SwaSan(a journey from hate to love) EPI 17


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lets start

swara goes to sanskar and keeps a hand on his shoulder
sanskar:plz leave me alone
swara sits beside him
swara:i have taken 7 vows with u,… do u think i will leave u so easily?
sanskar looks at her and swara gets stunned to see tears in his eyes
she never thought that a strong stern man like her hubby would cry
swara:i had never seen tears in ur eyes
sanskar:its another side of me

sanskar:plz go swara
swara cups his face and he looks at her.she gently kisses his forehead
he feels her touch with closed eyes and holds her hands…she keeps caressing his cheeks with her hands and both have an eyelock.swara kisses his tears and makes him lie in her lap.she caresses his hair.
today sanskar doesnt need any medicines or pills to sleep…today he has his wife with her…the peaceful place…soon he falls asleep
swara could feel the restlessness in his sleep and could feel the pain that he is going through…she decides to confront akira…
she carefully puts his head aside and runs into akira’s room…she bangs into her room

swara:tell me
swara:sanska’s past
akira:i cant tell u swara
swara:plz akira..i am his wife and i have a right to know
akira:u r right sweety but he forbade me to tell u..he will get angry
swara:no he wont….and if he does so i dnt care… i have never seen him crying and today he cried because of kavita…his past…what happened with him?
akira:why the hell do u care for him?he is a devil…he ill treats u
swara gets angry
swara:shut up akira…dont u say like that abt him…i wnt bear it
akira:why not?
swara:because i love him
akira smiles victoriously…while swara gets startled by her own words and lowers her head
akira:i just wanted to know this…sit and i will tell u abt his past
swara sits and looks on curiously and impatiently

akira;sanskar…he belonged to a rich family… he is the son of durga prasad maheshwari and annapurna aunti
swara:oho akira i know it..he is ragini’s bro…tell me abt his past
akira:patience swara patience
swara sighs
akira:dp is a man of principles and so is ap…both were very rich and had always cared about their society and reputation… even sanskar and ragini couldnt get much of their parents’ love as they were always busy in their business meetings and tours…sanskar and ragini were brought up by chanda…(the woman who works in sanskar’s home)
sanskar had always been an innocent guy…all gilrs drooled over him but he never paid attentin and had focused on studies…he was the topper of college….it was all due to the upbringing of chanda…but a person gets spoiled by his company or love…love is always blind…kavita was new entry in college and sanskar fell in love with her at first sight…kavita took admission with her sister…both were orphans and belonged to poor family…sanskar thought that she was different cause due to poverty she used to wear cheap salwar suit and sanskar used to feel very sad for her…but her beauty never faded even in those clothes
the sisters wanted to be rich…after their parents death in a car accident they started living with their egoistic and drunkard uncle
kavita wanted to be rich for fulfilling her lust for money,to be famous,to get expensive and costly items but her sister wanted to get money to pay the debts their parents had left on them,to accomplish her dream of becoming a doctor,to live a peaceful life…

swara:did kavita love sanskar?
akira:no never…she just wanted his money…she doesnt care for anyone…she loves money and herself nothing else…all of a sudden as per her wish sanskar proposed her…even sanskar didnt know whether it was loove or not…but actually it was an infatuation…she agreed to be his girl…
kavita’s sister used to feel sad for sanskar as he used to borrow money from his friends to buy expensive gifts for kavita everyday…kavita’s heart would never get empty of lust for more…but sanskar couldnt see it..he was just head over heels for her..if someobody ever tried to warn him he would gently excuse them as a sign of not believing them,..he even didn bother to ponder upon the words of kavita’s sister…who would know kavita better than her sister but sanskar didnt listen to her

swara;who is kavita’s sister??
akira: me

swara gets shocked…….

dont worry guys…this time…next episode coming soon ??

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  1. Deeksha gupta

    Awsm …but I’m so angry on u so ppst nxt part soon dis time …

  2. awesome…!!

  3. Amazing. this is same story as swasan path hate to love written by Saba.

    1. sorry dear just now I read all previous episode and your note . I don’t have any intention to hurt you. But if you are hurt then once again sorry.

      1. Aila

        its k dear

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  6. Rabia0032

    Whaaaaatttt awesome dear akira is sis of kavita poor swara only have shock in life

    1. Aila

      haha…yep thnk u

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  8. Finally u posted…… It was awesome….. Please update soon.

  9. Wow loved it ❤️

  10. Rosey

    Wow interesting twist

  11. Arshaanya

    I dun lyk dis akira… plz use her less i can nvr lyk her… its hard for me to read wenevr she comes huh….coming to d chappy it was gud…

  12. superb……… But for god’s sake update soon………

    1. Aila

      thnx… will try my best

  13. Niku

    Interesting…..can’t wait for next….

  14. awesome di
    desperately waiting for next
    sanskar crying touched my heart

    take care

    did u identify me
    i’m myna
    now registered
    so happy

    1. Aila

      thnk u dear…yes i recognized u

  15. Simin

    Awesome dear
    Akira is kavi’s sister

    1. Aila

      thnk u dear

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    Ailaaaa !!! how r u dear? how is ur health?
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