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“This place is nothing but divine…”I mumbled under my breath,while we were heading towards Tanuj’s ancestral house in Nicobar.
Sanskar and I borrowed Ragini’s car,so that we can enjoy our journey in peace.
“Yeah that it is.”sanskar replied.
“Well I didn’t complete my sentence.”I said while holding onto the steering and blankly looking at the front.
“Then complete.”said sanskar while waving his hand through the wind and enjoying the scenery.
“This place is nothing but divine to sleep.”I said smirking while Sanskar shook his head in disbelief.
“Come on Swara look at the atmosphere.It’s shiny,windy and so romantic.”said sanskar with shining eyes.He was behaving like a child now.
“Yeah right.”I said lazily yawning.

“Hey swara I forgot to tell you,even though it’s not that important but still thought to bring it to your notice.”suddenly sanskar said out of the blue.
“What is it?”I said still not showing any genuine interest.
“Yesternight when I was returning after a walk I saw Tanuj walking really very suspiciously towards the parking lot while talking over the phone.He was very cautious of his surrounding people.The moment he saw me he changed his way and decided to go through the backyard.I think he thought that I didn’t see him.”
“Are you kidding me.I also saw him,he was talking with someone in the parking and then he handed over a suitcase to that man.”I stated in a surprise.
“I thought he needs some privacy so I didn’t follow him.But how did you see him?”he asked anxiously.
“I was in my balcony which is just opposite to the entrance of the hotel.”I told him to which he nodded.
“Is that a thing to worry about?”asked sanskar stressing his brows.
“I don’t know.I am not even sure if we should discuss about this with Ragini..”I trailed off as I took the final turn towards the villa.
“Amazing. Isn’t it.”said sanskar seeing the villa, to which I nodded in agreement.
Yes indeed their home was worth a compliment.A beautiful beach cottage surrounded by palm trees,just opposite to the vast sea,beautiful seascape surrounding the view.
‘What else will anyone need?’

“Swara my girl how are you?”I heard Ragini’s dad,Mr.Murthy greeting me from behind.
“Hello uncle.Nice to see you.”I replied while bending down to touch his feet.
“No no no,don’t do that.You are like my daughter and they don’t touch feet.”he said before hugging me lovingly.
“Where have you been all these days?”I asked him,since this was the first time I was encountering him in all these days.
“Oh just don’t ask,you know how all business men are like nowadays-always busy.I was also busy with some work.”he replied.
“Well let’s head in for the rituals.”I said making our way to the beautiful cottage.
While Tanuj and Ragini were getting bored sitting in the living room performing certain rituals,I opted going out to capture some great shots.
I was wearing a vintage back cutout heart print racerback chiffon one-piece dress.Okay okay I know how complex it sounds,so let me make it simple just a simple backless rose pink one-piece.Got that?

“Not everyone who has a camera is really a photographer.”sanskar commented,while I was trying to capture a seagull taking off from the shore.
I rolled my eyes and concentrated over the picture.
“perfect!”I exclaimed.
“Speak up sanskar,I know you want to talk.”I said flipping the picture I shot so that the picture gets printed.
“I think something’s wrong with that Tanuj.”he said while leaning against the trunk of a tree.
“Really? why?”I asked furrowing my brows.
“I don’t know,I just don’t think he is what he shows to be.And after that night’s incidence I just can’t be peaceful.”he replied.
I turned around looking for some more scenes whilst nodding in between.
“Wait are you trying to ignore…whoa oh oh! Holy shit! Look at that.”he almost whispered the last part.
“what?”I asked wondering if he had caught a glimpse of something exciting.
I turned around only to find him gazing me huskily and then evidently averting his gaze.
“Oh umm nothing!”he said started wandering towards the beach.
With his hands in the pockets of his white pants,he looked really adorable as his sky blue shirt was flying along with the wind.
‘Was he staring at me?’

“Don’t worry I have something in my mind,which will clear our doubts anyway.”I assured him proceeding towards him.
“And would you like to tell me what’s on your mind?”he asked folding his hands across his chest.
“Yes I will,but not now.Oh and yaa not everyone who has a girlfriend is really into a relationship.”I said teasing him and giving him the photo I just snapped.It was of that seagull who was taking off from the shore.
I know he was baffled by my comeback,i just couldn’t stop myself from smiling after looking at his expressions.
“Oh wow!”I heard him murmuring.
“so,Swara what are you up to nowadays?”asked Tanuj’s mom while we all were having dinner.
“I am working as a computer software engineer in Apex,it’s a private firm.”I replied firmly.
“That’s really nice Swara.It just feels so good to see people of younger generation pursuing their dreams.”she said admiringly.
“Oh that’s so sweet of you.”I said smiling.
“Well I must say Ragini,your friend Swara is really sweet.”said Tanuj’s father smiling humbly.
“Yes that she is.”Ragini said proudly.
“…and when are you two planning two marry?”asked Ragini’s dad from me and sanskar to which we both choked over our meal.
“Dad they are not in a relationship.”replied Ragini awkwardly.
“Oh come on,when did I even say that? I asked when are you two thinking of settling or marrying ‘individually’.”he said smirking and quoting.
“Oh well uncle I am not planning to do so anytime soon.”I replied taking a sip of my coconut punch.
“And what about you sanskar?”he asked him who was busy in his lunch religiously.Cute!-wait what?
“Huh? Oh no no uncle,me too-not anytime soon.”he replied coming out his fantasy world.
Mr.Murthy nodded his head at the two of us.
“And of course we shouldn’t forget that sanskar is already in a relationship with Kavita.”said Ragini’s mom.
“Is everybody done,because it’s almost the time to return.”Tanuj butted in.
“Son have you got some work?”Tanuj’s dad asked him.
“Actually yes,there’s a client meeting which I have to attend.”he said apologetically.
“Well looks like you are busy day and night.”I prompted but alas I was heard by Ragini.
“No swara…Tanuj has made it mandatory for him to keep himself free from any kind of business regarding issues at night,even his clients know about that.”Ragini justified.
While Ragini was completing his words Sanskar and I stared at each other suspiciously.
Now it was actually confirmed Tanuj is indeed hiding secrets.
On our way back Ragini wanted to return with me and sanskar since Tanuj had already left to meet his ‘important’ clients while their parents decided to leave separately.
“So guys enjoyed the day out at Tanuj’s cottage?”she asked scrolling in her phone.
“Yeah…yes we did.It was really an experience.”I said turning the steering wheel.
“Hey Ragini when you agreed to marry Tanuj in rage,did he know that?I mean what was his reaction initially.”asked sanskar out of the blue earning a confused look from her.
“Well actually he was not the one who proposed me.As I have told earlier we were bound to an arranged marriage.”she replied.
“Okay so you two weren’t in love from the starting?”sanskar inquired once again.
“No we weren’t but after a few months when I and Laksh had a patch-up,he became really sweet and genuine with me.If it wasn’t like that I wouldn’t have felt this guilty for lying to him.”she said sadly looking out of the windows.
“And how are you so sure that he never lies to you?”sanskar butted again.
“Well I never thought this way.He seems to be a really nice person,doesn’t he Swara?”Ragini tried to defend Tanuj.
“Well yaa I agree.”I said nodding my head and blowing the horn.
“You do?”sanskar tried to confirm by looking at my face eagerly,while I was still nodding my head calmly.
“Okay here we are.”I sighed parking the car as I applied brakes.
“Why sanskar is there something wrong?”Ragini asked confused.
“Okay okay enough of your discussions.It’s time for us to sleep and Ragini go and prepare for your ‘marriage’.We have no time.”I interrupted before sanskar could even reply.
“Yeah Ragini,good night.”said Sanskar getting my cue.
“Bye good night and you two are love.Thank you so much for supporting my decision.”she said hugging us.
“Yeah goodnight.”I said bidding her bye.
“I know it’s just not right telling her about our doubt on Tanuj to her.She may not be able to behave normally in front of him and he may know that we are doubting him now.”said Sanskar in a go when Ragini left.
“Good that you know.”I said giving him a small smile.
“Okay bye,goodnight.”I said turning around to go when suddenly I heard Sanskar gasping for something and I wasn’t able to balance myself from his sudden reaction.
I closed my eyes and was ready to have a fall when suddenly Sanskar was able to hold me on time.
I slowly opened my eyes only two find two chocolate brown orbs staring at me intently.I just wanted to wander in those eyes till eternity.
“Why the hell are you always scaring me?”I asked but he muffled his palm around my mouth.
Then slowly he started caressing my bareless back with one of his hands to which I shivered down my spine.
While he was rubbing my back gently I couldn’t stop myself from closing my eyes and just enjoying whatever he was doing.
‘Oh god! What is he doing to me? Why am I feeling so weak on my knees?’
But I was snapped back to reality when I realised the reason of him gasping every time I turned around-It was because of my backless dress which was revealing hell-of-a-great-portion of my back.
I snapped open my eyes only to find him smiling victoriously.
“Whatever..” I mumbled.
“You are beautiful Swara.”he said near my ear.His words were a jingle to my soul.
I smiled and left him smiling and not to forget gasping again.
‘Hey Swara! Are you back?’Prateek texted me.
It was almost midnight now and again I wasn’t able to sleep.I just don’t know what’s wrong with me nowadays.
‘Yeah I returned an hour ago.”
‘Okay actually I wasn’t feeling sleepy..care for a drink?’
‘Well me neither…okay fine I’ll come.’
‘Meet me at terrace in ten.’
I wrapped a stole over my crop top which I paired with some loose PJ’s.
Do you know how it feels when you are exposed to a sudden openness after being captured in suffocation for a long time?
I felt the same the moment I entered the terrace.It was so soothing and calm over there.The wind was a bliss which was adding to the atmosphere.
As I walked some more distance I saw Prateek lying on a mat shutting his eyes.I couldn’t help myself from noticing two night lamps which were kept neatly over a distance with a wooden basket.
“Hi!”he greeted with his eyes still closed.
“How did you know it’s me?”I asked while having a seat beside him.
“I wasn’t sleeping and besides you always wear this really different kind of perfume.”he replied opening one of his eyes.
“Wow the view here is really amazing.”I said gasping at seeing what was there in front of me.
“Yeah that it is,why don’t you lie down I am sure you must be tired.”he said stretching his arms,which didn’t stop me from noticing his well built muscles.
I lied next to him taking care of a considerate distance between us.
“We’re not here just for some drinks.I have called you so that you can admire this starry night in andamans.”he said opening his eyes and gazing the stars.
“They’re beautiful.”I admired the sky.
For minutes there was a comfortable silence between us.How I wanted to just be over here forever.
“Are you asleep?”asked Prateek almost laughing.
“No ofcourse not.”I said tilting my head towards his direction.
“Are you bored?”he asked me while he got over his left elbow.
“No I am not.Why are you thinking like that?”I asked him hugging my stole more tightly.
“Just assumed.”he replied.
“So Prateek when are you planning to get married?”I asked him as I remembered about Mr.Murthy’s question to me and Sanskar.
“Honestly Swara I don’t know.What about you?”he said getting up.
“Not anytime soon”I said as I saw him bringing a warmer.
“Whoa…someone is really ready for a night out.”I commented as I got up to help him with the trays.
We again sat over the mat and I poured coffee for both of us.
“Come here.”he said gesturing me to come inside the warmer with him and since it was cold I accepted his warm greeting.
He wrapped the blanket around me while he sat maintaining a bit distance between us.This is what I like about Prateek,he knows his limits.
I took a sip from my mug when Prateek said-”well about that marriage thing..I am actually not clear.I mean just look at us we are still so young,there’s still a million years left.”he laughed at his own joke.
“Actually Mr.murthy asked us today about this so it just crossed my mind.”I tried to explain.
We were again surrounded by silence for a while when I heard we heard a sound of a car screeching.
We got up leaning on the railing only to find a black parado being driven out of the hotel parking.
“I got to go.Please excuse me.”I said apologetically and ran down to the lift.I have to explain everything to him as soon as I get back.
As soon as I entered the lift I immediately called Sanskar.
“We have to catch him red-handed.”I said without even greeting.
“I know.I am waiting for you in the parking.”replied sanskar.Oh so he wasn’t also asleep yet.
“Come on fast!”yelled sanskar as I opened the door of his car.
He drove vigorously across the roads so as to catch up with Tanuj’s car.
“How will we be even able to catch up with him? He has already left the hotel too early and we got late just because of you.”sanskar blamed me leaving me surprised when he continued-”and if you wouldn’t have been busy cuddling with that Prateek at midnight over the terrace.”he kind of confessed everything in a go.
“Wait how do you even know about all this?”I asked scrunching my forehead as I was literally confused.
“Can we talk about that later?”he almost shouted angrily.
‘Why is he behaving this way?’
“Okay fine and now for your kindest information we can still locate Tanuj.”I answered him calmly.
“And how will you do that Ms.Kapoor.”he asked annoyingly.
“Since I am hell of a smart.”I said showing him my phone which indicated Tanuj’s current location.
“How did you do that?”asked sanskar turning ON the ignition and driving straight towards the skylark hotels where currently Tanuj’s tracker was constantly blinking.
“Nothing much I just inserted a tracker in Tanuj’s phone when he was busy performing the traditional rituals in the morning.”I replied confidently since I knew my plan would work.
It has to work.
“Well I would not stop myself from praising you right now.”said Prateek concentrating on the road as we were already approaching the skylark hotels.

Oh my god how are you guys.I missed you guys so much.

I know I’m really very very late.I apologize sincerely for the same.No I am so not going to give you guys lame excuses about the late update.My reason is pretty simple-I was busy with my college.Some of you may be able to relate with me. :’)

Anyway I hope you like this chapter.I hope this chapter makes your day and satisfies you in any way.

So what do you think what is this Tanuj up to? Btw I am imagining Tanuj as Shaheer sheikh 🙂 what were you imagining him as?

Please comment what you guys are looking forward to.

love you,once again.SORRY!

Bye lovelies see yaa soon


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