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Hello lovely people.how are you guys doing? missed me or the story:p

Anyways before you guys beat the shit out of me here goes the story.

“Just mending my previous sins”replied Prateek as he carried me to the shore.

I was nervous as hell since my last encounter with swimming was so not good.

Understanding my nervousness Prateek gently placed me over the shallow side of water and held my hands in his.

My palms may be sweating.He gave me a comforting smile and I smiled back at him.I don’t know why but back on my mind I was feeling really confident standing with him as I knew he wouldn’t harm me.

He gave me a life jacket to wear.We made our way more near to the water while Prateek was constantly holding my hand.

Till now I could feel the land beneath me as the water was too shallow but after a minute I started floating since I was short while prateek was still standing straight.

I balanced myself by placing my hands over his shoulders.

“Oh god prateek..prateek…help.help…I think I am drowning…save me”

“Oh hello drama queen no one drowns in only this much water.”he chuckled”…and by the way we still have the vast ocean”

“But I am drowning…see..”

“Swara…swara just balance yourself by holding me alright?”

After a while I could balance myself floating in the water with the help of prateek. And taking this as an advantage I pushed Prateek which made him thrust to the water I was laughing vigorously.

My laughs soon faded when I couldn’t figure out where prateek was-‘has he drowned?’

‘No no swara. Think positively.oh god have I already turned into a criminal now?’ but where is he?

And then out of nowhere I felt hands encircling around my waist and pushing me back to the water.I wiped out the water from my eyes to find a grinning Prateek in front of me standing with his hands folded across his chest.

“What say swara! Are you still afraid of water”he asked winking.

“Prateek I will kill you.do you know I thought that you drowned?”I said hitting over his chest playfully.

“But in all this while I have eradicated that fear which I seeded into you for years.”a kind of guilt swept over his face.

“Oh come on if I didn’t have this fear due to you then how could I have fun with you”I replied with gleaming eyes.

“Now have this”I said splashing his face with water.

It was so much fun we were splashing water over each other and playing like kids.

At one point of time I didn’t even realise that I had overcome my biggest fear that was drowning in water.


“That was fun.”said prateek while drying himself with towel.we were on my sunbed drying ourselves.

“What was fun?”asked sanskar coming out of nowhere.

“Hey”I greeted.

“Actually prateek was talking about us playing in the water.you know what sanskar I was always afraid that I will drown if I even go near the sea but all thanks to him that now….wait! Where’s kavita?”I asked sanskar since he was always with him.

“Can’t you talk about someone else?”he replied irritated.

Prateek shrugged his shoulders while I asked him ‘what’s happening’ with my eyes.

“Is everything okay?”I stood next to sanskar.

“Yes everything is okay.”he spat.

“What’s your problem.I am just asking you.”

“Guys guys…please sanskar if you are not in a mood to talk then it is okay.”interrupted prateek.

“No prateek now I am so not going to be concerned about his life.he is really irritating.if you have a problem with someone then please mock that person not me.I am not here to hear your tantrums.got that?”I said packing my stuff and giving sanskar a last glare.

I made my way to the ‘dolphin’s’ so as to change and have a shower before proceeding back to our hotel.


Having a last look in the full length mirror I proceeded to check out of the resort.

I was wearing a purple coloured floral knee length flowy one piece with black sandals.I paired it up with a messy bun.

Since the day hasn’t ended yet and neither my friend’s energy we were going to have our dinner in one of the restaurant’s of the dolphin’s resort itself.

Our tables were set along the beach.The dim lights added to the soothing atmosphere.I made my day to the tables only to find everyone already sitting there except for a few seats vacant.

I felt a tap over my left shoulder and turned to find no one.I abruptly saw over the other side to find a smiling Prateek.

“Hey! Angry young woman.still mad ?”

“Nah! Just irritated….”I sighed.

“Come let’s have dinner”said prateek directing towards the tables.

All through the dinner I noticed sanskar and kavita sitting far apart from each other,literally on opposite sides of the table.

I was sitting beside vani and ragini.we were chattering about shopping and other things constantly.Us girls can never get bored with this.

Sanskar tried to approach me but I ignored him like an arrogant little kid.

“Okay guys time to go back.come on! The traveller’s already here.”announced vani.


After a long day finally I can go and rest for god’s sake.but know today my ‘best man’-my sleep was upset with me.

I prefered having a walk by the lawn.Now I don’t need to describe the atmosphere which was utterly gorgeous.

Walking across the lawns I remembered how much this whole marriage was fake,how much ragini loved laksh and how will tanuj react after knowing all this.

He was an innocent and loving guy.I felt really bad for him.but since ragini had no other option we need to go with the flow.

Suddenly I heard someone crying and sniffling very bitterly at a distance.

I followed the direction to find Kavita crying her heart out.she was a total mess right now.I have never saw her in this state ever.

I kept a hand over her shoulder and she jerked out of astonishment.

“Umm…hi…swara what are you doing here?…I was here just to have a walk…umm..I think I should leave now,it’s already over midnight…”

“Look kavita I know we have never talked nicely to each other and neither I am concerned about your life.But if you want someone to share your feelings I can help you out in that case”I said smiling slightly.

And with this kavita started crying bitterly hugging me.

“Swara…i ..i think sanskar loves YOU”

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And what do you think will be swara’s reaction?? think think…

we will see that in upcoming chapters.


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