Swasan…a VAMPIRE story..(Chapter 2)

Hello friends..am back..thank u friends for ur comments on my first episode..and here is the 2nd part..?and please avoid grammatical errors..
And here is the link for my first part

Chapter 1
The episode starts with sanlak going on the bike where sanskar is riding it..

Lucky:bhaiyya..now I understood why you wanted to come with me..it’s because your car got some problems..am I right???

Sanskar:uhh..leave it lucky.but you should be happy that we are going together on our first day of a new year..?

Lucky:yeah yeah..atleast now my friends will get to know that we are brothers..?

Sanskar:what do you mean by that???

Lucky:bhaiyya ..my friends would always ask me if you are my brother itself .bcuz we are completely different from eachother and you also don’t talk to me much from the college..?

Sanskar:lucky..you know right ..I am an introvert and I don’t always like to stay with a lot of people around me..everyone call me rude and arrogant for that ..at least you can understand me right??

Lucky:okay Bhaiyya..now you don’t start your emotional talks please..??


At college

Lucky’s gang is sitting at the entrance of the college..his gang contain (Kavya,Sahil,Rajat and Kavita)..they all are good at heart but also do a lot of mischievous things for enjoyment..?

Sahil:ahh Lucky ..u came .Hai Sanky

But Sanskar walk away by just glancing him..

Rajat:look at his arrogance..can’t believe he is actually your brother..how much rudeness his shows can’t he just smile..?

Lucky:hey Rajat..it’s not like that..he is ..you know an introvert ..so only and don’t think that I will tolerate if you all keep blaming or say badmouthing about him..?

Kavya:accha leave that all..juniors are gonna come..Lucky have you thought of some ideas for ragging??

Lucky:yup..will Lucky ever run out of ideas..?

Kavita:yeah yeah..look there .those girls came in an Audi car..they must me rich spoilt brats..let us give them work..(smirks)?

Swaragini are walking past them..then Sahil stops them..

Sahil:hey beauties..time for some special treat ..?

Swara:(with confidence):Hey you all are seniors right??Yess..I was waiting for this moment..come come say ,what we have to do??

Lucky’s gang’s moth hang open seeing her confidence..but they thought she is doing this to escape from all this..and thought she is a cat from inside..

Rajat:(smirking)haye..look at your confidence..we will definitely give you something up to ur level..

Then they noticed Ragini who was standing there fearing them literally hiding behind Swara..

They all smirked to themselves..

Sahil:Hey..we thought why don’t we give a task for this billi(cat) behind you..oye..why are you hiding, you darpok billi(frightened cat)..?

Ragini hide more seeing them talking to her..
But Swara got angry..after all Ragu is her best friend and can any true friend bear any insult to her bestie??

Swara(angry)?:How dare you ??i told to give task to me not to my bestie..dare you to call her names or insult her there will be no one worse than me..got it u ******..

And Swaragini went from there..lucky’s gang got angry and they look at Laksh whose gaze was fixed on Ragini the whole time the discussion was going on..no one noticed it ..

Sahil:What the hell Lucky..they insulted us and u didn’t even utter a word..where were you lost???

Lucky:Nowhere..I was just uhh..leave it ..but we will definitely take revenge from them for messing up with us..?

And all of them smirks ..?

Scene change to Swaragini

Swara:Ragu don’t worry yaar..why are you so scared..they won’t do anything they just know to talk not something else..

Ragini:(started crying):Sorry Shona..because of me you got insulted..I told you already to go alone rather than taking me with you..now see you got insulted right..?

Swara:(angry):Shut up Ragini..do you think I call you my bestie just for namesake..??if someone insult you then it is same as I getting insulted..don’t you ever talk like this..we are two body one soul..right ??and for god sake stop crying Ragu..I can’t bear your crying please yaar..now give me your million dollar smile..?

Ragini:(wiping tears):I won’t talk like this Shona..and see I am not crying now ..?

Swara:hmm..good girl..always smile like this..?

Ragini:Now come let us go to our class..it is getting late.. what if Proffessor scold us on our first day itself..I can’t even think about it..?

Swara:You started again..how many time you get scared a day??tell me..you are so much Ragu..nothing will go bad if we get some scolding..actually my ears are now jumping to hear someone’s scolding..?

Ragini:Swara from school how much scolding you got because of your mischievous activities now again you want scolding ha..I will give you some come..?

Swara:Arey Ragu don’t yaar (and started running by laughing and Ragini also started to run behind her)

The episode ends..

Sorry friends for not including Swasan meeting ..but will definitely add it in my next update..and please do comment and support me..and I am lacking in comments..:(
Am waiting..:)

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