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“Forgotten already…I am laksh-Laksh oberoi”

‘What?’ was what we could ask at that moment.

“Laksh-Laksh the nerd”I blurted out and sanskar shut my mouth with his palm and smiled cheekily at Laksh.

“I…I am sorry,I didn’t mean to say that”I apologised shrugging my shoulders.

“It is perfectly okay! Miss kapoor”laksh said taking my hands in his and pecking it.

Sanskar jerked his hand from mine clearing his throat.

“I think it’s already getting late.we must leave now.save some flirting…I mean talks for the resort too.”

Whole journey back to the resort was filled with the chatter of laksh.we didn’t even dare confronting him about him and ragini.Ragini might have not told him about us knowing their secret.I was glaring my front on that thought which somehow sanskar understood and directed me to calm down with his eyes.

My attention got back to how weirdly sanskar was behaving since morning.Him introducing me as his girlfriend in front of laksh even if he is still with Kavita.And how he bashed at Prateek for no particular reason.

Wait didn’t sanskar had some deadlines to be met TODAY only.

“Ahem-Ahem Sanskar Aren’t you forgetting something”I asked him,while Laksh was busy texting.

“Umm no,I don’t think so”he replied rubbing his nape.

“Are you sure?”I countered.

“No absolutely not”he said stretching his hands.

I didn’t reply but wondered how aggressive he became this morning.

After getting the car parked I rushed to hand over the keys to Ragini.

“Ragini…there you go.”I said handing over her the keys.

“I have settled Laksh and his family”I tried to get her attention while she was busy ignoring me since morning.

“Well that’s good.thank you very much.now I may go Mum is calling me.”she tried to end our conversation.

I caught her by her wrist and directed her to come with me to my room.

“What the hell is going on girls.why is laksh over here? I mean…ugh…why?”sanskar came bursting in my room out o f nowhere.

“Yes he is right.why is he even here?”I asked her throwing my hands up in frustration.

“Guys guys please calm down.yes he is the same laksh who I love.But I haven’t called him,mum has.”she said shrugging her shoulders.

“Yes right.this can be true since her parents never knew about her and laksh.”suggested sanskar.

“So what’s the plan now?”I asked her rather irritated.executing the plan in front of Ragini’s parents only would have been easier but now Laksh’s parents are just going to add up to the tension.

She shrugged her shoulders again showing she had no idea.Now she was getting over my nerves.this girl was just so irresponsible.

“Swara calm down”said sanskar keeping a hand over my arm to calm me down.I think he noticed how stressed I was.

I jerked his hands off me and hugged Ragini.

“Are you sure everything’s going according to you.”I asked her a bit worried.

“Ragini if you would like,then we can also talk to uncle and aunt.may be they would underst…..”sanskar tried to suggest but before that ragini squealed.

“Oh No no no no don’t ever think about that.they will murder me right here”she replied dramatically.

Sanskar and I just shrugged our shoulders said together-“your WISH.”

Letting out a heavy breath I started making my way out of my room so as to get some air.And the actual reason was I was trying to avoid sanskar.how can he be so weird? I thought.

“Hey swara! wait”I heard sanskar calling out my name.

“Is everything okay between you two.”asked ragini shutting the door of my room.

“No it’s not.now can I please go.”I must be sounding really pissed off.


“Wait! Swara why are you running away from me?”asked sanskar running behind me.

“I don’t find any reason to justify myself.”I turned around and crossed my hands over my chest clearly showing my annoyance.

“And why don’t you feel the need?”he asked breathing heavily due to running.

“The same way you don’t find any reason on shouting at Prateek this very morning.the same way you don’t find any reason to introduce me as your ‘Girlfriend’.The same you you don’t find any reason to lie everyone that you had an important deadline which was to be met today so that Prateek cannot accompany me.”I said in a single breath.

“Actually swara I didn’t mean to do all this.I just hate that bastard Prateek.I don’t like him”he replied earning an eye roll from me.

“And how can you conclude that?”

“Because I know it.Now don’t argue and stayaway from him.”he said dismissing my question very easily.

“You know what Mr.sanskar malhotra YOU stay away from me.”

I stamped my foot and made my way to my room so as to change in something else.


I was sitting with Prateek and Ragini on my either sides for lunch.As usual Prateek was busy cracking his hilarious jokes.

I was choking every now and then due to his jokes.I hadn’t even completed my meal due to him.He was always so fun.

And here comes his another comment.I felt myself choking and coughing again.

“There you go.have it.”said prateek passing me his glass of water.

“No it is okay.Just pass me the jug.”I said between my coughs.

“Swara…”he glared and I drank from his glass while he patted my back.

“Now please stop your crap and let me concentrate over my food.”I replied.

Suddenly I heard some oohs and aahs from some girls.I turned in that direction only to find Mr.Laksh Oberoi just making an entry into the dining arena.

Obviously Ragini wasn’t comfortable with all that.I noticed how she plastered a fake smile in front of everyone.

“Ahm something’s burning isn’t it Prateek?”I said not even looking towards Ragini but purposely raising my voice so that she hears me.

“Swara I am sitting right here.I am still not deaf,I really won’t mind if you will control the level of your voice.”Prateek said while dramatically keeping his hands over his ears.was I that loud?Obviously he did not knew anything about Laksh and Ragini.

“Yes swara if you want to say something to me I am sitting right here as well”she said eyeing me faking annoyment.

“Oh wait I know what’s burning.”she grinned earning a questionable look from me.

She gestured towards the extreme left of mine where I could see a sulking Sanskar?

“Why is he sulking?I mean just look at him,he looks furious.”I said while sipping my drink.

“How do I know.You may know that better.”she winked and left.

“I know.”Prateek voiced out,out of nowhere.


“I know how to up your mood.let’s go and have a night out.there’s a beach party not much farther.I am going tonight what say?”

He really put me in a deep thought.the way sanskar projected Prateek in front of me,would it be okay to go with him.

“Oh please come on.vani,karan,ragini,Tanuj,sanskar and Kavita everyone are going.Actually entry is for couples and only we are left.”he said shrugging his shoulders.

“So ms.Swara kapoor would you like to be a ‘fake’ date of mine so that I can get an entry in that amazing beach party this evening.”

“Yes I will.Of course who can decline a good ambience.”I said cheerily.

Why didn’t Ragini tell me about this before? May be she thought I won’t come.

Anyways I need to go and decide what to wear.


“For your assistance.madame.”said prateek pointing out his elbow so that I can link my hands in his.

“You know how to make me laugh.”I said playfully hitting his chest.


We had booked some cars,since we couldn’t just clung up in Ragini’s.

After a comfortable drive of thirty minutes of a drive filled with mostly the chitter-chatter of Prateek.

“Hey please be here till I find a good spot to park.”said Prateek while heading towards the parking lot.

“Hey swara! I am sorry.I didn’t know how to invite you.you knnow it was actually a couple entry.I am happy that you and sanskar finally made it.”said vani who was also waiting outside the entry for karan.

“Whoa whoa woman.what are you talking about? I have came here with Prateek.and why would sanskar come with me when he can always rely upon Kavita.”I said raising my eyebrows since I knew I had a point.

‘Why was everyone thinking that we can ever get together?’

“Hello ladies! Haven’t found your date yet? No worries you can always count on me.”laksh said walking towards us while swirling his keys in his hands.

“Umm no I would have loved to but I am with Karan and she is with-“vani replied but was interrupted by Laksh.

“Sanskar.right?”laksh replied waiting expectantly as he thought his answer was right.

“No his name is Prateek.and whatever sanskar said at the airport was plane lie.okay?”I stated.

Wait what was he doing here.the entry is only for couples and Ragini is already accompanied with Tanuj.

“Who are you with?”I asked to clear my thoughts.

Before even replying he just left towards the entry where some girls were chatting with each other.He talked with them and came back with one of them.they were visually flirting with him.

“She is with me.”he said looking totally disinterested in girl.

“But who’s she?”asked vani trying to hide her laughter.

“Yes who are you anyway?”asked laksh to the girl.

“Hello my name is Trisha.”she waved her hand unwillingly.

Then it strike my mind.Laksh was just here to keep an eye over Ragini and Tanuj.

“Let’s go.there should have been some valets for our assistance.”said Prateek annoyed.

“Ya right.”agreed Karan.

“After you.’sire’.”I imitated Prateek.


Dim but considerably sparkling lights,accompanied by the most amazing seascape.A brightly shining crescent moon adding up to the most amazing atmosphere with slightly cool breeze.

Everything was just perfect.There was a dance floor under the beautiful stars.Most of my batchmates were already here.some were busy dancing while some busy at the drinks counter.

We decided to sit near the bonfire.It was when I realised Sanskar was also here with Kavita sitting right across us through the bonfire.

“Why is he staring us?”said Prateek while stretching his hands a bit.

“Hey I am going to get some punch.would you like some?”asked Prateek dusting the sand of his pants and shirt.

“No she isn’t into alcohol.”replied SANSKAR instead of me.kavita just rolled her eyes.

Prateek just gave a sigh at an intruding sanskar.

“What would you like to have then?”

“Definitely a mojito.”

“Good girl,eh? Anyways I’ll be back.”

After some little talks,drinks and unwanted glares from sanskar we made our way towards the dancing floor.DJ was playing ‘Last Friday’.

“Show me some moves everyone out there.”roared the DJ,receiving loud shouts and hoots from us.

We danced with basically no synchronisation-just our heart out.

“So to all the couples out there,I am presenting you this one.hope it stimulates more love between you guys.”

“Wohoo”shouts the crowd.

We were swaying through the slow beat playing in the background. Prateek held onto my waist generously and my reluctant hands made its way to his shoulders.

He was constantly smiling genuinely.

“What makes you smile so much.”I popped up my thoughts.

“You.” he replied honestly.

I shook my head before countering-“hey already forgot? We are on a ‘fake’ date.”

He smiled and twirled me around,he held onto my waist and brought me closer.

“I wish it were a true one.”he mumbled right into my ear.

Yes I won’t lie,I blushed a little.I could feel my cheeks red which Prateek caught instantly.

“Oh look what we have here-A blushing Swara”he said smiling.

And just after this out of nowhere a hand came and punched Prateek right across his face making us part away.

He stumbled but balanced himself.But I wasn’t a good balancer at all,but before I was going to fall someone held me mid way.

I knew who it was-SANSKAR.


wohoo that was a long wasn’t it? now am I getting forgiven or not?

guys here is an important talk-Are you really liking it? I mean should I continue?

and if you do like it then please let me know commenting.Please I want to know whether to continue or not?

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