Swasan…a VAMPIRE story..(Chapter 3)

Hello friends..I am back with my 3rd chapter..thank you for the comments and please avoid grammatical errors..?

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Chapter 2
The episode starts with Swaragini entering their class walking hand in hand and talking..they sit at the last bench on Swara’s insistence..?the professor entered the class and students started to introduce themselves.. After the introduction professor let them go as it is their first day..

Swaragini goes outside to the varanda..
Swara:Wow yaar..in school ,teachers used to find opportunities to get an extra class ..but here professor is letting us go and give us freedom..WOW..?

Ragini:Swara..tum bi na..anyway,come let us go to the library..I am really excited to see what kind of books will be there !!?

Swara:Seriously Ragu..,on the first day of our college you wanna visit the library??not any secret corners to bunk class or not even canteen???

Ragini:Please Swara,I am not gonna bunk any classes..we came here to study and we should do it not anything else..and I will also not allow u to bunk classes..?

Swara:Haye Mere Ragu Rani,don’t start ur lecture now..and come we can meet some of our class mates ..we would need their help also to get notes when we bunk those boring lectures..??

Ragini:Swara ,u r not gonna change..anyway u go and make friendship with them and I will go to the library..?

Swara:Ragu are u sure u can go alone??i mean it is a new place and(interrupted)

Ragini:Shona,don’t worry I will manage..u go ..okay..??


Scene changes

We can see Sahil and Rajat at two sides of a pillar sitting down holding a rope..then we can see Ragini coming there ..

When Ragini reached the rope they pulled the rope making Ragini trip the rope and fall..

Then Kavita and Kavya come there..

Kavita:Awww..look at this ,the darpok billi fell down..?

Kavya:Haye..don’t worry come let us help her..?

Sahil:wait yaar..our Lucky will help her..?

Ragini was sitting there shivering in fear and crying..she don’t know what to do..and suddenly lucky come there with a basket full of eggs and roten tomatoes..??

Lucky:come guys..let us throw this all one by one..?

Then Sahil,Rajat,Kavita,and Kavya started to throw eggs and rotten tomatoes on her..
Ragini stared crying and the whole campus were just staring at her,not helping her..
After all,lucky come to her hold her face tightly in his hand and said

Lucky:Tell ur bestie to never mess with our gang,or u will face all the punishment for what ur bestie does to us..get that..??

And they all went from there…and Ragini stood up and started running towards the washroom..

Scene changes

Break was over..everyone got into class..but Ragini didn’t came..Swara was worried ..she knew Ragini would never come late to class…so she asked permission from professor and went in search of her..

While walking she was calling to Ragini’s phone who was not answering her calls and she was sending messages to her..

Suddenly she dashed with someone and both fall down..the guy had some books in his hand which also fall down along with Swara’s phone..

Swara:(angrily)Don’t u have eyes..can’t u see while walking..u just broke my phone..now how will I contact my bestie?!!

But the boy was just picking the books which fall down and then stood and walked away without saying a anything..seeing this Swara got more angry..and murmured to herself..

Swara:what kind of people studies in this college..can’t he just murmur a sorry even..huh .!!leave it let me search for Ragu first..

But before she stands she saw a book on the floor ,she picked it up and opened and saw the name “Sanskar Maheshwari “in it(u all guessed it right,he is our Sanskar)

Swara(to herself):Ohh..so his name is Sanskar..but he don’t have sanskar in him like his name.leave it ..I will return him this book later..first I have to find Ragu..(worried)where is she???

The episode ends..

Precap:Swara get to know what happened with Ragini..and her reaction..?

So friends,please do comment..and are u guys liking this plot or want any difference in it..u r free to share ur opinion..?thank you

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