Hii every one….here is ur salluzz again with a one shot story…..while reading the title, if u r confused dont worry SWASAN:BEST COUPLE,

dont worry guys, its not a triangle love….so read it and enjoy…..im sure, once u read it, u will be proud..atleast one will think that, I need a family like this…..so r u ready…..

At badi:

Our beautiful swara is sleeping on the couch…her head to toe is covered with blanket…a lady is continuesly calling her…

Sumi:shona…plz get up beta…see some are here to see u

Swara:(only sound) maa..plz…ask them to sit naa…u knw naa i will only get a leave on sunday..so leave me

She again sleeps

Sumi turns and finds ap and sujatha there

Sumi:jii…dont mistake her..she is like this only

Sujatha; dont worry sumi jii

Sumi turns to swara

Sumi:plz beta..atleast change ur dress…I said yesterday naa a family is coming to see u

Swara:so what maa..whats the need of changing dress…will they choose daughter in law by looking at dress…no naa…


Swara:let me finish maa….I dont want anyone to select me just seeing outer beauty…I love the way I am..and I cant change myself for them…so when u come describe this to them

Sumi keeps her hand in head

Swara:are u hearing maa

Ap nodes

Swara:ur sound seems different…ahh mo problem..so listen, they should not ask me to quit job, they should consider me as friend like u look me…I need a caring
Brother like my lucky…he should trust me as my lucky trust me….more over no one should question me regarding my friendship with him..I knw this society will always oppose a relationship between 2 friends…and will badmouth them..bt they should not do it..after all lucky is more precious for me than anything….write this this all in a book, and when they come show it..

Swara’s phone rings

Swara:maa..plz put it in speaker

Sumi does so


Laksh:how are u my shonu

Swara:why are u not coming hete

Laksh:u knw naa…today my family is going to see a girl for my bhai

swara:lol..for that kadoos…

Laksh:dont call him kadoos

Swara:I will call him like that only….and ur bhabhi will always torture u like hell and u will be begging to free u…

Laksh:what! Is this a way to bless my family

Swara:ofcouse lucky…in that situation what will u do

Laksh:I will come to ur house..and stay with u and maa

Swara:wow…then what about ragini

Laksh:we will luve there peacefully

Ap and su were admiring their friendship&cofusd wit ragini

At tht time sanskr reches inside

He stood there

Laksh:u can come to my house naa as my bhabhi…

Swara:lucky..not again..I dont want that kadoos

Laksh:dont call him kadoos

By that time laksh reaches there and is shocked to see sanskar car

Laksh:(may ne some meetings)

He goes inside

Swara; ur brother is a kadoos only..and u r a dumpo mr laksh maheswary…u and ur brother sanskar maheswary go to hell

M wer shcked to hre ths
Sanskar looks on

Laksh get inside and calls

Laksh:shonaa…im here..

Swara takes away her blanket

Sanskar is mesmerised seeing her

Swara didnt notice anyone

Swara hugs him


Both turns and finds maheswary

Laksh:(casual) bhai..maa..what are u doing here

Swara:so this is ur kadoo

She realises…

She beats her head..laksh too understand the situation

Swalak looks each other

Swara:we are gone





both holds their hands and runs outside….

Where as sujatha and ap was controlling their laughs

Sumi:so lucky is laksh

Ap nodes

Sumi:ohh I see….actually they are like this only….dont understimate

Sujatha:no sumi jii…infact, we liked their friendship, if it was some other boy also we could not have any problem..and we lucky that swara and laksh share such a beautiful relationship

Sumi:I will call shonaa…let is talk with her

She calls swara

Sujatha calls laksh and ask him to come with swara

With hesitation swalak comes


Ap:what maa

Laksh pouts

Swara:im sorry aunty…actually lucky I mean laksh doesnt do anything naa

Ap:we didn’t said naa

Swara:what if u said now…its a bail

Sujatha:swara…we came here to see u naa…

Swara:now I knw aunty..actually this duffer didn’t say anything..

Laksh:like if I said, u will come in lehenga naa

Swara glares him

Laksh:I knw if I said u will elope frm here..bt what to do even I didn’t knw about it

Sujatha:swara…do u want to talk anything to sanskar…I mean its ur life naa

Sumi also agreed

At swara’s room

Sanskar was looking angrily at swara

Swara:dont looke like that…im not lucky to get afraid on ur looks??

Sanskar:what u have called me

Swara:I didnt call u naa…I just call lucky brother as kaddos….

Sanskar:u r impossible

Swara:thanks for the compliment mr sanskar maheswary……

Sanskar:when did kadoos become sanskar maheswary

She shows some face expressionSanskar smiles seeing this…..

Sumi:ap jii…I think u completely knw about her

Ap:she is best…

Sumi:even if u say no to this proposal I dont have any problems

Sujatha:we will inform u

All leaves

They comes out

Sanskar finds Swalak hiding behind the tree

Ap too notices this

Then comes to them

Swalak sees them and smiles


Su:who is ragini

Laksh looks at swara in anger

Laksh:u only tell them naa?

Swara:u started it naa

Laksh:no only u….because of u they come to knw…

He takes a cup frm near by bucket and pours it on swara

Swara was fuming in anger

Swara:lucky’s maa..will u mind if I finish this duffer

Sujatha:carry on

Swara:u duffer how dare u to pour water on me…..

She takes another cup and pours on him

All were enjoying…badi people too comes there

Lady:again started

Su:does this happens everyday

Lady; every hour

Swalak are running behind each other….

Sumi comes out

Sumi:swara…laksh…enough….ohh god..at which time I thought of giving birth to this jhansi raani

Laksh:26th October 1992 at 5:00

Swara:no its 4:00

Again they started to fight

Sumi:at 4:30…enough na…now stop


She goes inside

Laksh:??(now who will save me frm them)

Laksh msg beebs

sanskar sees swara signing something to laksh

Laksh reads the msg


Laksh acts like getting a call…

Meanwhile swara comes in her formal dress and takes scooty

She slowly goes

Laksh jumps on it and both flee away

Sanskar smilesAll leaves…

At maheswary mansion

Ap:she is best…

Sanskar:she is pagal

Sujatha:then y were u smiling seeing her

Sanskar keeps silent

Sanskar:from where u got her

Sujatha:in a mall


swara and ragini was in mall..they were shopping for a dress…

Sujatha and ap.was there too

Swara sees a dress…

Swara:wow…laddo..see that naa….I will buy that only..I just loved it

She was smiling happily

Ap and su notices this as they wete near to them

Swara ask them to pack when a girl comes and ask her parents to get that dress

She was very admant in it

Manager:we have already sold that

Girl:so what…I need it

She start to cry

Swara goes to manager and ask him to take it back

Swara:I will choose another one

Ragini:bt u loved it naa

Swara:haa laddo…bt when we give our loved things to others we will feel much happy..thats it and god will give more blessing to me

Manager:only some can think like this beta….

Swara smiles

While going

Manager:beta…actually we got one spare piece also

Swara:wow red..my favt

She buys that

Swara:I said naa laddo…

Both happily leaves


Sanskar:is this ur reason

Sujatha:only some of the whole people can think like that..by seeing her happiness at first, we could easily figure it out that, she loved that..bt she gives it away….


At last sanskar agrees to marriage due to pressure…

So they again goes to badi for finilising it

At badi..

Swara comes home and hugs sumi
Swara:maaa…..laddo won..she is the topper….so I need to give something to her..give me 100 rupees…

Sumi:cant u buy something with ur own money

Swara nodes no

Sanskar hears this

Sanskar:(I think she is a kanjus) she cant even take a 100 rupee

Swara goes out…

She calls all children of badi

She didn’t see sanskar

Girl:dii…why are u always asking money frm sumi aunty…

Boy:ehh girl…dont question my dii


She calls ragini and laksh there

And all are having ice cream from badi

Laksh:shonaa…spent some more money naa

Ragini:whats the need…

Laksh:else, she will become a kanjus

Swara:guys..dont worry..u all knw my dream naa…so I need to have some money..

Laksh:bt u r using just 10% naa…..remaining 90 u r depositing

Swara:lucky..20000 is enogh for me and my maa…so chill

Sanskar:means her salary is 2,00,000..my god….what is her dream then..

Ragini:im here to support u shona…..I will be the permanent dr of ur orphanage

Laksh:I will ne managing partner

Kids:we will help u dii….

Swara smiles

Sanskar:ohh I thought bad about her,she is unique

Swara goes inside the house with laksh

Ap:swara….were are happy with marriage

Swara opens her mouth in shock

Where as laksh was smiling

Laksh;; lol…u cursed me that ur bhabhi will ne like this like that..now see…u r going to be my bhabhi…mrs shona kadoos

Sanskar glares at him


Swara:waise lucky..do u like to have laddo…..(she stretches the word)
Sumi understand that


Laksh:I dont want laddo

Swara; what!…….(again stretching the word loudly so that ragini can hear her) lucky whaaaat aaaaare u sssaaaying…u ddddont waaaant lllllllaaaaaddddo

Laksh glares at her

ragini hears this and msg laksh

“Then I dont want u too”

Sujatha:whats happening swara

Swara:u knw aunty..someone

Before she could say further laksh closes her mouth and drags her out

Sumi:she was taking about ragini

Sujatha:haa…sumi jii…ragini is a nice girl naa

Sumi:haa…now she is final year mbbs…she was the topper, that party was held outside……she is very good ap jii…I could say, more than my shona…

After sometimes they all leaves…

Before going sanskar looks at her and smiles….

At night

Swara:maa…im not ready for marriage

Sumi was shoked

Sumi:shona..u knw naa, I raised u all alone as a single parent….that family is infact very nice naa…they dont have anuy problem with ur and laksh relation…then y are u not agreeing

Swara was silent

Sumi:agree beta…..else society will taunt my upbringing

Swara recalls sanskar and finally she agree for the marriage….

Swara:kk maa…im ready to marry him…I dont have any problems in it…

Sumi wipes her tears and hugs her

sumi:only good will happen with u shona….im sure after this marriage u willbe happy for ever

Swara nodes

Next morning…

Swara was going to office

At road

She dashed with sanskar car
(Mistake was his only)

Swara yelled at him

Swara:Tum…u gave u the licence…..

Sanskar:im sorry

Swara:who needs ur sorry…because of u see my hands are bleeding

Sanskar:it was ur mistake only

Swara:what the hell…u dashed with me and now blaming me…u r kadoos only….

Sanskar holdd her hand..and takes his curcheief and bandage it to her

Sanskar:im so sorry

Swara; koy bat nai

Sanskar:par mein tum se sorry bulaya tha ne..par tum muje maaf nai karti

Swara:kyunki…iss samay mein tum hare ankho par sachch dekha…..

Saying she leaves

Sanskar too goes to her office

At office

Swara was thinking about sanskar

Swara:does I did wrong by accepting the marrige…ehh bagwan..plz save me…..

A boy comes there


Swara:haa rajat….how are u

Rajat:dii..im absolutely fine..and I decided to help baba in office works…where is he
Swara:vatsal uncle is in conference room…before that I need to ask u something…will u say the truth

Rajat:haa dii..I cant lie to u..because this life is only given by u….

Swara:what actually happened at college….can u remember anything

Rajat:no dii…dont make me recall that incident, only because of that my love leaves me…..

Swara consoles him

Swara:rajat…kuch nai hua naa…see aaj sub kuch teek he…so my dear bro just chill

Rajat:dii…will she evrr forgive me

Swara:the pain u gave is inside her heart..it will take time to heal…..im here naa

That time vatsal comes there


Swara:haa uncle

Vatsal:sumi called me and inform me about ur wedding
Swara became sad hearing that….

Vatsal:im very happy beta…he deserves u….u two are made for each other……may god bless u

Swara gives a fake smile

Vatsal:all files are ready naa

Swara:haa uncle..this time also, we will get tendor..that maheswary will again loss…


Swara:I knw u have a soft corner with him

Vatsal:because he is like my son…I have make him walk on this business field

Swara:then what u got sir..just a name of betrayal…a cheater, that too frm him

Vatsal:dont point towards him beta….there is some misunderstanding between khanna’s and maheswary….I wish I could solve that all and agaim I can join hands with them

Swara:I can try uncle..bt for god sake, dont utter that sanskar name..thats it…I dont knw y..I think I need some time

Vatsal:anyways..how is laksh..I didnt see him

Swara:lucky has gone for interview….

Vatsal:y cant he work with us…he really deserves it naa

Swara:u knw him naa uncle..he got many jobs frm abroad…bt he is admant that he will only join in kolkata…im fed up with him

Vatsal:then ragini

Swara:I forgot to say uncle..ragini has topped this year also..so by next year she would become a dr….

Vatsal:ha I knw, and in future ragini laksh ryt my swara

Swara:ofcoruse uncle….

Vatsal:ha…prepare for design…u need to defeat sanskar naa

Saying he winks at her

Swara:uncle plz

Vatsal:he will be proud that his would be wife defeating him

Swara:who have best talent will win sir….
At auditorium

Host:now the best young business tycoon award goes to mr sanskar maheswary….

Sanskar comes and receive the award…girls cheer for him

Host:now I cal upon miss swara bose to receive the award from mr sanskar maheswary

Both looks at each other

Swara:thanks a lot…im dedicating this award to my teacher my inspiror and well knw my boss vatsal khanna…without u I cant even stand hete uncle..thanks a lot

Hearing this sanskar fumes in anger…

Aliya (pa of sanskar):hello miss swara…did u see our boss have won the award of best business man

Swara was pissed of hearing this

Swara:ohh hello…listen carefully…its clearly said that, the award is for young business man…not for overall..so dont be happy

Aleesha:hey u..u dont knw who am I

Swara:u r a human naa

Aliya and aleesha keeps silent…since they cant counter back swara

Sanskar here it…..


At badii…

Swara comes with the momento…

Swara hugs sumi

Swara:I got it maa….yippeee

Sumi:im very much happy beta…u fullfilled ur baba last wish…

Swara:dont me emotional mother india..its time for celebration.

Sumi:call laksh and ragini

Swara dials laksh number

Sanskar takes that and puts in speaker

All family are present there

Sanskar sighs laksh to speak

Laksh:hii shonaa

Swara:lucky….u know I got the award


Swara:what happened lucky..ur sound seems disturbed…r u kk

Ap and su look at each other

Laksh:im fine shona…

Swara:u knw who gives the
Prize..ur one and only bhai..that kadoos…..that dumpo fool

Maheswary was controlling hard to not to laugh

Sanskar was fuming in anger


Swara:I knw u wont like the way I call him..bt atleast he could have smiled at me naa…bt he didnt..I think u even dont knw how to smile, how u r tolerating that kadoos

Laksh:we can talk about it later shona

Swara:no..I dont like keeping anything pending…..listen todag come to badi, maa has prepared many things for us and ha dont worry ur laddi is also there

Laksh looks at his maa


Swara; I knw u must be blushing naa…ahha…lol very funny…..and ya dont forget to bring my gift…I need a big choclate…

Laksh:ha I will…..

Swara:I think ur kadoos brother is there with u naa..

Laksh:haa shona…..

Swara:ask him to go to hell

Sanskar:if im going to hell, then u will also ne there with me

Swara:lucky..how ur sound become this much arrogant…

Sanskar:lucky nai..its ur kadoos

Swara drops the phone in shock…..

Swara takes it back


swara cuts the call and throws it

Whereas maheswary were burst into laughing including sanskar…..

Sanskar:(laughing) laksh..does she have any mental stability..im sure that she have some problem

Laksh:its all because of u naa..who ask I to put the phone in speaker….

Ap:so what..we can see sanskar smiling like

This naa….I wonder from where she get this ideas

Sujatha:jiji..im wondering about swara…what will ne she feeling

Laksh:dont underestimate shona…she might be In washroom ryt now..washing her face continuesly…and blaming all

Yes, laksh was ryt…swara is in washroom

She is washing her face continusly

swara:how fool u r shona…u call him kadoos and dumpo that too he heard..u r a fool shona…..

She comes out and finds laksh already there

Swara glares at him

Swara goes and holds his collar

Swara:u idiot fool…how u become like this..seriously u r a dumpo..how can u do this to me..u dufer…at least u can cut the call naa….bt u didnt….I feel like killing that kadoos..I wont leave him…..u all are fool not u bt ur bhai..he doesn’t have any manners…how can he take ur phone…blo*dy fool..business tycoon..

Laksh signs her something

Swara:what the

she turns back and finds sanskar standing there with his hands crossed over chest

Swara smiles

swara:haa lucky..u r ryt..ur bhai naa..he is not kadoos..je is so sweet naa..in fact only u r dumpo not him…

Laksh was shocked to hear thos frm her…till now she was bad mounting sanskar bt now totaly opposing it….

laksh:only u can do it shonaa

Sumi comes there

Sumi:sanskar laksh..come..when did u reach

Sanskar:about an hour ago

Swara closes her eyes

Swara:it means he heard everything(mermers)

Sanskar:ofcourse I have two ears..and that are almost sharp

Swara gives him a smile showing 32 teeth out

Swara:haa jii…come na…let’s have our food sanskaaaaar jjjjiiiii..maa has specially made for his jamai…come on jjjiiiiiii

She was stretching each line

Sanlak are shocked to see her behavior….

Laksh:bhai..beware…she is upto something…..

Sanskar; I knw Laksh…else they will not be such sugar in her talkings

Ragini also comes there and sees laksh

Ragini didnt mind him


Ragini:who laddo…some one said that, he dont like laddo

Laksh:I said about laddu naa…

Ragini; laddo or laddu..

She turns her face and shows thumps up to swara

Swara smirks

At dining table..

Swalak are sitting together..ragsan opposite to them

Sumi comes there…

Swara:maa..today I will serve food to everyone…after all I should do it in their house also naa

Sumi eyes were wide open to see swara like this

Swara goes inside and takes the food

She serves to all…

All started to have food

While sanlak coughs due to mote spicy and salt..they eyes where filled with tearsLaksh was about take water

Swara:no lucky…its not good to have water in between food

Swara smirks

Sumi:beta..u don’t like the food

Sanskar:(controlling) ha mam..its very very tasty

Swara:ohh I see..then have some more sir…maa u go I will serve them….amd laddo serve to lucky naa

Both started to torcher sanslak……

They were out of control now…

Ragini feels bad by seeing laksh coughing

she gives him water and for sanskar too…..

Both drinks it bt they were not satisfied….

They drink more water….

After sometime….

Sanlak goes to balcony…

Laksh was glaring at ragini..His face were turned into pale

Swara comes to Laksh with water

Swara:take this…u will feel better…..

Laksh:u brutas

Swara:punishment for keeping phone in speaker and making my head down infrnt of ur family


Swara gives it to him and rans to room

She finds sanskar there with moist eyes

Swara feels sorry for him

She goes to him with a glass of water

Swara keeps it in table

Swara:im sorry ji…I didnt thought that it will effect u two….im really sorry…

She was holding her ears…

Sanskar sees this through mirror

she takes the glass and gibes it to him

Bt he didnt take that

swara:if u drink this, u will feel better jii….Im su

Before she could complete it,,sanskar kisses her lips and holds her bith hands

She was about to shout when he enters his tongue imside or mouth….

He releases after some time

sanskar:I will never get this satisfaction if I drink thos water….

He winks at her

Swara stands there numb

Swara:how dare he…wait I think, I did a mistake by asking him sorry….

Next morning

Swara sleep gets disturbed by phone call



She immediately gets up

Swara:ha maa..how are u

Ap:we are fine…swara, we need to take some dresses for u..so will u come to mall else, if u like to go in any shop, we will come there

Swara thinks something

Swara:haa maa..u come to market road

At market road

Swara glares
At sanskar

Swara:maa come..this way

They reaches a shop..it was not any mall bt just a one room shop…

She greets the man

Ap and su takes some dress for her whereas sanskar was feeling hot….

They take 2 dress for swara..swara takes dress for everyone saying its their ritual

Swara pays the money whereas sanskar pays money for swara’s 2 dress

The man’s eyes were filled with tears….

Man folds his hand

Man:swara beta…

Swara:susheel kaka..its my wedding, so u should come kk..I will inform u date

Susheel:u r not lying naa

Swara smiles

She gets a call and makes excuse and leaves frm there

Sujatha:why u ask her like that

Susheel:u all

Ap:my son marrying her

Susheel:u all are very lucky mam…because of her my one daughter get married and now she bought all dress not for anyone bt just to help him


Susheel:last time I was having much Loss, that time she and her frnds comes here and purchase almost all dress saying its her wedding…with that profit, I married my daughter to a good man and now also she came to help me..u all are very lucky….

Ap:our selection is best

All goes out and swara too comes there


Swara nodes

In car

Sujatha:swara…how u got laksh as ur friend

Swara:even I dont knw maa….everything happens within seconds..our meeting friendship ragi..

she stops


Swara nodes

At badii

As sujatha ap was about to go inside, they find a girl with traditional dress

Ap:swara..who is this

Swara:she is ragini

Sujatha:jiji..I think she is cultured girl….

Sumi welcomes them inside..

Everything was finalised….

At marriage day

Swara comes down with a white lehenga and accessories…anyone can fall for her charm

Wedding was done beautifully….during bidaai swara didnt ever cry

Lady:u r not crying swara

Swara smilea

swara:y should I aunty..im not goinh forever..when my maa needs me I will there with her..hey naa maa

Sumu nodes with teary eyes

At maheswary

Sujatha did her gruhapravesh

Laksh was pulling her legs and teasing her…..

At room:

Swara was sitting in the middle of bed with a veil

Swara:what the need if this veil..ohh god I dont understand the couples have already seen each other then y

Before saying that sanskar comes inside and locks the door

Swara jumbs frm the bed

Sanskar:what are doing..im not going to eat u

Swara:sorry jii

Sanskar:I knw u agreed thos marriage for their sake..so I will not force u

Swara face become bright with a big smile

swara:thanks alot

She jumbs in happiness and both dozed off

Next morning

Ap gives swara a saree and ask her wear that

while trying saree it accidentally cought fire by candles

Sanskar sees this and pulls her pallu

Sanskar:cant u see fire

Swara:wo.i..i..didnt see it

Sanskar understand that she was so scared so sanskar hugs her

swara:dont say this to anyone..They will feel bad, even though im not comfortable in saree I couldnt resist them bt if u say this incident, then they will curse themselve

He nodedSwara’s mukh dikhayi….

Swara was about to come out when she finds a women

Swara:ohh god…what is this (she pouts)

Sujatha:what happened chore

Swara:maa..see that aunty naa…today she will insult me..u just see


Swara nodes

Ap and sujtha brings Swara to hall

Every one lifts her veil and give gifts..and prises her beauty

The aunty comes there

Swara was scared…

She lifts her veil and is shocked to find swara


Swara was scared..she closes her eyes in fear

Ap:sulojana jii

She goes to happy

Sulo:is she ur daughter in law

Ap nodes

Sulo:u r very lucky to have her

Swara looks at her in shock

Sulo:u thought that I will insult u naa

Swara nodes

Ap:how u knw swara

Sulo:she is my neighbour…and every morning she and her friends will come and pluck the mangoes that too without my permission….bt the thing is that, she will keep half amount at my gate…..at first I dont like it….bt day by day I waited for her, because no one was there with me in that house. ..all used to think that its a haunted house..bt swara comea there…I knw she pluck the mangoes not for her bt for the street children..hey naa swara

Swara just nodes innocently

Sulo:ap jii…Im sure that, she will always keep u happy…she will nevr leave ur hands in any situation…u r very lucky to have her….

Swara:u came here to bless me naa..not to make me cry…

Sulo; I will make u cry..ur lucky is not there to scold me na


Sulo turns and findLaksh there


Laksh:im here only aunty..and dont make my bhabhi cry

Sulo:bhabhi..it means


Sulo; u r very lucky laksh..see u dont want to be away with swara naa…

Swalak looks at each other

All bless swara and moves out

At night:

Swara was thinking about all her past

Swara gets a call

Swara:hii laddo

Ragini:shona…how are u..how was ur day

Swara:im katty with u..u didn’t come naa…

Ragini:im sorry shonaa…u knw naa..my exams

Swara:haa haa..I knw…..



Ragini:how is

Swara:my devar

Ragini blushes

swara:u will be blushing naa…dont worry lucky is somewhere here…..

Ragini:ask him to call me

Swara:y cant u call him

Ragini:no no..I will not..its bad habit

Swara:so good habit is that he can call u


Swara:first and last time


They talk many things….

After that she hangs the phone

Sanskar comes there

Swara stands up

Sanskar:how was mukh dikhai

Swara:u just missed it…

Sanskar:its wife’s ritual..not mine…..

Swara:ha ha..don’t forget that both husband and wife have equal ryts in all even if its ritual or anything….

Sanskar:I need to talk u something related to ur job

Swara nodes.

Sanskar:swara, u r working under khanna’s naa

Swara:haa jii

Sanskar:then resign that job and join maheswary

(She was shocked)Sanskar:u very well knw that, khanna’s are our rivals in business…and im sure if that vatsal gets to knw that u r married to me, then he will think that, u will spy on them and cheats them…so better resign

Swara:what u said is cent percent sure jii…bt I cant resign…because, if I resign now, they will think that I will cheat them..because ryt now we have a design and its going to be presented on tendor..so its good that I stay there only..im sure uncle will understand me and u will only ask me to join ur company

Sanskar was really proud of her thoughts


Swara:haa…I calls vatsal uncle and moreover he comsider me as his own daughter

Sanskar:they are our rivals swara

Swara:jii…we all are humans, we will surely commit a mistake, it doesn’t mean that we will be their rivals till death….its our life jii..we should maximum enjoy and also should live happily by loving amd forgiving everyone

Sanskar:do u prefer that I will forget that khanna’s cheating….no swara..u r mistaken…

Swara:I dont have the ryt to interfear in ur personal things..its upto u, whether to forgive him or not….anyways im with uncle only..with these years experience im sure that he cant do any mistake that too with u, who consider u as a son

Sanskar:it means im lying, we are bad and he is best

Swara:haa..this is ur problem..u Will never try to knw the full truth, instead by hearing half u will do tandav…anyways im sleepy..so good night

She goes to bed cover head to toe with blanket…..

Sanskar was lost in her thoughts

Sanskar:what if mr vatsal is ryt….he was my lecturer, he thought me everything…bt still I believe that he is wrong, at the same time I cant understand anything….

He too goes and sleeps on other side

Next morning

Sujatha comes there to call swara..

the door was opened…

She was shocked to see, swara and sanskar sleeping at each side of bed

Sujatha hits her head

Sujatha:hey bagwan…it means they didnt even start their relationship…what is this god..how can I ask them about it..anyways lets discuss it with jiji….

Sujatha goes to ap and said everything

Ap:sujatha..we cant force them in a relationship…they must have decided to give themselves a chance…dont worry

Sujatha:what if both don’t like each other…im really scared jiji

Ap:sujatha…dont worry…they knw each only for days naa…both said yes for marriage, for sake of family..so they need some time to adjust…im sure everything will be fine…so trust in god

Sujatha:eh bagwan..olz help my children…..also give some responsibility to my laksh also….

Ap smiles

At swasan room

Swara gets up from her peaceful sleep….

It looks at the time, its alredy 7:00

Swara:ohh god…by 9:00 I should reach office na

Swara quickly goes to washroom..after after half an hour comes back and moves to wakeup sanskar..

Swara shakes him

Swara:jii….its already 7:30..u r going to office naa

Sanskar slowly opens his eyes and is mesmerised seeing his wife ryt infront of him with a smile in her face

Swara again shakes him and he comes back to sense

He also moves to washroom and bothcomes down

After that both moves to their respective office

Sanskar by car and swara by bus

Sanskar already said that he will drop her bt she is admant and goes by bus….

She reaches her office

While checking phone, she accidentally dials sanskar no. And he lifts it…

He didnt get any answer so he was about to cut the call when he hears swara talking with vatsal

Swara; uncle

She takes the blessing

Vatsal:may god bless u and sanskar

Swara:uncle, u didn’t even come to my marriage naa

Vatsal; if I would have come there, sanskar would be angry and um sure that he must have asked u to resign job naa

(Sanskar is listening all this)

Swara nodes

Vatsal:we cant badmouth him..its all my fate…bt I wish, if dp could have trusted me

Swara:dont worry uncle…everything will be okk…only truth will win atlast naa

Vatsal:beta…I have bought a small gift for u both

He shows it

It is a ring and a watch

Swara:wow..its ao beautiful…bt I cant take this uncle…if he comes to knw that u have given then

Vatsal:I knw him naa..after he was my best student..im really proud of him…he reaches this place with his hard work naa.beta..u keep it with u..a time will come, that time he takes it
Sanskar was really sad, one side he was happy that swara knws him well, other side he thinks that vatsal is innocent

Just them a boy comes there

Boy:swara dii

Hearing his voice Sanskar was both angry as well as scared


rajat hugs swara….

Rajat:I missed u dii…

Vatsal:beta…I should thanku for returninh back my son..if u werr not there, by the te I would have lost him forever


Rajat:papa…it was all past..I accept I haven’t respected any women, I played with them..I used drugs..bt now im not that rajat papa…Im really changed…..
(By time u could have understand naa, why sanskar was having fear)

Vatsal:I knw beta….

Vatsal goes


Swara:I knw rajat, y must be asking about uthara naa

Sanskar clutches his hands

Rajat nodes

Swara:she is fine…

Rajat:I wish I could have asked forgiveness from her…u knw dii..how much I love her

Swara:I knw rajat..bt what u did was wrong..ur aim was to get uthara’s love, bt for that u played with her naa…u harassed her..it cant be forgiven…..

Rajat:dii..u said naa, our path is not important bt our aim is important…

Swara:it doesn’t mean that, we can walk on wrong path to achieve our aim…

Rajat:I knw dii..bt what I did was very bad..I knw if u dont Come on time, I would have…

Swara; (interepted) rajat leave it….the thing is that, even if I cant forgive u, uthara has forgiven u long ago

Sanskar is shocked


Swara nodes

Swara:she needs time rajat..give her own time..

Rajat:I will wait till my death dii..now I have reason for living…

Swara smiles

Sanskar:what…uthara still loving that blo*dy bastard who played with her dignity…andwhat the hell swara supporting him…..

Sanskar cuts the call and again calls her

Sanskar:where are u


Sanskar:mmm….today I will come to pick u…


Sanskar:I said…no more arguments…its final


Sanskar cuts the call

Sanskar:ohh god, y im feeling very much possessive about her….rajat…I cant let swara stay with a devil like him…he may take advantage of her innocence…..even though he is calling swara as dii, no no…I should be carefull…I will never let anything happens to swara…I should also find about uthara

Just then he hears a knock at door

Sanskar; come in

A girl comes there with exposed dress


Her way of talking were like seducing him

Sanskar; yes miss kharir

Girl:sir..its my surname naa..call me aleesha…it suits and I love to hear it frm u

Sanskar:dont over react…ur job is to assist me not to seduce me…..hope its clear…where is aliya


Sanskar:have u sent design to tendor centre….

Aliya:yes sir….

Sanskar:good….u two leave

Aliya:sir dont get me wrong, we cant win over khanna


Aliya:yes sir…their designs will be marvelous…we cant even imagine about swara’s design….so dont hope more Sir

Sanskar unknowingly smiles

Sanskar:lets see…u too may leave…..

Both leaves

At tendor office

All company representatives are seated along with board members

Sanskar too was there

Swara comes to the office with laksh

Laksh:shonaa…all the best..im sure that ur design will be best….


Laksh:im saying the truth only…anyways come lets go

On the way swara mistakenly hits with aliya and aleesha and juice drops on aleesha’s dress

Swara:im so sorry

Aleesha:eh u…because of u, look my dress is spoiled

Swara:it was my mistake


Aliya:ehh swara…dont u feel boring to walk with this jobless boy…..and calling him lucky..he is really unlucky to family..good for nothing

Laksh felt bad hearing that…

Laksh:what u said is correct only…bt it doesn’t mean that im good for nothing…shona, u go….they will be waiting for u

Laksh was very sad that even his eyes were moist

Sanskar hears this all as he comes out for a call…he cant do anything as there were many people

Here swara goes to rajat

Swara:here are the design…i have a important work..so u should say that this design ia made by u..

Rajat:bt dii…how can I..where are u going..um sure u going for laksh naa

Swara nodes

swara:for ma..lucky is more important…so do as I say….

Sanskar hears this

Swara comes to aliya

Swara:dont u shame..how dare u to insult him..do u knw who he is….if u knw u would be trying to flirt with him..and yaa what u said, he is good for nothing naa..then listen, he got many appointment letters that too jobs frm abroad bt he didnt even say his family, because he love them..and if u ever try to defame my lucky..I wont spare u both

Sanskar was shocked hearing
He recalled how letters coming to laksh was seen in bin which tearinto pieces…

Sanskar too follows swara

Laksh was sitting at an empty bench, outside the office

Swara comes to him


Laksh:im unlucky shona…I dont deserve anything

Swara:who said u r unlucky…infact u r lucky…u knw naa, when ever u r with me, I feel like I can do that….see lucky..They are really fools, they were just looking at ur one weakness that is jobless bt they fail to see ur heart, u r the best lucky..even in friendship or family matters…u have suppressed ur happiness for the sake of ur family..u didn’t go to usa just because u thought that it will bring pain for ur family…now say are u lucky or unlucky

Laksh:bt shonaa…

Swara:y r u listening to their words….they were born as big flirt…..lucky…come, we should teach them a lesson

Laksh:just leave it

Swara:no..if they insulted me I could have forgiven, bt they insulted my lucky….u come with me…

They didn’t see sanskar there

Troi goes inside

Here rajat was giving the designs….

And the board memebers ask him to explain

Just then swara comes inside

Swara:sir…im his assistant..so shall I explain

Rajat was shocked

Sanskar understand that she was saving rajat frm insults

Swara explains well about yje designs…..

And they declared swara’s design as the best…
Outside the conference room

Rajat:its ur design dii

Swara:it maybe mine bt u deserve it…because I have seen u trying hard working for this….and if u look carefully u can find that even ur design are there in it…so u r the designer head


Swara:no bt…u should celebrate…we got this naa

Just then sanskar too comes there

By seeing rajat he was fuming in anger….

Swara senses this….

Swara goes to sanskarSanakar:congrats miss bose

Swara opens her mouth in shock

Sanskar smiles and goes

Swara frm back

Swara:thanks for the complement MR MAHESWARYY(she said it with more force)

Sanskar gives her a look

Laksh and swara was about to go when they hearing aliya and aleesha screaming

Sanskar understand that it must be done by swara

All reaches there and is shocked to find both of them bathed in paint that too with black colour

Laksh started laughing

Laksh:how shonaa

Swara:I just connected their engine with paint..and when tbey started their car, the engine vibrates, so to check that both devils get down and with in next 10 sec..it happens

Laksh:u r impossible

Swara:its their punishment for insulting my lucky…

Both drives off….

At maheswary

Sanskar was already there probably waiting for them

Laksh greets him…

Swara goes to room and changes dress and comes to hall…..

Everyone is angrily looking at swalak

Ap:what is this laksh..

She show the appointment letter which comes recently asking him to join abroad

Laksh:maa wo

Sujatha:do u think that we will be sad, if u go for ur job

Swalak looks at sanskar

Sanskar:dont look at me…i only informed them

Laksh:I dont like to go away frm u all

Ap:swara…even u also stand with him

Laksh:dont blame shona..its all because of me she didn’t say, when I got first letter I conceal it frm everyone even shona…bt she finds out and was about to call u bhai..bt I thretant her saying I will break friendship…so she hided this….
Sanskar:laksh..u knw naa..how much our maa, loves to see both of us in a nice position…

Laksh:bhai I knw..bt I promise once I got a job here..then I will join the company.

Saying he goes

Swara gets a call


Her phone falls down

Sanskar:(concerned) what happened swara


Swara rans from there and takea a taxi and leaves to hospital


Sanskar:mr vatsal khanna

Ap and sujatha stood there in shock

Sujatha:beta..go with swara

Sanskar leaves

He reaches hospital and finds swara talking to vatsal

Swara:uncle..whats this…I knw who did this….why cant u file a complaint uncle..this is 3rd time na

Sanskar too goes inside

Vatsal was very happy seeing sanskar..even swara was puzzled seeing him

Sanskar:wi..I..I came to see..whether swara is okk or not

Vatsal:im happy beta…atleast I could see u naa…..

After sometime swasan leaves

In car



Sanskar:how did that accident happened

Swara:(stammers) wo..that..ha.it was a accident…no.nothing More…

Sanskar applies the break

Sanskar:when did u start to say lie

Swara:(fumbles) I said truth only..it was accident only

Sanskar; I knw that…bt y the hell its happening 3rd time

Swara understand that he listened their convo

Swara:its already late….

Sanskar:so u will not answer

Swara:everything has its on time…when time comes u all will get to knw the truth, that time u will regret

Sanskar feels irritated

They reach home

Ap:how is he

Swara:he is fine maa..nothing to worry….

Sujatha:swara…come have food..ur favourite parata is here

Swara:wiw…..so yummmy

She runs to the dining table

Sanskar:this girl, sometime behaves like a immature girl else a bold girl, now a childish girl…ohh god…im sure, there will be only one piece of this girl…no one else will have this character…

Ap:what are u thinking sanskar…come..have ur food

He too have food and both goes to their room…

Next day….
At evning
Swara comes to maheshwary runing

Ap sujatha sanskar uthara were seated on couch..they were talking about some things

Swara runs

Swara:maaa….save me…he is ryt back of me

Saying swara hided back behind the couch

Where as maheshwary stood there confused

Suddenly a man enters

Man:swaraaa (shouting)

Swara closes her eyes…

Ap:who are u?? Is this a way to come to house.and y r u screaming my daughters name? Whats wrong with u?

Man:so u r swara’s mother..listen carefully maa…I love swara madly…bt she is not even looking at me…

Sanskar was fuming in anger

Sujatha and ap was shocked too

Man:my name is abhi..and I love her frm a long time…every time she escapes because of laksh…
Swaraaa come out..u dont knw how much I love u….

Sanskar:get out of my house

Abhi:be cool bro..I think u areu her brother….so better u give her hand to me….

Swara was continuesly praying……

Uthara feels to laugh

Uthara:(oh god, dont give this much blessing to any husband..lol that poor guy is asking bhabhi hand frm her husband)

Sujatha;lool boy…better u leave….and dont talk without knwing anything…how can u ask swara’s hand frm him

Abhi:I didnt came here for fighting..I need swara…and u all should agree for marriage

Sanskar holds his collar

Sanskar:whats the hell..dont u have any shame to ask the hand of a married girl

Abhi was shocked

Abhi:what!??swara, married..do u think I will believe u…

Sanskar goes and pulls swara from her hiding place..

Sanskar:is she, the one whom u want to marry

Abhi:yes…swara see, I have find out ur house naa….

Swara holds sanskar hand tightly

Swara:(with fear) see abhishek..I said im already married

Abhi:I will not believe u..u will anything just to prove urself..I knw very well….

Swara:im saying truth….

Abhi:no swara….do u think I will believe u….never…

Swara:if u dont believe me then y r u loving me…

Abhi:I dont like questions…

He was about to take her hand
bt sanskar comes in middle

sanskar:dont dare touch my wife

Abhi was shocked


Sanskar:yes..she is my wife..swara sanskar maheswary

By saying he pulls swara’s mangalsootra and moves her hair which was covering her sindoor

Sanskar:now u will beleive naa


Swara:I said naa….

Abhi:kkk swara…I didn’t expect this frm u….u cheated me naa


Abhi:u r cheater…so what, I will get a girl who is more beautiful than u….

Saying he left

Swara burst out laughing

Swara:poor boy…

She turns and finds all laughing except sanskar, who was still in anger

Sanskar:y cant u tell him that u r already married

Swara:I said him naa…bt he was not eve listening to me…what can I do

Sanskar:u should show ur mangalsootra

Swara:lol..if I got that much brain, I would not have run frm him….

Saying swara goes to sujatha

Swara:maa, badee maa..im very hungry…

Sujatha smiles

Ap:come swara….

All leaves

A curve appears on sanskar lips listening to her wrds

At night
Sanskar:swara….come lets go for a movie

Swara rubs her eyes

Swara pinches herself

Sanskar:what are u doing

Swara:just checking whether it is dream or not

Sanskar:its not a dream…so get ready

Swasan goes for the movie

Swara didn’t see its name

In teatre

Titles are being show

They are at corner seats…

Swara eyes widen by seeing the name of movie


she was half unconscious

Swara:u r so mean…u knw till now 18 people die after seeing this movie…I wilo be 19th one

Sanskar:enjoy my wify…

As movie starts swara was hugging Sanskar and was seeing the movie with half open….

After the movie

Swara:see I will not talk to u…

Sanskar:what a movie….that christine scene was awsome


They reach back house

Swara was still scared….

In room

Suddenly the lighta off and someone pull swara , she was about to shout when the man closes her mouth..in a fight she torn his shirt..lights come back..swara sees the person and is shocked


Sanskar:look what have u done to my shirt

Swara:sorry I thought that ghost come…and dont worry I will buy a shirt for u with same colour size….

Sanskar smiles

Swara lies down on the bed

Swara:jii…wo…will u hug me…

Sanskar was shocked

Swara:else that ghost will come and eat me

Sanskar hugs her and sleeps

Next morning

Sujatha sees the door is open.she goes inside and finds swasan sleeping under one blanket

Both their legs were intertwined

Sujatha can see swara And sanskar exposed legs through blanket..moreover sanskar was shirtless…swara’s exposed hand contain red marks

Sujatha:thanku so much….its not good to stay here….what will they think…do one think, I will go out and knock the door

Sujatha goes out and knocks the door

Swara pulls the blanket

Swara:jiii…get up naa…

Sanskar:let me sleep for sometime..because of u I couldnt sleep whole night

(Sujatha is hearing all this)

Swara:what me! Its all because of u..u only started naa…now see how heavy u are..move ur lega

Sanskar:ohh hello madom…yesterday night, u didnt say that it is heavy naa..now what happened in morning…

Swara:get up..some one is calling

Sanskar:u go and open

Swara:how can I..see even my one hand is under ur back..so get up then only u can pull it back…

Sanskar:then give me my shirt

Swara:thats all torn in peaces naa

Sanskar:ur hands are much stronger than mine

Sujatha hears this all and was very much happy….so she goes frm there

(Bt if she stood there for 1 second she could have understand everything)

Swara:who ask u to take me for that movie….see because of ur holding yesterday my hand turned red

Sanskar:then what about me..u torn my dress naa….

Swara:u didnt allow me to sleep also..saying ghost stories

Sanskar:then what about u..hh..u even make me ur bathroom bodyguard naa

Swara:what if ghost comes inside bathroom..that why

Sanskar:keep quite..u ghost..now go and eat others brain

Swara:thats good u dont have brain Naa…I just forget that..

Sanskar:this girl

Swara (interepted) is impossible

Swara shows tongue and goes to bathroom
Both comes down

Sujatha face was having a smile of 1000 volt

Laksh comes there


Swara:what happened lucky


Swara:what happened to laddo

Laksh:dev uncle is forcing her for marriage….

Swara:how u knw that

Laksh:today morning I went there


laksh reaches a badi

He heres ragini and dev talking

Dev; ragu..see ur age naa…even swara is married so plz accept…I will not force u

Ragini:papa…I want to become a dr..then only I will think about marriage

Dev:if u love someone…say that…I knw u cant be wrong..I juat want ur happiness


laksh:im not the ryt guy for laddo….she is a dr..bt im just a useless..so I want to doa job..u will get a job

Maheswary finds laksh being serious for the first time

Swara:lol..u r a dumpo….u have ur own company and u r searching for jobs…


Swara:neither u want to search job nor go abroad


Swara:are budhu..in yesterday newspaper its seen that there is vacancy of accoutant and designer in a company

Sanskar:which company



Swara:sachch…so lucky, we can try there….even I need to find a place naa…I think we will get a job in that company

Saying she winks at sanskar

Laksh too joins her

Laksh:haa shona..I have heard that their boss sanskar maheswary is arrogant and a khaddos..
Sanskar glares at them

Swara:ha lol…even I have heard it…he is always flirting with his girlfriends. .whats their name

Laksh:yes yes..aliya and aleesha

Swara:ohh that black painter

Both gives hifi

Sujatha and ap comes and pulls their ears

Su&ap:stop pulling our son leg

Swalak makes a puppy face

Laksh:and what next

SwRa:aftet 6 months..we all will officially goes to ragini’s house to ask for marriag,ths al solvd

Sanskar:if u wasted ur time naa interview will go on its way,so hurry up

Swalak:yes boss

Swalak goes to their respective rooms and takes the files…

Both takes blessing and leaves

Ap:sanskar, u can go with them naa

Sanskar:no maa..if I went there, they will think that I gave jobs for my wife and brother…dont worry maa, I have full faith on them..they will definitely win…

Someone calls swara

Swara:lucky stop the bike

Swara:haa uncle

Vatsal:u should be careful beta…I know u and Laksh will be carefull bt still take care…its bit difficult

Swara:dont worry uncle..we will surely find out the truth..be cool..just relax

She cuts the call

Laksh:so shall we

Swara:yes lucky..we should get a job there
Laksh:we will get..because truth is with us

At maheswary office

Swalak gives their interview well….it was easy for swara as she is a famous designer and laksh answered everything well with confidence….
So obviously both got job there

Aleesha:they both got job naa

Aliya:dont worry..we will make them run away frm here….

They smiles evily
Swara:lucky, so our first step is accomplished…..

Laksh:we should be carefull shona….everywhere danger is there…so our each and every step should be with care

Swara nodes…..

They calls home and informs them about getting job

Ap:thank god….

Sujatha lights the diya

Sujatha:after a long time, u have given back our happiness

Uthara is in her room…

She was lost in thinking

Uthara:y rajat, y u did this to me…even though I knw u r a play boy and son of our rival, I loved u truly bt what u did, u played with me na….how can u do this rajat..my mind have already hated u by my heart doesnt do so…

At office

Sanskar too joins office

Sanskar was sitting in cabin

Aliya comes there


Sanskar:call the new joinee

Aliya goes and calls them

Swalak enters the cabin


Swara stamps his foot

Laksh:ouch..i mean..good morning sir

Swara:why u call us sir

Sanskar:did u forget miss bose that, onced joined a company u should meet the ceo

Swara:im sorry mr maheswary…by the way here is our appointment letter….

Swalak gives that

Sanskar:kkk….now u may leave

Aliya and aleesha comes to them

Aliya:hello miss swara…

Aleesha:hii unlucky fellow

Swara:mind ur words, if my lucky was unlucky, then how did he got the job

Aleesha:dont talk much..u r just an employ under us kk..so give some respect

Swara:kkk aleesha MAM..aliya MAM..

after somedays aliya and aleesha will taunt swalak without any reason

Here laksh was busy checking all the Files years before

Swara too assist him

Laksh:shonaa…see this much have happened…bt we couldnt find anything….

Swara:I think we should inquire more frm last time accountant

Laksh:I think tomorrow we can meet him

Swara was scrolling down the mouse

Swara:see laksh…the time when vatsal uncle and papa were partners…mmm ya..almost 10 crore rupees was transferred to some account…and after they clash..same amount is being gone..bt its settling are not found naa
Laksh:it means probably 100 crores are being taken away
.bt whom

Swara:we need to find it out..every blame is going in the head of uncle…we need to stop it…

Laksh:from where we will start….


At swasan room

Sanskar was fuming in anger and he is throwing things here and there

Swara comes and is shocked to see the scenery…

It was messy room….

Swara goes to him

Sanskar (shouts) stay there

Swara closes her eyes…..

Sanskar:open ur eyes….

Swara:first be cool then I will open

Sanskar controls

Swara opens her eyes

Swara goes to him

sanskar:u always praise that vatsal naa…now see because of him I got much loss

Swara:uncle wont do that..

Sanskar:(imitating) uncle wont do that…urrgggg

Swara dials a number and puts in a speaker



Swara:what happened uncle..are u kk

Vatsal:I dont knw y sanskar is hating me this much, now im on my loss beta…he did something…and my rajat..he tried to slit the wrist


Swara:uncle… Im coming

Swara:now what u say…uncle is blaming u and u r blaming uncle….rajat..

She was worried

Sanskar:I will also come there

Swara was surprised

At khanna mansion

Swara:what is this rajat..y u did it



Rajat:I have seen her in mall..she have insulted me…I knw I have did that much to her…I could take it any more thats y

Swara slaps him

Swara:do u think that everything is a childish…did u think about uthara…what will happen to her if u go away frm her…I knw now her mind and heart is fighting in ur name..she is also helpless…and go to hell with u and suicide

Rajat:im sorry dii…..

Sanskar hears this all standing far away….

Sanskar:uthara…does she have any feelings towards rajat……and who is playing game with me and mr khanna..

By time swara comes and both return back

Swara goes to uthara room


Swara:uthara..a happy news for u, rajat has tried to commit suicide bt to ur bad luck, he didnt die….(sarcastically)

Uthara was shattered hearing this

Uthara hugs swara

Uthara:bhabhi…I knw I did bad with him…bt I didnt expect that he will do this..im sorry bhabhi…

she cried loud….

Sanskar:no sanskar..let her cry..the pain she hided from everyone…let her burst out…

He doesn’t allow anyone to enter the room..bt they all were relief since swara was there

Uthara:whenever I see him, Im not able to control myself bhabhi…I dont knw whatever happened that day..bt I was see only rajat…. How can I forget his deeds bhabhi…

Swara:bt still u r crying for him naa…y uthara

Uthara:my heart says he cant do anything…bt my mind is not acceptingSwara smiles

Swara keeps uthara hand on her heart

Swara:listen to ur heart..because it will never guide us in wrong path….

Uthara closes her eyes and slowly dozed of in her lap

Swara cares her hair….

Swara slowly gets up from there and moves out

Sujatha:she cried her heart out beta….

Swara:let her take rest ma…

She signs something to laksh

At terrace

Swara:lucky..now im sure that..rajat ot vatsal uncle they all are not at fault….uthara doesnt even knw that it was rajat or not…what if it happened vice versa….

Laksh:we will get all its answer..first we should get the truth from accountant..

Swara:so tomorrow we can leave…

Laksh nodes….

Swara enters the room and find its clean

Swara:u cleaned it

Sanskar:I like to recify the mistake which I have done

Swara:thats good..bt the pain we give to a heart, it wont heal soon HURTING SOMEONE CAN BE AS EASY AS THROWING A STONE IN SEA BUT, DO U HAVE AN IDEA HOW DEEP THE STONE CAN GO..u said that u like to recify ur mistake..bt the heart…..

Sanskar hugs swara

Sanskar:I knw swara….first I need to findout everything….I should prove to whole world…I knw u will help me in it…

Swara nodes….

Sanskar kisses her forehead and both sleeps……

Next morning

Swalak takes a half day leave and goes to see accountant

Swara:jii..namaste, my Name is swara and im working for mahesway company…

Ahiky:yes..even I used to work there

Laksh:sir…when we go through some old files we can find some conspiracy

Ahiky:I dont want to say anything…just go away…

He goes inside


Bith leaves

ahiky calls someone and informs them about this

At office

Swara gets a call


She say this to laksh….

Laksh:so next will be me…..

Same happens he too gets a call

Swara:should we back off

Laksh:never…we are on correct path….lets go further

Swara:thats the spirit lucky….
Swalak are working out at late night in laksh room..

Sanskar passes via their room and stops hearing their conversation

Laksh:shona…everything will ne fine naa

Swara:dont worry lucky…we have truth with us..we will expose him and bring him towards court

Laksh:see this is 23rd time threatening call coming

Swara:that means we are on ryt path

Sanskar is shocked hearing threatening call

Laksh:how many days are left

Swara:we have 5 days….within this if we couldn’t do anything we will loss

Laksh:what will be their next plan

Swara:its so simple lucky…first they will try to separate us..if they fail in it; surely they will try to get more info about us and I’m sure that, they will take our photos and sent to sanskar jii because he is our boss saying that, we are trying to loot company…again if they fail, they will find that we are in a relationship and will say it to my husband….by saying devar bhabhi relationship


Swara:its fact lucky…

Laksh:bt y

swara:they need us to be defamed more over sanskar jii should mistrust us

Laksh:whats the use of that

Swara:u knw his anger naa…if he didnt trust anyone, he wipl never give them a chance to explain, so we cant say the truth and prove ourselves

Laksh:they are planning more..we must keep this cd safe..dont forget we have only one copy….

Ap and sujatha hears this too and comes inside

No one notice sanskar…


Swara; maa…talk slowly..if jii gets to knw about it..every
Thing will went away

Sanskar:(so u dont trust me swara, if u say me, I will help u naa)

Ap:so u dont trust sanskar

Swara:maa..I trust him more than myself

Sanskar felt relief
Ap:then say to him…

Swara:maa…we cant say..not because of trust..I knw he will surely trust me and lucky. .bt the world will not trust us without any proof. …thats y maa…..

Sujatha:this is danger naa

Laksh:we knw maa..bt for proving his innocence we dont have any other way


Swalak:vatsal khanna

Sanskar too was shocked

Swara:he is innocent maa…he didnt do anything…its all because of a person who is still in maheswary company…his aim is our destruction

Sujatha:who is that

Laksh:we dont knw maa..bt we are very nearer to it….

Ap:bt Sanskar

Swara:dont worry maa…after all sets I will say him…if I say him now dont knw how he wipp react….he will force me to say that name….I cant risk maa…

Ap:we can understand u beta

Sujatha:u have only one copy naa

Swalak nodes

Sujtha:make many copies..I means that phone have something naa

Laksh:memory card

Sujatha:haa that only,and capy in many cd’s keep everything in different places

Swara hugs her

swara:thanks a lot maa

Sujatha:u shld keep orginl in hre ad one in sankr bag

Laksh:tht I can do

Ap:one pen drive in sanskar pocket

Swara:I will do it

Laksh:cd in dash board…and two with both of us

Ap:what about memory card and remaining one cd

Swara:give that memory card to uthara abd ask her to bring to office at Sharp 11:00…she shouldn’t knw about it

Laksh:keep that in lunch box

Swara:still one is remaining naa

Laksh:I think its better to keep at home..if any emergency is there, we can it frm here naa

Sanskar listens all this…he is really proud of his wife and brother

Ap su swalak join hands

Sanskar goes to his room and pretend to sleep

Swara comes there

Swara:I knw jii, after knowing this u wipl be angry with me naa…bt I dint have any problem in it in fact I will bear all punishment….dont think that im not trusting u…I trust u more than myself jii…if I say anything about it, u will be very angry towards them..may it cam cause some harmful also…im so sorry jii…..

A tear drop frm her eyes..it was feel on his hands…

Swara goes and sleeps on corner of bed…

Sanskar opens the eyed

Sanskar:don’t worry swara..I knw u are doing al this to help me….and I will never allow anyone to harm my swara…yes swara…I love u…I love u a lot..and I will protect u….I knw u cant do anything wrong..

He moves towards her and huga her

Swara opens her eyes

swara:I think he is worried about something…..

She too hugs him back and sleep peacefully….Next day:

Swara gets up early as she should do many things….

Sanskar:where are u going now

Swara:wo…that..I..im going with lucky

Sanskar knws that if he ask further she could force to tell him about all…..

Sanskar:take care

Swara leaves

At hall

Sujatha:u both should take care of urself….

Swalak leaves.Some one are continuesly taking their pics…..

At office

Aliya comes there and handover a cover

Aliya:sir, a lady gave this

Sanskar opens this and is shocked to find swalak photos with a note


A pair of eyes where watching this

sanskar was fuming in anger

Sanskar:what they are thinking abouy themselve…I will show them who am I??

That man goes away smirking

Sanskar:I hope swara and laksh are fine….swara, I dont belive in god.bt now im praying for ur success….I need to knw who they are

Aleesha comes there

Aleesha:sir, mr obroi wants to meet u

Sanskar:yea….I will there in 5 min

At conference hall

Mr obroi:mr maheswary, I would like to see ur accountant and designer

Sanskar:actually, they hadn’t come yet

Mr obroi:how irresponsible they are……


Swalak was standing there with some file

Swara:actually sir, we went take some files, it was in other branch

Sanskar:kkk fine….

Mr obroi:are u couples,I could see a good match in u….

Sanskar clutches his hands

Laksh:did u call ua inform about our pairing

Mr obroi:I just said..dont panick

They talk some time and goes

Mr obroi too leaves…..

Sanskar:whats all this..now im sure that their lifes are in danger…..

At evening

Sanskar:swara…come we can go together

They leaves in car..

Both swasan notices a car following them

Swara:so they need to find my house…

Even though sanskar heard this, he didnt,Behave like he have heard it

Swara:jii…Im going to badi…Im missing maa

Sanskar:then when will u return


Sanskar:are u coming alone

Swara:no jii…even maa wants to meet u all…so we both will come

Sanskar:nO no…I will come and pick u both….

Swara nodes and get down

She goes to badi…

the car didnt follow them further

At night

Sanskar comes to badii

Sumi:beta..a letter is there for u

Sumi gives it

Its written as SWARA’S HUSBAND

Sanskar takes that..and keeps in pocket

Sanskar:maa, where is Swara

Sumi:take rest beta….she will be in room

Sanskar goes bt doesnt find her

That time she comes out from bathroom in a rob

She was about to remove it


Swara turns back and finds sanskar

she was about to scream bt sanskar closes her mouth

Sanskar:its me
He leaves his hand

Swara:(breathing heavily) ohh my god….u r scaring me

Sanskar:first look around then change


Sanskar goes out

Swara comes out and trio leaves to mm

All where busy talking with sumi….

Sanskar was in room

He opens the packet..

Again some intimate photos of swalak and swasan (when swara was falling and sanskar holding her)

With a note


Sanskar:what the hell, they didn’t find anyother person..swara..u r taking much risk

Sumi stays there only
At swasan room

Sanskar:swara…tomorrow u should not go to office

Swara was shocked

Swara:what! And y

Sanskar:im saying only for u..so dont argue anymore. .take a leave..even ur maa is here naa…be with ur family

Swara nodes

Sanskar:(its not because of the letter swara, I knw u, if u go tomorrow im sure that he will do some other thing,so better stay here..so that he will think that his plan worked out and he will leave u)

Swasan both goes to bed



Swara:what if anyone do something without ur permission…I mean everyone else knw about it bt u dont knw

Sanskar understand her statement

Sanskar:I will surely punish them, that they will never forget about that

Swara:bt its for everyone betterment…then also u will punish

Sanskar; no doubt….I will teach them a lesson

Swara felt sad

Swara:u will really punish them

Saying swara rolled near him

Sanskar was lost in her eyes

Swara shakes him

Sanskar; of course…I will punish…..do u have any problem

Swara:(stammer) y should I have problem..

Sanskar:then do one thing, get up….tu mera uper he

Swara looks at him and understand that she is above sanskar

Swara:it means im that much weight

Sanskar:ofcourse u r a fatty

Swara:how dare u call me as fatty…look I will sleep like this only…

Saying she keeps her head on his chest

Sanskar was smiling

Sanskar:I wish this night have stopped here

Swara:did u said something..

Sanskar; no

Swara:y ur heart beat is raising

Sanskar:because,Fatty is lying above me

Swara peeps her head

Swara:I will not move a inch..I will sleep like this only..

She dozed of like that

Sanskar caress her hair….

Sanskar:I love u swara…

Swara:(sleepy) I love u too sanskar jii

Sanskar remember laksh words that swara will oy talk truth if we ask anything during her sleep

Sanskar pull her and comes above her



Sanskar:u love sanskar


Sanskar; how much u love him

Swara:more than lucky

Sanskar was litterally shocked since he knws that how much swara loves laksh

Sanskar was beyond happy

Sanskar:then y r u not saying this to sanskar

Swara:no no..I will not say, what uf he dont like me…

Sanskar:he like u swara more over he loves u


She completly sleeps

Sanskar places swara’s head over his chest and caress jer hair…..

Both sleeps hugging each other….

Next morning

Swara was about yo get up when she finds sanskar hand around her waist

Swara:wow…how cute he is looking while sleeping…..

She kisses his forehead and frees his hand, covers him with blanket and moves to washroom

Sanskar opens his eyes and smiles

Sanskar:u r very different swara…..

After sometime he knocks the door

Sanskar:swara…come fast..I need to go to office

Swara:if I come now, u will be unconscious….so wait….

Sanskar smiles

After sometime she comes out

Sanskar looks at her…


Swara blushes

Sanskar goes inside and swara goes to hall

Swara informs lakshAbout taking leave….

Laksh:thats good…he will be some what happy..so he will not concentrate on u

Swara:u should take care lucky….they can do anything

Swara goes to kitchen

Swara:my 3 maa are conspiracing against me naa

Sumi:ha shona…I was describing them about ur food that u prepared for me and dida

Swara pouts

Ap:bt now my swara is expert in it

Swara:see naa

Sumi:carry on….

Uthara comes there

Uthara:bhabhi..help me to choose dress naa

Swara goes with her

Sumi:ehh bagwan, let my children be happy always

Sujatha:dont worry sharmista jii

At uthara room

Swara:what function u have uthu

Uthara:golden jubilee

Swara:then wear something which is golden color

Uthara:bt I just a long kurtha

Swara:wear a jeans budhu…

Uthara:haa nice idea….bt jeans

Swara:I have

Swara goes to take it

In room

Swara didnt notice sanskr there

While she was taking it she accidentally slip..sanskar holds her bt he too slips due to water and both falls down with all cloths on them..accidentally both their lips meet each other

Swasan was shocked bt felt happy inside


Sanskar:mm…wait..let me get up


Sanskar:what happened

Swara; my back…

Sanskar gets up and lifts her in arms and places on bed

Sanskar takes the balm and ask her to turn

Swara turns

Sanskar slowly lifts her dress and started applying balm on her back

Swara was feeling goosebumps in stomach

Sanskar:ohh god.till when I will control

He finishes it

Swara turns and thanks himSanskar:take rest….

Swara nodes

Swara spents time with cookinh watching tv and all

At night

Sanskar return backa nd finds Swara sleeping…

He sees her phone beeping and finds many miss calls

Again is beeps so sanskar takes the call


He cuts the call

Sanskar:ragini….swara…u r in such a big trouble..bt I cant do anything…..yes I knw what to do….

Next day

Ragini reachea maheswary house

Swara:laddo…tum yaha

ragini:my sir, said that to stay here so it will be useful to village people

Sujatha:so u r that girl naa…ramesh had called us…

Ragini takes their blessings

Sanskar smirks

Sanskar:now I want to see how u will trouble my family

At a godown

Man:boss…ragini is not there in badi..I think she have left

B0ss burns swalak pic

Boss:u are messing up with me..now see the real game

At home

Laksh returns and is shocked to find ragini there…..

He smiling with his whole teeth out


He comes to sense…

Laksh:laddo..I..I mean ragini u here

Sujatha:did u any problem laksh

Laksh:y should I havr problem

All goes laksh and ragini was only present….

Laksh:I missed u Laddo…..

Ragini; bt I didnt miss u….

Laksh pouts

Ragini; y shoulf I laksh..when u where ryt infront of me all time…..

Laksh smiles

Like this way time passed…

At night

Swara was standing there in terrace, when someone grabbed her…

She cant even scream as her mouth is being held tightly by someone….

Man:how dare u to disobey our boss….

Swara steps on his legs and rans inside

He too follows her

she was screaming


The man takes the knife to stab her when sujatha comes and hit him with a pan

The man turns and finds sujatha uthara ap ragini standing there. …

Sujatha:what u thought, we are old and cant do anything

Man was scared

Man:boss have ordered me to injure her

Ap beats him

Ap:if u ever try to harm my daughter I will not spare u…

They lock him in a room

Ragini brings the water

Swara dranks it in a sec

She was sweating

Ap:its sure that, the man is frm office only….else how could he knw that laksh and sanskar will not be here…..

Swara:what did u say maa

Ap:ha swara…only sanskar said about meeting to 2 or 3 person…

Swara:who are they

Ap:I dont knw beta….


Swalak takes the blessing from everyone and leaves

Swara:did u keep cd in his bag

Laksh nodes

laksh:what about pendrive

Swara:I have put it in pant pocket…..

They were surrounded by some goons

Swalak rans from there

Swara:lucky…u go via this way….


Swara:dont worry about me…just go and stop The agreement..else everything will be ruined

Laksh and swara goes in different directions…..

After many struggles…
Laksh reaches office

Here sanskar was about to sign the papers


All turns

Mr obroi:what the hell mr…sanskar u sign

Laksh:u cant sign it…

Saying laksh torn the papers

Mr obroi:how dare u to throw the papers……


Laksh:he is cheater….

Sanskar:what are u talking laksh

Mr obroi:I already said naa…u should make them in thier limits

Laksh:plz…im saying truth…

Sanskar was not at all talking since he was waiting for swara

Mr obroi:shyam sir (a senior officer) olz prepare another one

He goes

Swara too somehow reaches there

Guard:swara…u r not allowed to go inside……

Swara:its very urgent

Guard; we cant let u in

Swara:who the hell are u to question me..im not a employ here..I can to meet my husband….mr sanskar maheswary..do u get that

Guard was shocked hearing it


Swara:haa…swara sanskar maheswary. ..now move away

He moves

She goes inside the room


Sanskar immediately hugs her

Sanskar:tum teek he naa….

Swara nodes

By time shyam comes with papers…..

Swara looks at him and slaps him

All are shocked


Swara:he is the one who destroyed all life…..

Sanskar; obroi

Laksh:not he bhai….we did this to catch him red handed….see his file

Laksh snatch it and shows it to obroi

Laksh:obroi..is this the file u asked him to prepare
Obroi nodes no

Swara:what u thought mr shyam raipur…u could easily fool us…..till yesterday we all thought that it will ne mr obroi…bt when yesterday u sent a man to injure me, I got to knw its not him


Swara:I knw u all wont trust me..bt we have full proof….

saying they play the projector

All were shocked to see that…

Shyam:yes I did it….I planned everything…I was the sole reason of rift between dp and vatsal…it was me who changed the file…..I wish to get the major share..bt due to that vatsal, all went in vain…so I separate them…..and swara, u wete ryt..ur findings were super..bt u cant even touch me..u knw y..

He started to laugh like a insane…..

Sanlak holds his collar
Sanskar:u cheated us…how dare u….so it was u naa..who did accident

Shaym:yes..its me…and swara…where is ur nanad uthara…

Hearing that trio become shocked

Shyam; u sent het here naa..now see my men will take her…last time also I tried to kill her bt that rajat comes in middle..so what due to his addiction he was not in sense thus I changed my plan and did a fake by proving everyone that tajat played with uthara dignity…now see she will really loss it today

Sanskar slaps him hard

Sanskar:how can u do it….

Just then police also arrived and arrest him

Sanskar:I need to save uthara….

Swara:nothinh will happen…I knw shyam will do something…so I have alredy asked rajat to follow uthara. .

Trio leaves

In road..

uthara was surroundedBy goon…

Rajat beats them all…sanlak also reaches there and beats them

A man was about to stab uthara when rajat comes in middle


he falls down….

Sanskar ask swara to take jim to hospital

Swara and uthara takes his to hospital

Sanslak handover them to police

At hospital

Sanskar ask forgiveness to vatsal……

Uthara stays there with rajat after reuniting with him

At home

Swara returns back

It was fully darkness

Swara was hell scared…

Swara:Sanskar jii….

Next she can feel is she is being carried by someone

Swara:leave me…


Swara:I can walk…

Sanskar drop her down…

It was stull dark

Sanskar bolts the door

Swara:what are doing

Sanskar:I disnt satrt naa…a punishment

Swara:what punishment

Sanskar:hiding everything from me..

Swara:im sos sorry jii….

Sanskar:punishment is always punishment….

Swara:what punishment

Sanskar:that u will never forget

Saying he goes close to her..

She drips and falls to bed

Light comes

She is shocked to see the arrangements…

Bed is fully covered with rose petals…..candles was placed either side

Swara smiles seeing this


He comes near her

Swara moves back word

Sanskar holds her hand and pulls her near

Bith were lost in each others eyes and leans toward her rosy lips….

Lights offff……

They consummated marriage…

A leap

Uthara rajat are married and have a kid names sohan

Raglak have twins sonu and meenu

Where as swasan have a 4 year child


A happy note..

Thanks for bearing this looooooonnnnnngggggggg laaaaasssssasttttttingggggg oooooonneeeee sssshhhhooot


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