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‘You’re the light you’re the night,
you’re the colour of my blood…
You’re the cure,you’re the pain
You’re the only thing I wanna touch….’
Swaying through the beats of ‘love me like you do’ I was singing in the shower.
‘Never knew that it could mean so much,so much
yeah,I’ll let you set the pace,’cause I’m not thinking straight…
My head spinning around I can’t see clear no more.’
Mission ‘elope’ will commence today.Even though Ragini’s so called marriage with Tanuj is still two days away,we need to do some preparations for her eloping with Laksh.
‘What are you waiting for?

Love me like you do….’
I was really nervous for the upcoming outcomes.I put on my bathing robe and came out of the bath.
As I was proceeding towards the changing closet,I was still humming the song.
“Well you should hurry up,we don’t have forever.”said sanskar coming out of my balcony?
What the hell,why is he in my room?
“Sanskar! What are you doing in my room?”I asked him amazed while hugging the bathrobe tighter to my body.
“Why are you looking at me like this? You only asked me to come inside.”he said playing with his phone on my bed.
“Liar! When did I even ask you to come inside my room?”I questioned since I knew I was correct.
“Swara I just knocked the door and asked-’Swara are you in? May I come in? And you were like-’what are you waiting for?’ ”he folded his hands across his chest.
“I was singing for god’s sake.Those were the lyrics of a song.”I said facepalming.
As soon as I finished we stared at each other for a while and then both of us got ourselves into fits of laughter.

“Oh god how can you be so stupid?”I said in between my laughs.
Once we were back to ‘normal’ I made a poker face keeping my hands crossed over my front.
“What?”he said STILL lying over my bed.
“What? What,you need to get out so that I can change.”I stated.
He got up from my bed and started getting out of my room when I interrupted him.
“Whoa hold on it still doesn’t mean that we are back being friends.whatever you did yesterday was totally unacceptable.And adding to your stupidity you just entered into my room without my permission.you can leave now.”I made it a fact.
“Swara I know I was really wrong for hitting Prateek like that.”he said lowering his eyes and not meeting mine as if he was ashamed of his deeds.“I should have punched him more hard.”he said hitting his knuckles on the door frame.

I literally slapped my forehead for thinking he was really sorry.
“Sanskar you are nothing but disgusting.How can you even….arghhh..”I said keeping my hands on my either waist.
It must be looking like a teacher is scolding his student.
“whoa…whoa…Okay fine I will apologise to him.Are you okay now?”he asked stretching his brows.
I huffed and started making my way to the closet.
“Well swara I am genuinely sorry for hurting Prateek like that,but I am not sorry for encountering you in your robe.”he winked getting out of my room earning a jaw drop from me.
“It’s okay bro,stuff happens.just chill.”I heard Prateek talking with sanskar while I was walking towards Ragini’s room.

“I am really sorry once again.So are we back to normal?”asked sanskar as his back was facing me.
I gestured Prateek to stay silent when he saw I was standing behind sanskar.
“Yeah sanskar,of course.”replied Prateek,but suddenly his expressions changed into something wicked,”but not before you tell me the reason of yesterday’s stuff.”
I was still eavesdropping their conversation.
“I just told you I was drunk and I didn’t mean anything that I did last night.”answered sanskar,which made me a bit sad.
If he didn’t mean anything which he did last night then probably whatever conversation we had last night was nothing but rubbish.

“Hang on bro let me tell you that it is a fact that whatever a person does or speaks is nothing but pure truth when he is wasted.So please don’t lie and tell me do you like swara?”asked Prateek trying to hide his smile,while my jaws were dropped at his question.
“Well um..um look I still don’t know,but most probably it’s a no.”replied sanskar a bit awkwardly.
“So are you giving me a clearance that I have a chance?”questioned Prateek.
Without giving any answer sanskar went away.
“Well only god knows what’s in his mind?”said Prateek ascending me.
“Yeah right.”I replied rolling my eyes.
“Why do you even want to know what’s in his mind? It doesn’t matter,we have much more important things to focus upon like Ragini and..” I instantly regretted what I spoke.
“Why do we have to worry about Ragini?”asked Prateek.
“Oh come on she is getting married.It is an experience which just happens once in a lifetime.

“Yeah okay…”said Prateek not satisfied with my response,he knew I was lying.
“What’s the plan?”asked Sanskar initializing the conversation.
We were at the middle of our brunch.Since I knew what blunder we are going to make within coming two days I was really hyper.I was sitting in between sanskar and Prateek.
I hit Sanskar with my elbow while giving him a-’WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?’ look,he cringed but understood when I wriggled my brows towards Prateek who was busy with his sandwich.
We were still with Prateek and he had no idea about our plan.It’s always better if less people were involved,no it’s not that Prateek will try to ruin our plan but still it just doesn’t feel right.
“What plan? Sanskar…”I said gritting my teeth.
“It’s uh actually we were thinking about gifting something to Tanuj and Ragini.We planned it don’t you remember Prateek.”lied sanskar.
“Yeah…yes the gift it is.”I tried to counter.
“It’s okay if you guys are not interested in telling me.I gotta go to gym.”said Prateek winding up his breakfast while smirking at us.

“Great now he’s doubting us.”I humphed throwing my hands in air.
“We have no time swara let’s go to Ragini,she may have some idea.”assured sanskar.
“I have no freaking idea.”shouted Ragini in frustration.
“What do you mean you have no idea?”I was amazed with her response.
I was in her room including Laksh and Sanskar.While I was totally tensed Sanskar and Laksh were totally chilled out and playing ‘Clash of clans’.
“Are you guys seriously out of your mind.Laksh even you too,it’s your life for god’s sake.”I rolled my eyes at them.
“Nothing to worry about girls we already have a plan.”replied Laksh with his eyes still glued over the screen,this made Ragini to feel a bit easy.

“What is it?”I had to ask.
“Look there’s nothing to worry about Ragini’s ‘marriage’ is after two days.Right? We’ll elope tomorrow at midnight.”declared Laksh winking at Ragini which made her blush.
“Then what are we supposed to do?”asked Sanskar.
“You guys should just have our back.I mean we all know how our parents our going to react after all this,just give them the support they might need.”Laksh replied monotonously.I could sense he was already feeling bad about all this.

“Guys we are forgetting about Tanuj and his parents they may also need more support.”I stated.
“Yeah that’s true.I think I must be punished for whatever I going to do.”Ragini said sadly.
“Hey! It’s okay.I am with you,stop blaming yourself.Everything will be fine.Okay?”Laksh assured Ragini.
“Please guys don’t take any kind of tension,we are here with you.”sanskar said patting Laksh’s back.

“I knew you guys are together.”said someone standing at the door.
Arghh why didn’t Sanskar shut the door,I mentally facepalmed.

A/N:Hello my lovelies.Yeah I know I am very very late and I apologize for the same.Let me be really very honest I as an author just wasn’t able to proceed ”.I became really out of ideas.At one point I thought my story is getting really boring.Many of you were constantly asking me to update,so here it is.Please tell me whether the story is good or not.Bye!!! hope to talk to you guys soon.:* and yeah finally on TU yipee!!!!

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