SwaSan(a journey from hate to love) EPI 18

lets start guys…

swara gets shocked to know that akira is kavita’s sister…
swara:ur sister
akira:sadly yes
swara:did kavita ever love him?
akira:no never… she just loved his money…she always used to demand expensive gifts from him…sanskar used to waste all his pocket money on her and even borrowed money from his friends…i tried to warn him but he got blind in her love…he was innocent pure soul but kavita spoilt him
swara:didn’t sanskar’s family know about it??

akira:as i told u that sanskar and ragini were brought up by chanda…their parents were very high class people who just cared about sciety and remained busy in maintaining and increasing their repute.tehy came to know about it when kavita took sanksar on a date and tried to get sensual.she tried to kiss him while he refrained an was sweating…she forcefully touched his lips with hers and this was all noted by sanskar’s cousin nikhil who was jealous of his wealth as he himself was middle class person.he was elder to him.he patted sanskar’s shoulder and slapped him.he took him to home and presented the scenario in his own way accusing sanskar to be shameless and kissing a girl…
all were shocked.ap slapped him without hearing him.dp was silent
sanskar:i am sorry dad
dp:its ok
ap:but how can u let him go so easily?
dp:we r high standard people.i should be happy that at least he did sth like others.neither does he drink or go to casinos or parties like others’ children.he is so uncool and bore.i knew that he got a girl.i was happy at it.u can use her son
sanskar was shocked while ap smiles
ap:yeah u r right,now even i can pose in my kitty parties that my son used a girl….
sanskar:its not a thing to feel proud at…i love her and want to marry her
sp:are u out of ur mind??u can use as many girls as u wat but u will marry atop class rich girl not a poor like her
sanskar:i am not like other guys…i cant hurt her
dp:u will do as i say…
dp:get lost
sanskar leaves sadly and tells all this to kavita who forced him to marry her as nobody will be able to do anything then
sanskar agreed and after few days they got married

swara looked on shocked hearing about sanskar’s parents
akira:it was a party of all business partners of dp uncle when sanskar entered with kavita.all were shocked to see him married
swara:didn’t sanskar tell this to chanda kaki?
akira:she had returned just that day from her relative’s home and was shocked herself
all that sanskar’s family knew was that sanskar had ruined their respect.all people in party were badmouthing abt tehm which enraged them.
dp:u defamed us…m ashamed to call u my son

ap:i wish i had killed u the day u were born
ap:just shut up…m not ur mom
sanskar:chanda kaki…at leats u can understand me
chada:my son…
ap:stay out chanda
sp:divorce her right now
sanskar:no i wont
kavita:wts wrong with u??why cant u see ur son’s happiness??he loves me then who the hell r u to interfere in his life…i hav enever seen a b*t*h mother like u miss ap and a devil dad of course

chanda:mind ur tongue…is this the way to talk to elders??sanskar u r my son …but this is not the girl for u…ur parents r right…leave her…she cant even respect u when she cant respect ur parents
sanskar:no kaki…i didnt expect thsi from u…she z saying right
all get shocked
sanskar:wt kind of parents are they who care abt society and respect ut not their son..
dp:what son??no more son…get out of my house and never u dare show me ur face again…u wont get a penny from my property
kavita gets startled
sanskar: i wanted kavita and nothing else…
kavita:but san…
sanskar takes her hand and leaves out with tears in his eyes…

ragini had witnessed all this and rushed out behind her brother…
sanskar looked at her tearfully
ragini:plz dont go
sanskar:i have to go
ragini:but where?
sanskar:i will go to my farmhouse…
he kissed ragini’s forehead and left
ragini was sad and cursed kavita in her heart as she knew that kavita is not nive girl but her brother was trapped now

sanskar was happy to be with kavita and smiled at her all the way to farmhouse….they stepped in and sanskar held kavita’s hand who was standing silently
sanskar:welcome home cutie
saying so sanskar was about to kiss her hand when she jerked her hand and gave a tight slap on sanskar’s face shocking him….

swara was hell shocked to hear it….

how z it guys???

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