SwaSan(a journey from hate to love) EPI 12

Hi guys…
Hey pihu … No dear actually sanskar’s character is similar to the guy in the novel “fifty shades of grey”…. He was really an animal?
Inspired from him?

And yes roza I am angel, writer of PR ff…. !!! I will keep telling u till u stop filling other’s ears that swasan ff is copied… Cause I used my name as angel before registration but my actual name is aila… U might have got confused due to different names but both r my works!!

Thnk u for ur support fellows

RECAP: swara finally bursts out…sanskar slaps her


All enter room and are shocked to see that swara had lit fire to her dupatta.sanskar steps forward to extinguish it but swara shouts to keep away.He somehow removes her dupatta and extinguishes the fire.ragini immediately hugs her

Sanskar:r u out of ur mind??
Swara:yes I am!!!instead of killing me daily why don’t u let me die once???
All look on shocked
Akira:all of u plz leave the room …. I have to talk to swara alone
They leave her alone with swara
Akira gives her water.
Akira:I know u hate me but at least listen to me once
Swara:I dnt want to listen to u
Akira: My real name is khushi…
Swara looks on surprised
Akira:the girl who always used to be happy and free.I lived with my sister and mother.My dad was a drunkard.He always used to beat our mom but she bore it silently… One day due to lack of money my father tried to sale my sister.i was 7 years and my sister was 9.my mother tried to stop him but he hit her.My mother followed him till road and then she met an accident.My dad got scared to see it and ran away.Our mother died at the spot.We moaned badly.Our uncle took our responsibility but he was a spineless cruel person.I wanted to study more and more as I was a topper of my school.though we didn’t have much money but our mother somehow arranged it for us.But my sister was not interested in all this stuff.she just wanted to be rich and cool just like high ranked people.We continued our schooling.I recovered from my mother’s loss and studied with full passion…i was 20 when I gave my exams of medical for 2nd year and my sis got married to a rich guy.she went on to live her life leaving me behind.I was all alone though my sister’s husband used to meet me sometimes and give me money for help but my sister soon warned him not to waste money but I didn’t say anything…

Akira:when a girl is alone society doesn’t let her live peacefully.My uncle never bothered to care about me.I was just involved in studies.I always used to fell insecure in my college due to the gaze of boys though I never wore short dresses.i just wore salwar suit.i hated short dresses

Swara looks at her shocked as right now Akira was wearing black short dress

Akira: A professor of mine was really kind to me.he just treated me as his daughter and used to help me in studies and protected me from those rascal group of boys who always tried to tease me.my frndz used to say that my name suited my personality as I always remain happy and spread happiness but who knew that the happiness might fade away

Swara:why??what happened??

Akira: It was my last exam next day when I got some problem during study.On my much insistence my uncle dropped me to my sir’s house at night. I knocked at the door and told him that I have some questions to solve.He warmly welcomed me but I was shocked to see that group of boys laughing and enjoying in his house who used to tease me.they were four in number.they again tried to tease me and I complained to my sir but his statement scared me
“Come on khushi…have some with them baby”

I was shocked and afraid.I tried to run from there dropping my books cause they tried to touch me,They threw away my dupatta.A boy grabbed my hair and pulled them fiercely.I kept pleading to my sir to help me but je signed the boys towards the room.He pushed me into room.He slapped me,he beat me.he tore my sleeves and started to undress me.he was so strong.I tried to protest.i was screaming.I was weeping but no one helped me…
I was… I was raped swara!!

Swara looks on shocked

Akira:he kept exploring my body.i was broken totally but that was not enough of their torture.The other 3 boys were eying my lifeless and cloth less body lustily.They too quenched their thirst to the fullest.My whole body was paining and bleeding.My eyes were swollen.i could not move.The pain, the blood , the screams increased again when…

Akira has tears in her eyes.swara feels bad
She gives her water
Swara:what Akira?
Akira: My professor raped me too
Swara was hell shocked and shaken
Akira:I couldn’t protest.I couldn’t move.i was so broken at that time that I cant explain.My soul left my body.i lost my sense of thinking.all quenched their thirst peacefully and after sometime wrapped me in a cloth and threw it in front of hospital,I prayed to God to end my life but it couldn’t happen.Docs did operation.I was unconscious.i had lost my everything.
I woke up after 6 months.i had stayed in coma.i screamed and cried remembering the incident but docs calmed me and handed over to me the medical report which proved that I had been raped but I wasn’t that powerful to fight those bastards…
Few days passed and I was just crying and lamenting my fate.i wanted to end my life and I tried too.i went to a river and tried to jump when a string hand pulled me.It was sanskar my old friend

He was shocked to see my state and brought me home.we both told each other about the turns in life.I didn’t know what to advice him regarding his story but he advised me sth
Akira: Revenge
Akira:he had grown very rich.he used his sources to find the whereabouts of those rapists.he called them to his home.i was scared at first.They were shocked to see me.Sanskar handed over me a loaded gun.
I never thought that I would do it but my inner voice shouted at me to be courageous and i shot them with blood shot eyes.I del so relieved when they were pleading me.i could remember my pleads.i killed them and saw their blood and I could clearly remember my blood and pains…
Sanskar handed over their bodies to their family and he being a powerful man didn’t get trap.
Swara was numb and shocked…she didn’t know what to say
Swara:u had ur reports…if sanskar was powerful he would have got u justice easily… And ur uncle?
Akira smiles

Akira:u r too innocent swara… When a girl is raped physically the society rapes her mentally…
I went back to my uncle after getting out of come but he threw me out insulting me in front of everyone… As about justice I would have never got…there is just a few years punishment for rapists then they r bailed out..once they r bailed out they commit same mistake again!!they kill girls virginity so ots better to kill them at the spot!!
That day I came to know that without power nothing is possible.This world doesn’t let u live.I changed myself.Sanskar helped me in becoming a model and I changed my dressing style and named myself Akira as I wasn’t anymore that happy and that name made me remember my past
I got a huge contract and one night for its celebration me and sanskar got drunk.We were not in senses and made love…
She looks at swara
Akira:I am sorry…i ..
Swara:its ok..then?
Akira:nothing.he just helped me coming out of the trance.i was tensed that we had spent night but he didn’t react cause he was already addicted.We became close friends and used to share everything with each other.I didn’t want to get close to him again but he cant sleep without pills , alcohol or cigarette and if these thing r not available then he has to be with a girl and if that is not even possible then he gets out of control and breaks the things in his surroundings.he can even hurt anyone…
It happened twice when his things were not available and I had to spent night with him.i did it just to help him.He offered me to marry him once but I refused as I knew that I wont be able to change him as I am not khushi anymore…
Then I met u… A pure soul… Who understood him in a first meeting so perfectly that’s why I advised him to marry u cause I know that u r the only one who can bring him back…who can bring old sanskar back
Swara:for that I need to know his past
Akira: U will know it soon
Swara:I am sorry for hurting u
Akira:its not ur mistake… I should have given some space to both of u but I was so lost in our friendship that I….sorry
Swara hugs her and she smiles
Akira:I hope everything is fine between us

Both smile….

Akira leaves room and sanskar comes after sometimes.he looks at swara
Swara:Akira told me about her past… I am sorry… It was my mistake.i shouldn’t have reacted so badly…
Sanskar hugs her tight surprising her
Sanskar:I should have understood u… I am sorry
He looks at her and kisses her cheek.swara clutches his collar
Sanskar:sorry for slapping u
Swara smiles and he takes her to bed.Both sleep in each others embrace?

Thnk u guys…hope u enjoyed akira’s painful past…?

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To be continued

Aila (angel) ?

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  1. Nice. Ya Realy! Akira Has Painful Past And Even Sankar Too. Bt, Does It Mean They Can Hurt A Pure Soul Like Swara?

    1. Aila

      Hi dear…
      Thnk u
      Yes they r wrong… But soon that suspense will be finished too

  2. Awwww it wz too emotional dear…..n dun wey it’s nt much similar to saba’s ff…..uh hv added a lot of things dat wz nt der…..it’s obvious dat der vl b sm similarities az both r inspired frm same novel….so plz uh dun feel bad….

    1. Aila

      Thnk u so much dear… At least someone understands?

  3. it was so sad hope akira also gets someone in her life

  4. MOU

    Nice…Akira have so painful past…

    1. Aila

      Yep thnk u?

  5. Kakali

    Emotional n Painful chappy Aila…for compliment this chappy i need to gather words… loved it … both has a dark past but just hope the new morning brings new hope n brightness to their life…
    thnk u..

    1. Aila

      Thnk u 4 such a huge compliment

  6. Ayonti(swasan)


  7. Stupendously awesome chappy

    1. Aila

      Thnk u

  8. Deeksha gupta

    awsm part yr …akira’s past was do painful ….want some swasan scenes …yr my fb id is deeksha gupta …i will send u a friend request ..pls accept it .

    1. Aila

      Thnx… Sure dear

  9. Akira had a horrible past but i am happy she moved on and turned out to be a strong personality i hope u will reveal sanskar’s past too

    1. Aila

      Yes dear… Will do it steadily?
      Thnk u
      Keep reading

  10. Rabia

    Superb ?

    1. Aila

      Thnx rabia?

  11. Mica

    still i hate akira… being a rape victim, she gave innocent Swara to animal ? she know Sanskar condition…just because this is Swasan i spare her… 😀

    1. Aila

      He is not an animal in real… Akira knows he is good but just de-tracked and someone who can understand his pain well can change him… Akira saw that understanding in swara who could clearly see pain in his eyes wven without knowing his past…. Which proves that she is perfect for sanskar

      1. Arshaanya

        Ya i agree shez d reason bhnd dere 2gthrns… n i agree no one is bttr dan swara to undrstnd his pain n only she can chnge him… i second dat thought… bt i cnt lyk akira… if i wud b at swaraz place nvr ever… my only point is plz dun gve her much imprtnce n dun make swara mahan to accpt her as frn..bcoz she cnt

      2. Mica

        haa.. it’s from Akira ‘s view.. what about Swara’s view ?
        when he blackmailed her, when he raped her over and over as husband, when he beat her, Akira never got harassment from Sanskar, so, she can easily said that Sanskar is not bad at all..
        for me as girl, i won’t able to bear that…as a girl, how your feeling if someone tried to abuse u, blackmailed u,forced to marry u, raped you over and over, beat you..can you bear it ? can you consider him as human ?
        it’s my POV as a girl, not as Swasan’s fan…so, no offense..

  12. Soujanya

    Awesome…. Akiras past was so painful….

  13. Nothing is Swara’s mistake..she no need to say sorry..
    Agree,akira suffered a lot..but that doesn’t mean she can spoil swara life.and also sans..he is over protective for his sis..but for swara???

    1. Aila

      She didn’t spoil swara’s life… There z a reason…
      And as for sanskar he too actually saved her… U will know it soon?

  14. Rosey

    Wow alia it’s fab it’s really emotional and amazing
    Hope Sanskaar will change

    1. Aila

      Thnx rosey… yes he will

  15. Nice

    1. Aila

      Thnk u ?

  16. Update next part soon please! ?

    1. Aila

      Will try my best

  17. Arshaanya

    I agree wid mica?… same here i too still hate akira… being a rape victim n seing her suffrngs still she adviced sanskar to marry swara who rapes her soul evrytym?… being swaraz fan i can nvr connect to chrctr lyk akira?… agree she hd painful past n shez d reason of swasan being 2gthr dan y shez still chipku to sanskar.. now hez mrd man she shud not intfre in dere lyf… n plzz dun show swara frgve akira n bcme frnz coz no mattr wat no wife can tolerate her husbands ex wid whom he shrd bed??.. n dun want her to play imprtnt role in uniting swasan… swara can handle alone ?… sorry for so much blabbrng loved d chappy ?.. i want to read more n more
    Continue soon

    1. Aila

      Check out my reply to mica?

    2. Mica

      haa.. you rite Arsh! and i hate when Swara asked an apology to Akira! omg.. she is soo pure..
      but yups Aila.. still we want to read more and more, …

  18. nice and emotional..

  19. Emotional…
    Update the nxt one soon.

    1. Aila

      Thnk u
      Will try
      Keep reading ?

    2. Aila

      Thnx tamnna?

  20. i m sorry to say i read pr hate to love i no u have modified ur story slightly but dont kill akira and swara dad plz

    1. Aila

      Hi priyanka…
      Sorry dear but I can’t change teh story cause if u have read doesn’t mean others have read too…
      I may add modification in their hate story as add some scenes so that people may like akira’s character but death is confirmed ?
      Sorry sweety… Hope u understand

      1. Aila

        One more thing dear… Fir any requests related to story contact me on my wall, insta or fb as cmmnts are read by every1 and in this way suspense gets finished….hope u understand?

  21. Tamanna

    Awesome… Akira’s past is soo emotional and painful….

    1. Aila

      Thnk u

  22. SNY

    Awesome dr..

  23. Awesome…!! Loved it…!!

  24. Aila if u dont mind can u plz tell me sanskar is a good man or not….
    By the way part was amazing dr….swara is understanding girl….then how can she bear this much pain…
    awesome dr eagerly waiting fr the next

    1. Aila

      He is a good man dear?
      Thnk u

  25. Hi dii
    I luved this chappy so much so [email protected]@@

    1. Aila

      Thnk u?

  26. Wow loved it❤️

  27. Anniya

    Awsm one…
    Feeling bad for akira?????

    1. Aila

      Thnk u ?

  28. Awesome yaar..I am reading first time yaar…update previous parts yaar ..plzzz

    1. Aila

      Previous parts had already been updated

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