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“swara…I..I think sanskar loves YOU”Kavita said crying sobbing in between.
I was not at all surprised neither it sounded shocking,I just rolled my eyes and patted her back.
“Kavita…just listen to me.Please stop jumping to conclusions.how can you even say that?”I must be sounding really bored with all this and indeed I was.
Well that’s a good thing since I am bored with this crap already,I think I can have a wonderful sleep tonight.yipee!
“Swara why aren’t you saying anything?tell me do you love sanskar?”she asked with extreme hope in her eyes.
“Why are you even asking this?absolutely not.and by the way what happened suddenly which made you think like this?”
“Ac…Actually swara nowadays..sanskar is not behaving the same way as he used to.”
“Look I won’t ask you how he used to behave earlier.But have you ever confronted sanskar about this?I am sure he has a reason.”I said patted her cheek,gave her a hug and made my way to my room.
As soon as I came back into my room kavita’s words were echoing in my ears-’He loves you’.
‘HOW BORING!’ I exclaimed and tossed over my bed.
I woke up yawning and rubbing the sleep out of my eyes.suddenly it came to my mind that today some other close guests of Ragini and her family are going to come and I needed to receive and settle them.
I quickly bathed cleanly and changed into a comfortable tangerine jumpsuit with a comfortable pair of loafers.
I kept my hair open with a wavy touch,I also had a small purse with my essentials.
I headed straightly to the dining arena.
“Hey good morning swara!”exclaimed Vani from the other end of the table gesturing me to sit with her.
But before I could sit there Karan took the opportunity and sat with her.
She gave me an apologetic smile and I gave a small playful smile.
I took a seat beside Prateek and ragini as it as it was the only one vacant.
I was so damn hungry and just wanted to have my breakfast in peace.
I was not interested in having a conversation with anyone since my full concentration was over the delicious food.
“Hey! Want some more?”teased prateek but I answered in a yes to which he gave a chuckle.
“Swara..listen to me.today uncle oberoi and his family will be coming from berlin so please please take care of them.their flight will land at sharp noon and its ten already.so please keep that in mind.”Ragini’s mother came carrying a stack of papers and her phone.
“You may also take someone along with you…um…Vani go with her.”
“Actually aunt vani will be accompanying me in a bit of shopping today so..” vani was smiling sheepishly.
Ragini’s mother rolled her eyes.”then who will go with her?”she mumbled.
“Aunt please I can manage alone.It will be okay….I..wi…”but before the completion of my words two voices interrupted.
“I can go with her.”said prateek smiling and sanskar said simultaneously “I WILL go with her”he said a bit angrily?
I shook my head seeing both of them as if it was a tennis match.
“Sanskar it is okay.swara can go with Prateek”interrupted kavita expecting sanskar to not go.
“Ya! We will manage sanskar,I will go with her”said prateek grinning and keeping a hand over my shoulder.
“No”sanskar almost shouted and then clenched his jaws as if he was trying to control his anger.He breathed audibly and after a long pause he continued-”Aa..actually I have got some important deadlines to be met before tomorrow so I thought both the things will be done on the way”he said rubbing his nape.
“Okay whatever swara,sanskar will accompany you.”said ragini’s mother and rushed out of the room.
I gave an apologetic smile to Prateek whereas he said nothing but smiled playfully.Now I now how vani was feeling minutes back!
I humphed and made my way to the parking arena without even turning to see if sanskar was coming or not.
I had borrowed ragini’s car for the quick trip.I got into the car and positioned my seat belts.With my hands over the wheel I waited for sanskar.
I was still not over the small tiff we had at the beach.No it was not the real reason,actually I was just feeling weird after the conversation I had with kavita last night.
‘How boring ’I mumbled again.
“What’s boring?”sanskar asked me sitting inside the car trailing me out of my thoughts.
I prefered ignoring him while turning the car to life by inserting the key.
All throughout the journey I made a poker face,warning sanskar not to start a conversation with me.Like never!
“You look pretty and that poker face of yours doesn’t match with the dress”sanskar said trying to strike a conversation.
“hmm”I responded I know I was being cranky but anyways….
He glared at me and then made the same face as mine-poker.
I couldn’t control laughing at his extremely funny face,he looked really adorable and cute.
I looked at him in amazement and then both of us burst out in fits of laughs.we were choking and turning red due to continuous laughter.
“Well well I am still mad at you.I hope you don’t forget that?”I said giving him a playful smirk.
“Please don’t be.It was just…just a reaction which burst over you.I apologize for that”he said giving me a small smile.
“Aww please don’t make those faces.you look so cute.”I said pinching his cheeks to which he blushed?
“Whoa…whoa Miss swara I am not cute I am extremely handsome.you can call me handsome,greek god,masculine but CUTE? Eww”
“Yaa…whatever let’s go,Mr.Oberoi won’t like to wait”
We reached airport just before the flight from berlin landed.I didn’t even knew how they looked like but I had the placards with their names.
“You must be ms.kapoor?”said a man whom I assumed to be in his mid fifties.
He looked old,but at the same time extremely classy in his appearance.he was wearing a crisp black three piece with a red tie.with his hands in his pockets he carried a certain aura with him.
“Excuse me”he said while leaving,I think he assumed that I was not ‘ms. kapoor’.
“Sorry sir and ya I am swara,swara kapoor and this is..”
“Sanskar malhotra”voiced sanskar.
“I am here on account of Mrs.murthy.nice to meet you.”I greeted them with my best smile.
“Yes yes my child.meet my wife Mrs.Aradhya oberoi”he said placing an arm across her shoulder.
She was blushing like a teenager.’how cute!’
“Well well I think we must proceed already”
“Yes sir actually the cab and the driver are waiting outside”
“Swara by the way my children are just on the way.may be struggling with the bags.Oh look there is my daughter”we looked towards the direction and found a pretty confident looking girl.she was beautiful and I noticed sanskar’s jaw dropping reflexively.
I poked him with my elbow while I glared at him faking a smile.
“This way”sanskar gestured towards the car.
“No no! My son,he hasn’t came yet”spoke mrs.oberoi stopping us.
“Ohh no problem I will drive him with us.sanskar you may help them with the directions.”
“Yeah let’s go sir.Swara I will be back in a minute”sanskar said while I waited for their son.
After about ten long minutes,sanskar came back dropping the oberois till the car.
“He hasn’t shown up yet?”
“Excuse me.You guys must be swara and sanskar.sorry actually I got my bag exchanged with someone else.”suddenly a voice interrupted us out of the blue.
I turned around to face a man who looked in his early twenties.he shared the same pure black orbs as mr.oberoi,also he carried a similar aura like him.unlike mr.oberoi he was in his casuals yet he looked elegant.
Trailing me out of my thoughts,I felt an elbow hitting my arm.
Had my jaw dropped this time?
“Hello my name is sanskar malhotra and this is swara kapoor-my girlfriend”
I furrowed my eyes and glared at sanskar for my introduction.
I gave him a-’WHAT-WAS-THAT?’look,which he obviously ignored.
“hello ….and I know you guys.forgotten already,I am Laksh-Laksh oberoi”
So finally presenting-Laksh.
how was it.tell me fast.please comment:)
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