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Chapter 16
I knew who it was-Sanskar.
He was holding me delicately from my waist.His chocolate brown orbs were such a delight.His dark brows furrowed.His pink and soft lips were really inviting.wait! why am I describing him in this way?
I furrowed my eyebrows and started wriggling in his arms,but his grip tightened even more.
“Leave me sanskar.”I ordered.he instantly left me.I made my way to Prateek,his lower lip was bleeding.
“Oh my god just look at that.it’s bleeding.”I mumbled running my hands near the wound.
Anger shot up throughout me.How can sanskar beat someone like that.
“Sanskar what the hell in this world is your problem?”
“Leave it swara.He’s drunk.”said Prateek getting a hold of my hand.
“One more time you touch her and you will bleed more than this.”stated a raging sanskar but Prateek still held my hands.
“Kavita just take him away.He’s drunk.”I suggested.
Kavita tried to get a hold of his hands but she pushed it immediately.
“Eww sanskar.Blood.”she said disgustingly.

“Wait show me.”I held his wrist and sighed.Blood was oozing out of his knuckles.
“Just leave me.”he huffed and made his way away from the crowd.
I sighed and looked at Prateek he was still struggling with the wound.
“Come.”I directed him towards the reception to ask for some medication.
While Prateek was being aided I was sitting there waiting for the nurse to complete the things.
I just cannot believe what sanskar is behaving like-pure nonsense, nothing else.
Prateek came out wincing and adjusting his band-aid.
“Let’s go back.I have had enough of this drama.”I said making my way out,but before that Prateek stated-”He loves you.”
I turned around wide eyed to encounter a ‘trying to grinning’ Prateek due to his wound.
“ouch…I know he loves you.”he stated again.
First Kavita and Ragini and now him.what the hell is wrong with everyone?
“Prateek you are also drunk.come let’s go home.I’ll drive.”
“Swara…it is true.He loves you.why don’t you understand?”
“If he does then why is he dating kavita?”I countered.
“Well…may be because he himself is not sure about that.You should go and check on him.”
“No I won’t.He is being such a jerk”I stated.
“I know the feeling is mutual.you love him too.”he said shrugging his shoulders.
“That is so not true.”I rolled my eyes.
“Well I have saw it,how you cared for him back at the beach.Even if you don’t want to accept this fact you must go and check upon him.Since Kavita was not even interested in touching him.After that we will go back.Promise.”he replied calmly.
“I am so not sure about the love part,but I won’t deny that I do care for him.I will be back”I said leaving and taking one of the medicinal creams and some bandages from the first-aid box.

May be Prateek was right.yes I do care for sanskar and he is actually a nice friend but Love? Do I really love him?
How confusing and again HOW BORING.
I decided on giving sanskar a chance to our friendship.May be that will sought out all our differences.
I hummed through the beats of the music and started looking out for Sanskar.Where can he be right now?May be at the liquor counter.
‘Yes I will forgive him.And if he really has a thing for me I will let him explain that to me.’
As soon as I reached the counters I witnessed Kavita and sanskar sucking each other’s faces.I won’t lie,but I felt a pang of jealousy after seeing them like that.
Sanskar was not at fault for this.He never said he loved me,it were just Ragini and Prateek who won’t stop assuming things.
I could feel I was pressing the life out of those medicines which were in my hands.I threw them there and made my way back to Prateek.
I wasn’t feeling bad but still a bit jealous please don’t ask why.
“Hey! Swara over here.”Prateek waved his hand from some distance.
“So you talked with him?”asked Prateek curiously
“No I didn’t he was ‘busy’.”I said quoting the words busy.
Prateek rolled his eyes at what I told him.
“You know what Prateek,the party isn’t over yet.If you don’t mind can we just stay here for some more time.”I smiled and saw hopefully towards him.
“Of course you need not request me,I myself am not willing to leave this place too soon.”he shrugged his shoulders.
I partied like it was my last day.I came here not to find love but to relax my mind from the lethargic schedule of mine back in Delhi.
Romantic to pop,Retro to Rock every kind of song was being played and we danced hilariously.
After what felt like hours we decided on stuffing ourselves with some food.
“It is already midnight and we didn’t have our dinner.”I said munching on my food.
“Yes that’s true.Even though it’s kind of tough eating with a bruised mouth but still I won’t skip this delicious meal.”replied Prateek wincing.
“I feel really bad for you.So now it is very clear that sanskar doesn’t love me,then you must ask him why did he punch you so hard.”I suggested.
“And how do you know he doesn’t ‘love’ you?”he countered.
“Well it is really very clear.It is so not a rare sight of sanskar and Kavita making out in public.I think you and Ragini are just overthinking a lot.Infact I would never have a thing for Sanskar.”I stated.

“So you mean there is still a chance for me.”he tried giving me a cute and innocent look.
“Oh puh-lease don’t make those faces.It doesn’t look good on someone as musculine and giant like you.”I said crossing my hands in front.
“Okay so you didn’t deny that I do have a chance or not? I’ll take that as a yes.”he said with a smirk.
I laughed at his comment before continuing.”well I think we should already leave now.what say?”
“Yes let’s go.”said Prateek winding up.
I was waiting for Prateek in front of the entry.There were some people talking and bidding a bye to each other.
Some were also kissing and making love at some corners.Like ragini and Laksh.
Wait! What? Are they really here or have I mistakenly drank some alcohol.
‘Nah it’s them.’I prompted to noone.
Well it may be really difficult to hold all their emotions for so much time.Wait! What if Prateek catches them? Oh god that would be a disaster.
Then suddenly I heard a honk.’Nice that must be Prateek.’I internally freaked out.
“P…prateek,just get out of here!”I shouted.
He made an amused expression on my sudden reaction.
“Well I mean just get to the passenger seat.I will drive since you are a bit drunk.Right?”yup! I covered it so well.
I rushed the car out of the arena as fast as I could.Yes I may be rash driving but the consequences of this may not be as bad as that of Prateek finding out about Laksh and Ragini.

Bidding a goodnight to Prateek I made my way to my room through the dark hotel lobby.All I wanted to do now is to hug my soft pillow and SLEEP for god’s sake.
I stretched and yawned closing my eyes in the lobby.
‘Oh god I am really tir…WHAT THE HELL ….LEAVE ME.’I screamed at the top of my voice.Someone had caged me in his hands pinning me to the wall.
“Leave m…!”I tried to shout but he covered my mouth with his hands.I opened my eyes which were squeezed shut due to fear.
“Shh.. it’s me.”Prompted sanskar.
“Oh thank god it’s you.I thought someone was…”before I could complete sanskar said-”stop blabbering Swara!”
I looked up at him with curiosity,he seemed to be drunk.While I was busy ‘checking him out’ I also noticed how intently he was looking at me with his dark gaze.Okay now this is getting awkward.
“Ahm.. sanskar let’s get you to your room.”I said gently making a gap between us by placing my hands on his chest.
“No! I didn’t ask you to move.Why can’t you just listen to me once? It’s so not important to be a rebel all the time.”he said bringing him dangerously close to me again.
“Well then what will we do here,keep on staring each other?”I asked him directly.
He just ignored my question and traced his fingers along my jawline,while his other hand still rested on my waist.
I shivered at his touch.Why am I frozen at this spot I must get him off me.My senses are so not cooperating with me right now.
He was constantly locking his eyes with me,his orbs getting darker.
“Sanskar I think you are out of your senses right now.Just let’s get you to your room.”I insisted even though I just didn’t want him to leave.
“Shhh just don’t speak.”he said placing his finger over my lips.
“Swara why didn’t I meet you before.”he murmured earning a confused expression from me.
“Well I think it is never late.Do you know how much I craved to kiss you in that silly game of Vani’s.But I knew you were never ready for that.Last time I just pecked below your lips.But now I am getting out of control.”he blaberred everything in one go.
His next move was really alarming he kissed me on my cheeks.I felt a heat rush through my cheeks.
“Nah please don’t blush like that or I will definitely lose my control.I won’t kiss you like that,I won’t steal it like that.”he whispered in my ears.
After this ofcourse I blushed even more and he made his way to his room.
I huffed a breath which was stuck long ago.I immediately went into my room shutting it behind me.I couldn’t help but smile after seeing this sanskar.
‘But hey swara! Don’t forget he is with kavita. you CANNOT think about him.UNDERSTAND?’I mentally slapped myself.
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