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Chapter 2

“All set for the trip?”-Dad asked me for the twentieth time I guess.
I was all set for the big fat Indian wedding. Actually more than the wedding I was excited to meet all my friends after six long years. I wanted to relive all those moments once again when I was surrounded with all my weird,crazy lovely and adorable friends And to meet ‘Him’.

Yes I am talking about Sanskar malhotra the heartthrob of our school in those days But hey! He will be still young and the favorite among girls right? It was not that I loved him it was just a casual attraction which every girl has in her teens.And I know this very well that he is not at all interested in me and neither I expect him to be.I remember he used to have a girlfriend back then.Speaking honestly I do not even know whether he is even alive or not. I never waited for him.

Brushing those weird thoughts away I bid a final bye to Dad, mom and my sister.
It was a destination wedding in the awesome islands of ANDAMAN and NICOBAR.I was really excited to go there and I didn’t know that God was listening to all my prayers.yesterday only I prayed to have a holiday and there it was an awesome trip to andamans.

As soon as I landed the airport I could see my name over a placard.Fighting with the stubborn crowds I saw Vani seeing here and there searching for me. The moment she saw me she gave me a teddy bear hug(to be particular she engulfed me into her like an algae:P)
“oh god swara!you didn’t even change a bit.still all cute and innocent”
“hello! I am so happy to see you and you didn’t change either vani”
In about quarter of an hour we reached the ‘the pearl ‘.
It seemed to be a very luxurious hotel with I don’t know how many floors.But one thing I was clear about was that I was going to enjoy for the next coming week.
vani-“I asked Ragini whether I could come to receive you and Give you a shock?”
swara-“yes! I am really happy and surprised.but when did you come here?”
vani-“yesterday only.And yes by the way we are already in front of your room…”
WOW…..Finally I will sleep yippee!!!

Vani-“whoa…wait are you thinking of having a dreamy sleep…then I may tell this to you very clearly that you are not here to sleep. Today is ragini’s bachelorette party and you HAVE to be there. Understand?”
“okay I’ll be there don’t worry”-I replied
It was afternoon and I woke up with an aching head.I had a party to attend at night and here I am struggling with the bed.some constant noise was coming from downstairs.
I went to the balcony and saw my entire schoolmate’s at the poolside enjoying the sun.
Vani signed me to come and join and I nodded in positive. I changed in a normal crop top and a pair of shorts since I was in no mood of having a dip in the pool.I came down and greeted everyone. We were having a good time but I couldn’t spot Ragini anywhere.I preffered calling her and her phone was on engage.GREAT! I was on her wedding and she was nowhere to be seen.Roaming around the beach I didn’t realize that I have came a bit far from the crowd which I liked.Then after walking towards the shore I spotted Sanskar….Yes it was definetly him and with her….yes that’s kavita.so they are still in a relationship that’s great.
Please do not assume that I was hurt seeing them together He was just a childhood crush and nothing else.Once he saw me he waved me a hye to which I replied generously. He signed me to join.

Swara-“Hi! how you doin?”
sanskar-”great! I have just took over my family business.and yaa please haan don’t judge me I really work hard…what about you?”
swara-”software engineer…I have also started recently”
After this we exchanged some more pleasantries because Kavita left the moment I joined him WEIRD.
Then I thought of going back to the room so as to get ready for the party.

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