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Hello! this is CCDKFC and welcome back to “[email protected]” .I read the comments and thank you so much for them. love you guys.here you have the part 1.ENJOY!
Another hectic day and again I am tired like hell. Even though I am pursuing my dream that is a computer software engineer still my favorite thing if anyone asks me will be sleeping…sleeping and more sleeping. It was just that I needed a break not a leave from the office but a big grand holiday at an isolated place or so with no one around just me with a good book.
I reached my home at 5:30 in the morning…yes, I go on graveyard shifts. I pressed the doorbell and my mother opens the door, normally by this time she is awake. I greeted her with a smile and after that head straightly to the room. I am so tired, please let me sleep.
My mother came in my room with a mug of coffee and breakfast.
Mom-“how was your night shona?”
Oh did I forgot to introduce myself to you guys…here it goes—–
Hello! My is swara kapoor and I love sleeping :P….err….I mean I am a software engineer and I am 24 years old girl who Is a shy and an introvert girl whose life has no excitements. Yes I find myself really boring but those who know me enjoy my company.(weird people I tell you)
“Tiring Mom”-I replied.
“Mom I don’t want to have anything except coffee and some merry sleep”said I…..oh god let me sleep naa
mom-“okay…so at this time nothing can excite you right?”
swara-“YES…now let me sleep…” I said covering myself with the sheets.
mom-“Not even a letter from your best friend? Okay then sleep and have a goodnight…”
“NO…wait what…what did you say ’ A letter from my best friend’ o_O are you talking about….Ragini”
“yes” she replied.
“there was a courier on your name Its kept on the dining table”-said mom
All my sleep went away OMG Ragini one of my best friends had sent a courier and that too after 6 long years. I immediately ran to the dining area and opened the courier.
“Ragini weds tanuj”
It read out. Oh my god was she really marrying and whose this tanuj.
How was it? good bad whatever comment down below what you feel like. AND should I continue?

Credit to: ccdkfc

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