SwaSan(a journey from hate to love) EPI 15

sorry for late update guys but my health z not fine now a days….

hey roza m angel only…u might have got confused with the different names but truth is that both ffs r mine…my actual name is aila and before submission I wrote it as angel….

time to enjoy swara’s bold avatar…read on ur own risk…its for 18+ people….others dnt bash bcz swasan r meant to be one by all means


swara smashes her lips on sanskar’s lips to quiten him.he is shocked at her bold act and doesn’t react at first but swara holds his hands and places them on her waist,sanskar loses his control and holds her waist tightly making swara victorious.he too shuts his eyes and swara tightens her grip around his neck and clutches his hair tightly.sanskar’s hands slid into her shirt touching her bare waist making her shy. they break the kiss and join their foreheads breathing heavily. sanskar slightly pecks her lips and bites her lower lip. she moans. swara smiles and runs towards window. sanskar hugs her from back and puts her hair on right side .he kisses her neck from left side and blows air on it. swara breathes fast. he bits her neck and she moans in pleasure. he licks his tongue at the bitten area to soothe her pain. she releases herself and runs towards wardrobe. her back is towards sanskar and her one hand is resting on cupboard. sanskar stands behind her and keeps his hand on her hand on cupboard. he opens the zip of her shirt and slides his hand on her milky soft back. swara smiles. he places kisses on her back. swara instantly turns around and hugs him tight. he responds back and slides down her top from shoulders to place kisses on it. swara clutches his coat. she looks into his eyes and they have a deep eye lock. sanskar captures her lips again and it turns into a hungry one. while kissing swara removes his coat and he takes off her shirt. he looks at swara. still there are many hurdles in his way but he knows he has whole night to enjoy with his wife. he moves his finger sensually from her forehead towards her nose and then slides on her rosy lips. he then stops his finger on her cleavage. he kisses her cleavage and she lets out a high sigh. he moves down towards her abdomen and kisses it continuously. he rolls his tongue over her belly button. swara’s legs start to get weak and she feels like falling down as she is completely lost in the flow of sanskar’s romance. sanskar makes her stand properly and holds her both hands locking them by support of cupboard and starts kissing her neck continuously. he leaves his bites and also licks to soothe the pain. swara gives in. she holds his shoulders tight to have support for standing as he keeps romancing her white abdomen. she clutches his hair and hits the back of her head twice or thrice with the cupboard and breathes heavily.

swara: sans….sanska…r…
it make shim go more crazy. he stands up and pulls her by waist. she smiles at him but her breathing doesn’t stop. he slides his hands into her trousers to holds her hips and makes her jump over him. she does so and wraps her legs around his waist. she cups his face and kisses him on lips and bites his lips. he while doing so carries her to bed in thye same manner and both lie down while kissing……

NEXT EPI: romance continues………

this is for the first time that I am writing this much hot intense romance…bahsers r welcomed with open arms cause it wnt affect me as I looooooooooooooooooove swasan a looooooooooot that is indescribable in my words and they r one by every means….

sorry for short update but as I told u my health z not fine so….hope u understand….
thnk u

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    Itz awesome….So lovely :-* :-* :-* :-*….

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    SWASAN r one in every single way… hahahha.. love it dear…
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    Fantastic dr…..waiting for the next part dr….

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