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Hello long time?yes it probably was…Enjoy!! my lovelies.

“Wake up you idiot.How much more will you sleep?”someone was screaming in my ears and was probably going to be murdered today.

“Urghh….let me sleep….what’s your problem….”I groaned pulling up my sheets to my head.

“Come on swara! Get up fast and be ready within an hour.don’t be late.”

Oh so vani is my sleep snatcher.

I got up struggling with the sheets and reached out for my phone.


“Oh look who’s there.Ms.sleeping beauty”vani said sarcastically.

We were going on a kind of a trek around the islands all the adventurous things like sightseeing,rafting accompanied by some water sports on the beach etc.

I was wearing a simple tank top with an overshirt with a pair of comfy shorts.my hair were tied up in a messy but classy bun.

“Good to go swara!”I said to noone.

We made our way to the beautiful Havelock island,which is a part of the andamans.This island is considered as one of the best island tourist destination in andaman and nicobar islands. it’s a very beautiful island which provides idyllic resort in the lap of virgin beach and unpolluted environment, and a guesthouse of tourism department dolphin resort is also available for the tourists.

As soon as we reached our the dolphin resort we unpacked our stuff and some of us changed.I was already not in a mood to have a dip I was here to just relax and continue with my fiction novel.

As everyone was changing and preparing for the day out,I prefered roaming and seeing the exciting seascape which was attracting me towards it. I put on my beach bag with consisted of only my essentials which consisted of water,sunscreen,hair spray,sunglasses,my flared hat and obviously my book.

“Hey! Swara what are you doing there.Come we are heading to the beach”shouted vani from the other end of the lobby of the dolphin’s.

I smiled and followed her.

“Wohoo!!! What a weather.just perfect for getting a perfect sunbath”said ragini stretching her hands.

All of us together spread the beach cloth over the sparkling sand VERY-VERY near the water.While some of us prefered to sit on beach beds.

I sat on one which was kind of away from sea and was a bit shady there due to the oversized umbrella.

I took out my book and before I could concentrate over my book,I saw a figure of a girl in two piece bikini of multi colour neon.Her toned body was just perfect or beyond that.Her long hair with beach waves were complimenting her look even more.

….and she was none other than Kavita.I must say she was looking really HOT.

All the people including girls had their jaws dropped to the ground.

I saw sanskar grinning ear to ear as he made his way to her in his trunks.

He said something in her ear which made her blush.

‘Oh he will never change’ I commented mentally and rolled my eyes.

Shifting my concentration back to the book I enjoyed my time.

Vani and ragini didn’t bother to join me as they knew I won’t come.

“Hey isn’t this the same fiction in which the actually the protagonist was the real guilty”someone said in the background.

I looked for the person who spoilt all my week’s hard work in reading this novel.

“How brutal is that…”I mumbled only to find Prateek sitting in front of me.

He was in his navy blue trunks and I never noticed his well built body which outshone the others.He had black hair and brown orbs which were quite sparkling.

He had sparkling white teeth which complimented his adorable wide grin.I didn’t notice that all this while he was waving his hand in front of my face.I wondered why was he still single.

“Umm yaa hi!”I said nervously looking down,keeping my book aside.

“I am sorry if I spoilt your suspense”he said holding his ear in a very adorable way.

“Oh no it’s okay”I said even though it wasn’t.

“What are you doing here.we are here to enjoy and you are busy reading”

“Actually I don’t prefer going swimming”

“Have you ever tried it?”He asked raising his brows.

“Honestly no”


“I never felt like”I said so as to avoid this topic.

“Swara I know you are scared of it”

‘How did he know that?’

“Actually when I was small may be in nursery I went to a nearby water park with my school.Actually it was a school trip…and when I went inside the swimming pool and…”

“…and some boy of your class pushed you to the deeper side of the water.you survived but that kid was suspended for a month”he finished sadly.

“Ya..but how do you know that?”

“Because I am that same boy”he sighed.”and I am extremely sorry for that”he said looking down at his fingers nervously.

I couldn’t stop myself from smiling.

“Oh come on it is fine.”I said comforting him.

He shot his head up smiling back at me.

“I will rectify my mistake now”

I glared at him giving him a I-AM-SO-NOT-INTERESTED look.

“Come on swara,I will teach you how to swim.trust me you would love it”he stated.

I hesitated a bit and started biting my lower lip.

And with this a hand encircled me and I saw prateek was carrying me in his arms.

I couldn’t help but my eyes were on the verge of coming out of my sockets.

“Wwwhat are you doing prateek?Please let me down I can walk”

“I know where you will walk,back to the sunbed right?”I encircled my hands up to his neck.I liked the ride though.

“Hey guys what’s going on”said vani wriggling her brows.

“Just mending my previous sins”replied prateek as he carried me to the shore.


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