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“I knew you guys were together.”said someone standing at the door to which our backs was facing.
We turned around together only to encounter a smirking Vani.She was leaning by the door giving Ragini and Laksh a really wide smirk.

“You?”we shouted together.
“Of course the one and the only-Vani.”she replied proceeding towards us.
“Uh umm hi Vani what’s up? How’s the weather outside?”Sanskar said smiling nervously.
“Vani just get to the point already.”I said hiding my sheepish grin.
“Oh really? Well I am really disappointed especially with you.”she said pointing towards me and Ragini.
“Vani we didn’t do that purposely I was just too terrified in involving many people.Swara didn’t even know about this at all.”replied Ragini.
“Yeah she is right.This eloping and all was only between us.They were not involved,they just come to know by chance.”Laksh tried to justify.

“Okay fine swara and sanskar are innocent.I agree.But what’s next? Are you guys going to run away or something?”she asked pretty excited.
“Yeah well kind of.”Laksh tried to avoid the conversation.
“Guys I know you don’t want me to get involved in this plan.It’s okay I will leave.”said Vani proceeding towards the door and acting she is really disheartened.
“Okay fine I’m going.you shouldn’t trust me.”she said giving us a puppy dog face,before continuing to literally ‘crawl’ towards the door-“there is no one you can trust these days.But guys I will always be there for you.Even if you don’t want me to interfe…”
“Okay fine you are in.”said sanskar smiling and shaking his head at her acting.
“Drama queen.”I stated whilst smiling at her childishness.
“Really? thank you…thank you…thank you…so much.”she squealed in excitement.
“What do we have to do now?”she asked confused.
“First and foremost-you”sanskar said pointing vani,”would not tell this to karan.Okay?”
“Okay.”she agreed.
“Guys listen we just need to act cool in front of everyone like nothing’s going to happen.If Vani can come to know then anybody can.Understood?”I alerted.

“Guys I have decided that I will take Ragini to Malibu.”Laksh stated.
“Malibu? You mean you will take me to california.Are you serious?”said Ragini while having a seat on the bed
“Yes I am serious and secondly our flight is at 9:30 sharp in evening at the day of your marriage,so we need to reach the airport till 7:00 or so.”he said crouching down onto her level.
“Can’t we just stay in India?”said Ragini lowering her lashes,I knew she was on the verge of crying.
I sat beside her putting an arm across her shoulder,I know even the thought of leaving your parent’s is too much for anyone.

“Yeah Ragini but I promise we will surely come back when things will be back to normal.”said Laksh whilst holding her hands in his.
“He is right Ragini.It won’t be safe for you guys to stay here.”I tried to console her.
“Guys for actually doing all this we will be needing your help.”Laksh told us.
“Of course brother just tell us what do have to do?”asked sanskar.
“Nothing much,just a small role play..”answered Laksh.
Sanskar and I eyed Laksh suspiciously.

“What are you trying to say?”questioned sanskar.
“I know you want us to wear your clothes and justify your presence there at the wedding day.But let me tell you very clearly that this ain’t going to work because this is real life not some shitty TV serial for god’s sake.”I said in a breathe.
“JK Swara I was just teasing you guys.No role play,Okay?”he said laughing at my expressions.
I heaved a sigh at Laksh. I noticed sanskar smiling and looking at me.
It wasn’t gone unnoticed by others.
“I think sanskar is happy only with the mere mention of him and swara dressed up as the groom and bride.”said Vani in between her laughs,to which I blushed.

The day passed in a glimpse only one day and Ragini and Laksh will be together forever.
I was at the balcony of my beautiful hotel room,I don’t know why but this place held a kind of a soothing effect for me.
All my stresses and tensions were forgotten by just coming here and standing.Maybe it’s because of the wonderful sight of the beach or anything else.
The beach-How can I even forget this is the very place where someone stole my first kiss and that someone is Sanskar.I know that kiss meant nothing to him,but still his actions spoke something else.

May be I was just hallucinating things,why will he ever want to be with me when he already has a really hot girlfriend like Kavita.
But on the other hand why do Ragini and Prateek think the very opposite.These thoughts were doing nothing but confusing me more and when I am confused the best thing I can think of is a good sleep.
While I was just going to return to my room I saw Tanuj with a suitcase ascending towards the exit of the hotel taking long strides while talking to someone on his phone simultaneously.
Then I saw a man to whom he gave the suitcase.
‘A business deal at night.’

“Why is he looking so nervous?”I muttered to myself.
“Well may be he has just another important flight,he is indeed a busy man working even a day before his marriage.”I shrugged and convinced myself to sleep.
“Good morning swara!” Someone shouted for the fifth time by my door.
“Urghh whosoever is this I am warning you to leave me alone and let me sleep.”I shouted to the person.
“No I won’t now get up and come with me.Tomorrow is Ragini’s wedding and many preparations are still left.”said ‘Ragini’ again banging at my door.why is she considering herself as third person? I think she doesn’t know that I do recognise her voice.
“Okay fine RAGINI I am coming.”I cursed her under my breath.
I opened the door only to find an over excited Vani and Ragini.
“How did you come to know that it was me? Am I that bad at mimicry?”asked Ragini innocently.
“yes!”I answered with a poker face.
“Now will you please tell me why have you both came to disturb my sleep?”I asked annoyed.
“Actually Tanuj’s mom is taking me to her ancestral house for some rituals and I want you and Sanskar to accompany me and Tanuj.”replied Ragini.
“Why don’t you take Vani?”I said yawning and stretching my arms.
“No I can’t come I have to go somewhere with Karan.”she smiled goofily.
“Okay fine!”I humphed agreeing to the invitation.
“Now that it is decided that Swara will accompany you,please excuse me guys I have to go and get ready.”Vani said before taking long strides towards her room.

“Hey what was Tanuj up to yesterday night?”I asked Ragini out of nowhere.
“What?”she asked confused.
“Nothing…just some sleepiness.”I trailed off.
“You go I will be back in an hour.”I told Ragini to wait for me till I get ready.
Is Tanuj keeping something from Ragini? But according to Ragini Tanuj never keeps secrets with her.Then why was she so confused when I asked her about Tanuj.what is he upto?
Hello! what’s up? How are you guys doing?
Now coming back to the chapter,I imagine sana Irani as vani.Please comment and tell me your views,Love you bye:*

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