Swasan…a VAMPIRE story..(Chapter 4)

Happy Valentine’s Day.❤️.friends..I am back with my 4th chapter..and kindly avoid the grammatical errors..?

And here is the link to my previous chapter

The episode starts with Swara searching for Ragini..Then she saw some girls talking and laughing watching their phone..she went there and asked showing her phone-

Swara:Excuse me..Have u seen this girl somewhere???

Girls:This one..have u not checked out college’s Facebook page??check it out..u can see her there..?

Swara:What do you mean by that..!!(but they were gone)

Then Swara started to check her phone and suddenly she saw that scene of Ragini being humiliated..she got hell angry and went to the washroom only to find Ragini standing and crying washing her hair and face..

Swara:Ragini..(and ran to her and hugged her tight)what is this Ragu..they humiliated u so much and u didn’t do anything but just ran away..u should have answered them and came from them..but u..?

Ragini:Swara.,what would I do??i was so scared ..that I didn’t knew how to react..But how did u know what happened there???

Swara:Woh!!Ragu ..that video was posted in Facebook..?

Ragini:Whhaatt..!!now how will I face other students..everyone will make fun of me..??

Swara:Ragu,..u don’t worry..they messed up with the wrong person..they will have to Pay for this..?

Ragini:But Shona…

Swara:No Ragu..this time no one can stop me..now they will also face humiliation as you have faced..??..

Scene changes

Laksh and gang are sitting there laughing ..?

Kavita:did u see ..how scared was that Billi..now am sure she and her bravo friend is gonna complain about us to the principal..and then we will get suspended for a week..yippee..?

Kavya:yup..let us start planning what we are gonna do in our holidays..?

Laksh:Guys..come on..we succeeded in our plan..let us go to canteen for celebration..

And everyone goes to canteen..
When they entered the canteen no one was there..they were walking towards a table and suddenly all of them trip and fall by a rope kept there and suddenly buckets of dirty smelly water fall on all of them..
And Swara comes out of a place-

Swara:(laughing)haye..look at all of you..eww..u all r smelling so much..??

Sahil:u blo*dy…how dare u..?!!?

Swara::Awww..u all thought that I will just complain about u to principal and give u holiday for a week..NEVER..I already told u guys not to mess up with me..u all messed up with wrong persons and got what u deserved..??

Rajat:we are not gonna leave u..!!?

Swara:Really..u r not satisfied with this..Wait ..I have some more surprises..and don’t try to stand ,all of u will just slip and fell again..?

Swara:Ragini..come here with that..

Here Ragini comes with a box of Roten tomatoes and eggs…??

Swara:Come on Ragu,.now it’s ur turn..throw it one by one at all..?

Kavita:hey You..don’t u remember what happened with u or u want more to remind u???

Swara:(angrily throw one egg on Kavita which fell right in her mouth)this is for threatening her in front of me..?now come on Ragu throw it and finish ur frustration and take REVENGE..!!?
Then Ragini start throwing those eggs and tomatoes on them..and all of them were drenched in dirty water ,egg and rotten tomatoes..?
Swara:well done Ragu..now Priya..come here..u took the video well right??

Priya (Swara’s classmate):yup Swara..take a look at this..

Swara:(watching the video)Wow..the video is of good quality..

Kavya:Hey..you delete those videos…otherwise u will see who we are..?

Swara:Posted..that too in the whole campus’s Facebook and instagram page…OMG…I got 55 likes in just 5 minutes..wow..u all r too famous I guess.

Rajat:we will not leave you for this..?

Swara:now u should sit silent..because it is tit for tat..u humiliated my bestie the same way I humiliated u all with an extra bonus..it is not any crime..and dare u mess with us again..??come Ragu let’s go..

Scene changes..
Here we can see Sanskar sitting in the library and reading..then he started to search for a book but he couldn’t find it..
Sanskar:(to himself)where is my account notebook..??where is it??i have a lot of notes in that book..now where will I find it??

Suddenly from behind someone keeps a book in front him and he turns to find Swara standing there smiling..?

Swara:Woh..!!this book fell when we both fell down..so I thought to return it to you Sanskar..

Sanskar:Uhhmm..Thanks..and how do you know my name is Sanskar??

Swara:(sitting beside him)arey..come on ..being an intelligent bookworm don’t speak like a budhu..the name was written in ur notebook..


Swara:uhhmm..I am sorry for shouting at you there..I was actually worried for my bestie that I took out my frustration at you..actually it was my mistake also as I was involved in my mobile..I am sorry for that..?

Sanskar:it’s okay..?

Swara:hmm..wese why didn’t u tell anything when I was scolding u so much..u could have shouted at me back right??(Sanskar glares her)..uhh mm..I mean..in films that will only happen na..when the girl shouts boy shout back and argue with them..then they turn enemy and so on..?

Sanskar:Miss,this is not any film but life..and I don’t like to talk to anyone..so please..!!?

Swara:why not??why don’t you wanna talk??anyway..let us be friends..I am new to college and so u can also help me in my studies na..so friend??(showing her hand)?

Sanskar:I don’t want to make any friends..I like to stay on my own company and loneliness..I don’t accept ur offer so please..(and Sanskar goes from there)?

Swara(to herself):what a man he is..here everyone is dying to be my friend and he is running away from me rejecting my offer..then Swara Gadodia challenge to make Sanskar Maheshwari my friend..and this is Swara’s challenge..and Swara never failed a challenge..(and smirks)?

The episode ends…

So friends ..please do comment ..and tell me what all are you looking forward in my story..do u all want Lucky’s gang to take revenge on Swaragini again??please tell ur opinion..?And do you want swasan hate-love story or friends-love story??i thought of making hate-love story ..but tell ur opinion also..I will consider that in my story..thank you..?

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  1. Simi

    Swasan hate love story..

  2. hy der i just luv it..plz updte the nxt prt soon???????

    1. Twinklingjasmine

      Thank you..?And I will update the next part soon

  3. Funny N nice tooo

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    Awesome dear… Any love story friends or hate

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    awesome …..brave swara ….waiting for next part….

  6. Nice..love hate story

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    Awesome yaar……..Swara revenge & finally ragini showing strength ..Loved the scene ??

  8. awesome epi dr it will good if it is hate lv story

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      Thank you..and I also like it to be love hate story..?

  9. Good

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    uugghh.. i love it.. i love it… i love it !!!!!! ganbatte, jaiho, semangat Swara !!!!!
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    1. Twinklingjasmine

      Thank you..?And sorry that I won’t be able to consider ur comment because most of the people commented hate-love story..so sorry..?

  12. Awesome episode. Loved it! ♡♡
    Ummm, Maybe you can add hate-friend-love story also.

  13. Amazing loved it and I would prefer friends love story

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