SwaSan(a journey from hate to love) EPI 11

Hi guys.m sorry for being late but my study schedule has become really hard and tough so its not possible for me to update daily….
I can update once/twice a week but not more than that as my mother also told me to use mob less….

Sth is short form of something

RECAP: swara’s surprise got ruined.Swara ignored.She gives a reply expressing her emotions


All are shocked at her reply and realise how busy they were in themselves that they ignored swara.chanda who had been sensing swara’s sadness for long couldn’t take it much and deliberately asked her
Chanda: Mam what to do to the food that u had prepared??
All were shocked to know that food was already prepared.Swara sighed
Swara:store it kaki… Will distribute among poor tomorrow
Saying so she went into room
Akira:u should have told us that she had prepared food
Sanskar:then we wouldn’t have brought from restaurant
Chanda:will u all shut up??
Shocked again
Sanskar: Chanda?? In what way r u talking??
Chanda: Mind ur tongue sanskar… M ur kaki… Behave urself!! What kind of people r u?? High class?? Rich?? But swara is innocent simple soul…. U did so much bad with her but still she is trying to accept u and this relation that’s why she cleaned the whole house today and prepared ur fav food just to surprise u and make u feel happy.But her plan ruined because of Akira who is not able to understand that now Sanskar is married and he needs privacy with her wife!!!
U guys r testing swara too much … Shame on u
Sanskar got furious and swara came out hearing noises
Sanskar: just shut up ….how dare u speak so much?? Get out of my house
Chanda: No I wont
Sanskar held her by arms and pushed her. Chanda landed in swara’s arms who was shocked and angry at sanskar’s behaviour.
Swara:is this the way to treat ur elders??
Sanskar:didn’t u hear what nonsense is she saying
Swara: Her each and every word is right
All get shocked to hear her

Sanskar:enough swara…. Just go to room
Swara:why??? Just because m saying truth??
Sanskar shouted: Enough!!! I said go or else
Swara:what will u do??? Beat me?? Do it… But I will not stay quiet today
Sanskar: We are not interested in hearing u
But Akira put hand on his shoulder and requested him to listen to her once.
Sanskar sighed
Sanskar:ok fine say what u want to…

Swara laughed to see this
Swara: Where do I start from??ok… U saw a girl and thought that she is available.that was me.u tried to kiss me but I slapped u protecting my virginity.u thought it as ur insult and decided to take revenge.u made my mms and tried to hurt my family by destroying my father’s business and hurting my mother in an accident.I agreed to marry u just fir my family’s respect and life.U literally raped me on marriage night.i kept on pleading and shouting to have mercy on me but you were wild and an animal.I met ur mother,she said sth happened with u in ur past and begged me to change u.u started caring for me when I got ill.i thought u r a good person.U introduced me to Akira… The girl who helped me that night but is actually a betrayer who knew u but didn’t tell me and made u marry me.That girl asked u to marry me who had herself shared bed with u!!! Do u have any idea how painful it is for a wife to bear it?? If she had already done this with u then why didn’t u marry her???
I accepted this fact.Ok… I thought I should accept u as relations are made by God and he made our couple.When I wanted to do sth as a wife u again brought her…. U never smiled with me bht u were laughing with her today…U didn’t want to listen to me but she said once and u agreed to hear me… Today when kaki was telling truth to make u realise that u r wrong u misbehaved with her… U misbehaved with ur mother like kaki who raised u up and u treated her as ur own mom…Today u insulted her…. Its been 4 years that she is bearing ur rudeness.It hurts her everytime u call her by her name but u have lost ur heart….ur heart is with Akira…
Akira gets shocked
Akira: No swara… Nothing like that
Swara: Plz stop it…. U tell me… Despite having shared bed with him why the hell did u make him marry me.u knew I was so scared… Tell me damn it??? Does he pay u for spending night with him??? Do u work as his pr*stitute…. Speak up Akira!!!

Before swara could say anything further she received a tight slap from sanskar!!!
All were shocked… Ragini was just weeping as she didn’t know that Sanskar had done so much with her…adarsh consoled her.
Swara smiled sadly
Swara:what else can u do except beating me??I am now used to it as u have trained me so perfectly…. Thnk …. M of no use to u sanskar…. Tell me urself that where do I stand in ur life???what’s my value in ur life???what m I to u in real??? Ask ur heart and answer me
Sanskar wondered at her words and he didn’t have any answer…. He was just guilty at what he did as each and every word of swara was correct….
Swara: I got my answers
She rushed into her room and locked it followed by chanda

Ragini:why bhai??why??u even didn’t care that her family is ur sister’s sasural now??😒
Akira: I am at fault….😒
Adarsh: What was the need to change so much?? Bhabhi is not at fault that u r punishing her …😑
Sanskar is just silent
Chanda comes running
Chanda:come fast!! Swara has locked herself in room and not opening it… I heard some voices
All rush and knock at the door but she doesn’t open

Adarsh:bhai lets break it..
Sanskar and Adarsh break the door and are shocked to see…..


  1. Pratsk


    |Registered Member

    Wow swara finally stoodup .. chanda tooo . Wats wrng with sanskar ??? Cant he see tge pain swara is bearing cause of him???

  2. Mica


    |Registered Member

    haaa!!!!! Swara’s words were same as my thought..
    and made me hate Akira more…. she want pursue herself dream but sacrificed an innocent girl to replaced her place in Sanskar….
    huaaa,,, Swara an chanda’s words made me crying….

  3. Swasan

    Yaar no doubt, how much your past is wrost no women can tolerate his husband ex in any manner. Just consider does any husband can tolerate her ex, a proper distant should always be maitained yaar

  4. Crystal


    |Registered Member

    amazing………. please update another chapter soon ……………. i was waiting for this update for so long πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€

    • Aila



      I have told thousand times that our story is adapted from novel… And before Saba had posted that ff I had already written it according for a muslim couple adding hundreds of changes and including Allah’s love…
      As for swasan then u wnt be able to find the scenes which I am adding as they r not present in saba’s ff….
      Kindly stop saying it again and again as its my own hardwork and I had already cleared it in my prologue!!!
      Hope its clear

    • Mirna


      |Registered Member

      Hi Pratiksha dear ya her story ‘s idea is similiar but not the story. She is trying to take it in a different angle, y dnt we wait patiently to complete and comment. She is spending some real hard work and time lets appreciate that.

      Ya she knows that it has been already written , will she write it again. So do support her and enjoy reading. sorry if i hurt u

  5. SHAN


    |Registered Member

    Wow loved it a lot…. swara’s every words are true….. Pls dont want akira to be good…. Even if she is good dont want her to hold more value in Sanskar life…. Sanskar should value swara more…..

  6. Kakali


    |Registered Member

    My heart is paining … Swara each n every word was like stabbing knife .. cant see her like that Aila… just everything hoes well….
    thnk u forbur painful chappy….

  7. myna

    amazing i love such truths
    i read one of ur ff Musical emotions sorry i couldn’t comment at that time bz i read only a few ffs at that time but i loved it very much
    and haan i’m not a silent reader i today only read all the parts pls lift the suspense soon

  8. Vyshu10


    |Registered Member

    Awesome….swara’s and chanda’s words are bang-on. And altough the concept is same as Saba’s bcz this was inspired from a novel, the writing and the situations are different….good job. I have a request….plz don’t make this ff as darker as saba’s….i like this lighter version

  9. chandu

    awesome….!! What past does sanskar have that he became like this??!! well…!! soo many questions running in my mind…!! waiting for next part…!! loved it…!!

  10. Roza

    Wow..so nicely you copied angel’s work…guys it’s a copy paste of angel’s ff “piya rangrezz (a hate to love story)..check it out for once…

  11. Arshaanya


    |Registered Member

    Evrybdy is saying dat its similar to saba z ff bt i dun agree she nvr shwd dis side of swara n m loving u for dis πŸ˜™…
    Swaraz evrywrd was prfct πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
    She hs sfrd alot… i knw akira is not bad n u will show shez nice n al bt plzz me n al other readrz dun want her to b nice n even if shez nice v dun want to see her hvng imprtnce n sanskarz life… plz consider our request n dun show her more… v agree shez nice n al bt no wife cn acpt dis…keep urslf in swaraz place n think.. plz v dun want her…

  12. Pramudi

    Awesome dear..πŸ‘ But don’t give much importance to akira in sanskaar’s life like saba did in her ff..
    Take your time & update. Studies are more important..

  13. Tulina


    |Registered Member

    Plz don’t kill sanskaar in this ff like saba did … And I would love to see akira in villain mode……..u know villain other than swaragini characters look too good…….post the next part soon dear…..

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