SwaSan(a journey from hate to love) EPI 10


Hi dears…. Due to my busy schedule m not able to read comments and reply back… I read few at the start only ….
Yes madhu thnk u for noticing that its different from saba’s ff and u may read her ffs and wont find such swasan scenes which I am adding….
And shrinjal dear u always say “hi” but m not able to reply back?
So hi my dear shrinjal….?

RECAP: swasan sleep in each others embrace.Swara comes to know about sanskar and akira’s relation.Swara thinks to handle sanskar on jis own so prepares surprise for him….


Swara gets beautifully ready for sanskar and waits for him but is shocked to see sanskar coming with Akira and sanskar is smiling as well.sanskar doesn’t notice swara and he and Akira are carrying some bags with them and they give it to Chanda
Akira:hi again swara
Swara gives a rough look
Akira:u look stunning
Sanskar then looks at swara and is spell bound to see her
Sanskar:did u go somewhere??
Sanskar:then why r u dressed up like this??
Swara wanted to tell him that she did it for him but she couldn’t speak
Chanda comes: Sir those bags have food
Sanskar: I think I brought it Chanda so I know that those bags have food…. Akira was in mood of eating sth from McDonalds so we bought food and brought it here.
Swara was extremely hurt as she did so much hardwork

Chanda looks at swara
Chanda:but sir… Mam had…
Swara:I was saying that u guys get fresh and I will set table
Swara feels like slapping Akira for ruining her plan bit jerks it off
Chanda goes in kitchen with swara
Chanda:u r feeling bad right?
Swara:what can I do?
Chanda:why didn’t u let me tell that u prepared so much for him??
Swara: He is looking so happy right now… I don’t want to ruin this moment
Chanda:don’t u want him to give importance to u??
Swara:that day will come soon
Swara arranges table and sets food there
Sanskar and Akira sit and soon hear a horn sound
Akira: Swara I have someone to meet u
Just then adarsh enters with ragini
Swara thinks: Ragini bhabhi?? Who called her here now?? Akira?? M gonna eat u alive
Ragini hugs swara

Ragini:hi swara
Swara:bhabhi u??
Ragini:yes… Akira called us
Sanskar:swara… This is my brother adarsh….
Adarsh:hi bhabhi
Akira: Adarsh and ragini had always been close to sanky!! Sanky has no clashes with them but only with his parents…
Sanskar looks at her angrily
Sanskar:who told u to ask it??
Swara looks at him in fear
She goes in kitchen

Ragini:what is the need to shout on her
Sanskar:u know its tough for her to bear the truth
Ragini:she is strong and pious
Sanskar:ok enough!!! Can we eat sth??
All sit to eat and swara brings water for them
Chanda stands by them

Adarsh ragini sanskar and Akira start eating and enjoying the food and talk continuously remembering their old days and fun moments
Swara sees sanskar laughing and thinks that he is only angry to her
Half hour passes and swara keeps sitting with them unnoticed.Her food is untouched.She is silent from past half hour while others are enjoying to the fullest.all this is noticed by Chanda who is bearing it angrily.

Swara silently stands up and heads to go.she climbs a few stairs when adarsh notices her.
All look at her
Adarsh: Where r u going?? Come and sit with us
Swara smiles sadly: I had been sitting for past half and hour but my presence was equal to my absence cause I am not needed here.So u guys enjoy… If u will have any work u can call me…
All are taken aback by her answer!!!

NEXT EPI: swara finally bursts out?

Sorry for short update but m really busy?
Soon we will have a swasan dance on a request of a dear fan of mine?
Stay tuned??

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  1. How dare them to ignor swara?????
    Poor swara?????
    Feeling bad fr swara…….
    Awesome dr wow……

    1. Aila

      Thnk u dear one… Keep reading

  2. Rabia

    oooo poor swara but she gave them a good answer 🙂

    1. Aila

      Thnk u?

  3. Hy i read ur ff today in one go n find it some what simmilar to sabas ff but its diffrnt in its way n seriously i loved it bt i hav a requst plz snt give imp to akira like saba gave to sanaya plz

  4. Hii aila di????
    R u free to chat with me on TU?

  5. In private chats

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      U can text me on my wall… Or on insta…
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      1. In ur wall I will…:-)

  6. Kakali

    Well said Swara!!! be like this…loved it..
    Tnkx Aila …

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  7. Nice… post nex epi soon…

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  9. awesome… hey swara last line loved it….. short update… so update next part longer…. please update long episode… waiting to see swara burst out

    1. Aila

      Thnk u..m yes its a little short as m not getting much time… ?
      Keep reading … Will try to update soon?

  10. Rosey

    wow great yar i loved it

  11. Rosey

    plz upload next faster

  12. ohhhh…… Really feeling sorry for swara…… Especially the last dialogue brought a lump in my throat….. That single sentence shows all her emotions……. Awesome continue soon……..

    1. Aila

      Yes… Thnk u so much

  13. Vyshu10

    awesome….poor swara. I feel like crying seeing her condition

  14. Awesome
    Sorry for not commenting earlier

  15. Feeling bad for swara

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  17. Arshaanya

    Swaraz reply to all of dem was?
    Feeling so bad for her…I want to see strong swara… hate akira huh ??

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    poor swara.. huaaaaaaaaa
    luv it Aila ! continue soon

  19. Awesome part dear.. ?
    Poor swara.. Feeling sad for her. ? but loved hers last dialogue..
    Eagerly waiting for the nxt part.

  20. Niku

    Amazing chp. I liked it….

  21. Loved i❤️

  22. Tamanna

    Wow…. Loved it….. Amazing…
    Please update soon

  23. Osm dear…..n swara wz outburst wz just amazing…

  24. Very good swara…be strong

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  26. hey i have a question did you write piya rangrezz hate to love also

  27. Sanjanaagrawal

    Superb di …. loved swara’s bold answer at last ….

  28. Hi aila di!!! I read all your chapters in one go… They are amazing… You are an awesome writer.Please update soon and write long?

    And the baby in the pic with you is soooooooo cute?
    My God??

    1. Aila

      Hi dear…. Thnk u so much for reading the chaps…. Yes will try to update soon…thnk u

      Aww so sweet…. That’s my little sis…?? thnk u

  29. Hi dear!!
    I am a huuuuuuuuge fan of all your stories all the way from India….
    You are amazing and your stories are my favourite.This new story is awesome too.please keep writing.Update soon

    1. Aila

      Oh wow…another fan from india? m so glad dear …. Thnk u so much…. I will try to update soon… Plz keep reading

  30. One more thing aila mam!!! The baby is so damn cute….
    She looks so peaceful in your arms.
    Stay blessed both?

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        Stay blessed both of you ?
        Cutie baby ?

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    Awsm di i just loved ur ff ….i read ittoday only n i really liked it …pls update nxt pary soon . Eagerly waiting …

  32. Superb story line…. I just read all part of ur ff nice concept…. But plzz novel jaise mat end karna swasan ki love story thodi storng or achi rakho sanskar or swara ki romantic love story ho sad emotional story nhi….. & Plz next part soon waiting yrrr

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