[email protected] (part-11)

Chapter 11

Oh no! What should I do now,I don’t even know who is the man in front of me.
I kept my trembling hands in his.
I was hell nervous and I guess he knew that.I didn’t want to spoil my first kiss like this.
At least I should know who he is.I tried to sneak from the stoll by squeezing my eyes up and down.
“No Cheating anyone!” exclaimed Ragini.
I think she caught me.I internally groaned and cursed my luck when suddenly he swung his arms across me and captivated me in his arms.
I calmed myself down and my mind gave me an idea.
I kept my hands over his arms and tried to feel ,with my hands and figure out who the person in front of me is.

I must be looking really awkward while doing this.
Okay so this pupil has strong muscles.I think this can be either Manik,karan,Prateek or sanskar.
I was sure this was not ajay.Since Ajay was not a ‘gym person’.
Now coming to the height this one’s tall but standing straight,this could be either Prateek or sanskar. Since karan and manik always stand in a leaning posture.
That’s getting tough now.who’s it? Think swara think.
But before I could even figure out who he was.He softly caught me by my waist and gave a soft peck under my lower lip.He didn’t kiss me over my lips.
“Okay come on guys now remove your cloth.
Did ragini thought we actually kissed?
I was all red even due to this small peck and I didn’t want to confront this man anyhow.
I tried opening the knot of my stoll but Ragini had tied it as if she wanted to captivate my eyes.
While I was struggling with that this person helped me with opening it.
“Oh I am sorry.It seems to be tight.isn’t it?”said ragini goofily.
I cursed her internally and my knot opened.
I turned around to figure out that person.

Oh so prateek it was…I sighed in relief as we didn’t kiss actually.
I turned my head around to see ‘who got whom?’.But they had scattered already.
So I knew only one thing-That my partner was Prateek.
Everyone was patting vani’s back for her extraordinary idea.

We were heading to go back to the hotel when suddenly someone said in one of my ear-”you shiver much.”
I widened my eyes and looked back to find-sanskar? But wasn’t prateek my partener.
“Hh-how do you know that?”
“Why won’t I ?you were trembling as if someone is going to eat you up”replied sanskar with a smirk.
“I uh…I thought Prateek was my partener..you were?”
“Yes any doubt? Anyways I had a great time teasing you”he said winking.I hit his arm playfully.
“Anyways thanks..”I said looking down and walking.
“For what?”
“You know for what.”
“Oh please don’t mention that.I just knew that you are not that type”
“What type?”I asked looking deep into his eyes.His eyes were really addicting.I could stare them all day.

“Heyaa…let’s go sanskar or do you want to continue with that stupid game”said kavita angrily pulling sanskar by his arm.
“This type…”sanskar mumbled so that only I could hear.
I smiled and shifted my gaze to an angry kavita.
I turned to her and with the same attitude with which I scolded her a few nights back and asked her”what? Weren’t you the one who was super excited for this game?”
“whatever …”she said pulling sanskar to come with her.

“Bye!” said sanskar while leaving.
“Ya bye!”I waved my hand and went to be with my best man.
Guys did you forget who it is?
Of course MY SLEEP!! 😛

Hello! Sorry for being late.anyways how did you like this one?

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