin.
“But who is this person about whom he is being this secretive?”Swara tried to guess.
“Well maybe his girlfriend!”I guessed the most possible.
“Shut up!,Why will he even agree to marry Ragini if he is into some other girl.”she said biting her nails.

“There’s only one way to find out.”I held her hand from which she was biting the sh!t out of her nails.
“Let’s just go,knock the door and find out.”I said pulling her towards the room.
“Oh really,and what will we ask them? ‘Hey!buddy just tell us what was Tanuj here for?’ Are you serious?”she imitated in a deep accent like mine.
I laughed at her expressions,but at the back of my mind I knew she was right.
“Okay fine then let’s just sit here and wait for someone to come out.”I literally sat in between the lobby and people started staring us.
Swara folds her hands across her chest and starts walking towards the lift literally ignoring me.

“Listen!”I tried stopping her still sitting on the floor and balancing myself on my knees,when she suddenly turned and gave me the most beautiful smile.
“Come or do you have plans sitting here whole night?”she said still smiling and directing me to come along with her.
“Excuse me.Hello my name is Naina.Could you please tell us if any of the rooms on fourteith floor are vacant?”Swara asked the receptionist.
“No ma’am.”he replied but after seeing a disappointed look on Swara’s face he started checking records in the VDU.
“But after two days one of the rooms is expected to get vacant.Could you please tell us the date at which you would like to book?”he asked smiling showing his evenly white teeth.
He had a tall frame,with a well built figure.

“Well which room are you talking about?”she asked smiling.
“Room number 4022.Would you like to book? “he asked expectantly.
“Actually I was planning to give my friends a surprise vacation gift as they are going to marry really soon. I will book from the website.Thank you.”replied Swara STILL smiling.
“Okay! I would… I mean,we would love to be at your service.Miss?”he asked winking and smirking while shaking Swara’s hand.
I slipped my hands down her waist before replying in place of Swara-“Mrs.Naina Malhotra.Thank you.”I said especially emphasising on the word ‘Mrs.’.

I didn’t even wait for his reply and almost dragged Swara with me outside the hotel.
She didn’t complain about that as if she was used to my these kind of attics now.
“What was that for? Why did you ask about all that?”I asked confused.
“Two days.”she said and paused.

“Yes room 4022 is booked till next coming two days.”I tried to complete her sentence.
“…and exactly day after tomorrow,Ragini’s marriage with Tanuj is fixed.”she said wriggling her brows.
“Of course these two things are somehow connected.”I stated.
I took the keys from the valet and drove us back to the hotel.
“Swara…”I called her the moment she was getting out of the car.
“Yes?”she said still sitting.
“Are you going to tell about this to Ragini?” I asked her turning the engine off.
“I don’t know…”she whispered tucking her hair behind her ear.
We made our way to the elevator with an itching silence between us.
I hate it when she doesn’t behave like a boss in front of me.

“What?”she asked shrugging her shoulders as she was holding the button of the lift so as to stop it’s doors from shutting.
“Aren’t you coming?It’s your floor too.”I asked her narrowing my eyes,I know she is definitely going to Prateek at the terrace.
“No,I am going at the terrace.”she replied casually.
I could feel my knuckles tighten even with the mere mention of ‘his’ name.
“By the way,how do you know that we were up at the terrace,you never told me?”she asked keeping her hands over her waist.
“You don’t need to know that…”I dismissed.
“Sanskar,Swara what are you guys doing here at this time?”I heard Kavita calling us from afar.
“Enjoy the explanation!”Swara exclaimed pushing me out of the lift and shutting it whilst waving at us.
I couldn’t help myself from smiling.

Hello lovelies! How are you guys doing? This was my first attempt at writing ‘Sanskar’s’ point of view.

Just tell me how was it.
I will never ever forget to thank you guys for taking your precious time to read my story.seriously,thanks a lot! Love you??

If you liked whatever you read,please please please please—–(till infinity?)comment.
A little bit of encouragement won’t hurt me,I promise.
Love you and see you soon.

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