Swasan_Journey from being stubborn to falling in love_Chapter 38 (Final Chapter)

Swasan_Journey from being stubborn to falling in love_Chapter 38 (Final Chapter)

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Today , Shona was home early. There was no one else at home because Ruhi had gone with Varun to Sanskar’s main house because she wanted to spend some quality time with Varun. Varun didn’t return back home even after his final exams have got over because he wanted to prepare for his entrance.

Seeing no one at home, I decided to make Shona blurt out her feelings for Sanskar in front of Kavya.

(Kavya) “Did Sanskar get back to you?”

(Swara) She still has the nerve to ask that, after all she has done.“No. He hasn’t. He said he wanted time to sort things off.”

(Kavya) She switched off the stove and sat on the dining table with me.“I can’t believe that you are in love with such a guy.”

(Swara) “Kavya! Can You Stop Insulting Him?” Just why can’t she shut up about this!

(kavya) “What are you getting so angry for? I am just telling what is happening.” Telling what happened! If you hadn’t provoked him that day, he wouldn’t have misunderstood my words.

(Swara) “No, you are not. You are twisting words. Sanskar is not like that.” He is not like that but I am scared if he will hate me now. Did he really misunderstand? He has not contacted me yet. I am terrified. What will I do if he decides to leave me? Really, I didn’t even think of a life without him hereafter. Do I need to think about it? I shivered. Even that thought seems to get me nervous. Will he fall for Kavya’s words? I cannot help but be anxious about things.

(Kavya) “Then, how is he?” She doesn’t even know a thing about him and still she provoked him. Really, why did I respect her so much in the past! But I will answer her, so that she can know what kind of a guy he is.

(Swara) “He is very patient, sweet and kind but stubborn and strict when it comes to some things. He doesn’t smooth talk. He is not a flirt. He is honest and tries to convey his thoughts such that it doesn’t hurt the other person but he hurts people sometimes without realising. He usually doesn’t complain but he complains when he dislikes something. He talks without reservation to anyone, be it a sweeper or the oldest client.”

(Kavya) “Anyone can tell this. You are attracted to him merely because of these qualities. It is simply infatuation, not love.”

(Swara) “But you seem to be creating trouble to know it. Why are you so adamant on wanting to know about this?”

(Kavya) “I am not adamant and I don’t see any problems out here.”

(Swara) “Ha ha, very funny” But Kavya looked serious from her indifferent attitude just now.

(Kavya) “Shona, as far as I can see, you and he grew up in different situations. There are not many who can understand your position. Many may pity you. Sometimes, pity may be mistaken as love. It will be a problem later on. I know you understand what I am saying” Yes, I know. I had that doubt myself but his looks, his attitude, his kisses, his skinship doesn’t lie. I know it is not pity. What about me? How did I fall in love with him?

(Kavya continued) “Staying silent isn’t going to get you anywhere. Why don’t you sit down and think for some time.”

(Swara thinks) Think! When did it start? I thought of him as a rich, spoilt grown up brat when I first met him, then someone who regrets his actions when he realises he is wrong, childish way of expressing things, strict and kind at the same time, will try to get what he wants in a better way, his open perusal, his open way of doing things without creating a negative impression on others, made me feel like why can’t I be like him? Is it really easy to trust people? What was I hiding from? He made me think. Really, when did I fall in love with him and for what? I smiled. There is no reason to fall in love, there is no logic.

(Swara spoke) “Kavya, I am not able to find a reason why I love him but I know that I love him. You ask me how, I just don’t know! I know I didn’t like him at first. I felt he was too arrogant but later on, I noticed he was kind, fun to be with, loves me even when he knew nothing about my family and his love didn’t change when he came to know everything about them. He patiently waited for me whenever I had doubt if I need to be in a relationship. He didn’t push me to a corner. He showed me the various choices I had. He accepted me for who I am and when he didn’t like a trait of mine, he told me frankly. When he pointed out what was wrong, it made me think why not change it? Like a father, he guided me and like a brother, he made me enjoy his company but as a lover, he made me feel that he is the person I need to spend my lifetime with. I love him, Kavya. I don’t know what more to tell.” I couldn’t help but keep smiling. It was like I have discovered a treasure. “Sigh. You say this, but I didn’t see him display jealousy. Isn’t it normal for people to show it right then and there? Isn’t it what you did when you didn’t know who Ragini was?”

(Swara continues) “He gets jealous, alright. He doesn’t show it. I learnt that he is one hell of an actor when I worked with him. When he told me about it, he understood when I said they are friends. He did say he didn’t like Sagar’s open intimacy and I don’t wish to make him jealous anymore, so the times I met Sagar after that, I made sure Sagar doesn’t cross the line.” I have been so caught up in my thoughts when I noticed Momsis, she looked at me in disbelief.

(Kavya) “This is incredulous. I can’t believe the amount of synchrony both of you have understanding each other. He actually told you that? It is like a kid telling what he doesn’t like without caring about the other. Maybe, you need to be a kid with your loved one. But still, I still can’t believe this! I accept defeat. Both of you win. Sanskar, you can come out. I am going to sleep now. Do whatever you want. You wanted to know why I am doing this, right? (She caressed my cheek) Shona, you may rebut me but when I saw you at the Kapoor mansion after Deendayal Dadaji died, you were like a doll that lost her emotions. I couldn’t bear to see you suffer anymore. My love for you rose from pity and I am glad that my lovely child is in hands of person who cherishes her. Good night, both of you.” She went back to her room. Sanskar was standing beside me.

(Swara) “What are you doing here?”

(Sanky) “Wow! I can’t believe that she provoked you for an answer and calmed you down as well. I must learn a lot from her.” What the hell is he blabbering? And he said he needed time to sort out his feelings; didn’t answer my calls, messages, mails and what not; now he is standing there as if nothing happened. The nerve of him!

(Swara) “Don’t try to hug me and flatter me. (I pushed him away.) Answer me. You said you were going out of town.”

(Sanky) “Yeah, I was not in town. I came back today morning. I had a nice chat with your friend and she isn’t all that bad.”

(Swara) He smiled back at me. I am so happy that he doesn’t hate me. I am glad that he understood me. I hugged him. Somehow, being with him eases me and at the same time, makes me feel so insecure. “Welcome back.”

(Sanky) “I am really happy. This is the first time you hugged me on your own.”

(Swara) “Stupid!”

(Sanky) “Yeah. I am sorry. I shouldn’t have spoken like that the other day. I didn’t get what you said till I thought what I love about you. Maybe, I fell for your stubbornness.” I looked at him. He wanted me to assent with him. Though I wish to, I am not going to. He has to suffer thinking like I did.

(Swara) “Really? You weren’t fed up to the extent that you decided that you would give up on me?”

(Sanky) “Shona!” He looked discomfited. This is what I wanted.

(Swara) “Anyways, what about dinner?”

(Sanky) “Since Mrs.Kavya isn’t eating, why don’t we go out?

(Swara) “I see. (Suddenly)

(Sanky) “How is Varun’s preparations?”
I liked whenever he showed concern for Varun. He has been prioritizing him and I am glad about it.

(Swara) “Varun’s prep is just fine.”

(Sanky) “Good then. Did he say anything else?” All of a sudden, he looked serious. So, Varun discussed this with him and not me.

(Swara) “Sanskar, you know, don’t you?”

(Sanky) “Know what?” He looked kind of guilty.

(Swara) “He thought that he could evade the matter around me. But I already read the prospectus. That course he wants to take, staying in dorms is a necessity, isn’t it?”

(Sanky) “Really?”

(Swara) “Don’t joke with me, Sanskar. You knew about this already, didn’t you?”

(Sanky) “Kind of. He was scared to tell you. He knew that you will get mad.”

(Swara) “I am not mad. I Am Furious. Does He Think That He Would Be Disturbing Me Or He Feels Awkward To Stay With Us At Your Home? He Could Have Told Me. If That Was The Case, Then I Would Not Have Accepted To Stay At Your Home.”

(Sanky) “Shona, calm down. Listen to me first.” He moved to my side and held my hand.

(Swara) “Talk”

(Sanky) “If you think he feels odd about staying with us, then you are wrong. He will be more comfortable at the main house more than you.”

(Swara) More comfortable? Thinking about it, he is staying there with Maa. It dawned on me, “That is why you sent him there.”

(Sanky) “Even I had this doubt, so when the chance came, I sent him there to stay. I didn’t think that he would be staying there till he goes to university. He likes mom and the place. Mom just adores him. She provides him with all the attention she was not able to give me. She says that she doesn’t need me for a son and would readily have Varun. Varun even calls maa as Badimaa. So, you don’t have to worry about that. But the course he wants to do necessitates it. Please let him stay. It is not like he is a kid. He can take care of himself.”

(Swara) I really want him to do what he wants but “Sanskar, how can I not worry? He is two years younger than the other students around him.”

(Sanky) “No one will know unless he tells his age. For his height and build, one can’t say he is just sixteen. If both of us stand together, I don’t think anyone would say that he is a boy almost ten years younger to me. Accept his decision, Shona. Otherwise, he has to take a course he doesn’t like or go to a lower rated college.”

(Swara) I realise I need to assent to his decision but both of them planned and talked about this without my knowledge. That is what I cannot accept. I glared at him but he didn’t give in either. “Sigh. So sneaky of you to do this. Fine, I accept.” I have to accept Varun has decided to consult Sanskar more than me. I just can’t digest the fact that I am his sister and he didn’t talk to me about anything.

(Sanky)“What are you still mad about?”

(Swara) “I am not mad.”

(Sanky) “Yes, you are”

(Swara) I don’t think I am very expressive but Sanskar always seem to guess my mood. “I can’t believe he told you all this and asked your help instead of directly telling me. He has been doing this from the time we started at the club.”

(Sanky) “He just didn’t want to worry you. Thinking about it, he always consulted me instead; maybe he knew then, though we hated each other’s guts the first time we met, deep down we fell in love with each other.” He held me close and sneaked a kiss. Maybe, I did fall in love a man who always has his way around things. “Shona, I love you. I can’t wait to start our life together.” He kissed her.

(Swara) “You better keep me happy, Sanskar, if not you need to answer to too many brothers-in-law.”

(Sanky) “Ha ha, that’s true.”


Four Years Later,

Swara’s POV

Uncle, Aunty, Akira, I (Swara) and my daughter Payal, we all had gone for my cousin’s wedding but Sanskar was not able to attend because of his meetings and busy schedule. The wedding of my cousin reminded me of our (Swasan) wedding.

Our Mandap was the best. The four corners of our mandap was with our photos and bot family side photos hanging around. It was the best wedding I could ask for. I had all the close and dear ones with me. Though our wedding had happened 4 years ago, I still live Sanskar as though we have just fallen in love. All cheering for us. It was a best feel and within a year I had given birth to our daughter Payal. She is eye candy of all and especially Sanskar’s.

Once the wedding of my cousin was over I had got a call from Lucky saying there was some important work and therefor I had to leave immediately. I hadn’t informed the same to Sanskar because I wanted to surprise him.

(Mr.Roy) “Sir, you seem listless today. I hope the meeting went well.” I was brought back to reality by Roy’s words.

(Sanky) “Yes, Roy. There is no problem at all. Sigh.” No problem at all. How I wish I could have taken off this week. All because of these sales meetings, I had to stay back.

(Mr.Roy) “Then, if I may ask, are there any problems at home, sir?”

(Sanky) “None at all. No problems. Just feeling lonely.” Going back home, where there is no one, is boring. To think that I lived like this before marriage is unimaginable.

(Mr.Roy) “Mrs. Singh did say that she was taking a vacation. What about Mrs. Swara?”

(Sanky) “She has gone to her Aunt’s house with Payal.” With Akira and the rest. Her eldest aunt’s granddaughter’s wedding. Really to keep in touch with all the relatives, in by itself, is a great task. I wanted to go with them but how can I ignore the company for a week after all the operations were handed to me? It is agonizing to back to an empty house, without Shona there. It is not like I have not been on trips or not been away from her but still every time we are apart I feel like I am missing something. I try to bury myself with work and reach the guesthouse just to sleep.

(Mr.Roy) “I see. That is why you have been having dinner outside. Then, I assume you would be working overtime today also?”

(Sanky) “Yes.”

(Mr.Roy) “I shall be leaving now.”

(Sanky) “You are leaving, Roy?” I was surprised to hear the workaholic man say he is leaving early.

(Mr.Roy) “We are celebrating my daughter’s selection into London’s Top University. After all the hard work she has put in, I must congratulate her as her father for her efforts.”

(Sanky) Like mother, like daughter. Every time I see Mrs. Roy, it is hard to believe that she is a researcher. Anyone would mistake her for a businesswoman.“Very good. Congratulations, Roy. Varun is also doing his Dual degree there. He said that he would be coming home this week. I don’t remember when. If you have any doubts or problems, you can always ask him.”

(Mr.Roy) “Thank you for the offer, sir. It is getting late. I better get going. Have a great evening, sir.”

(Sanky) Does he really mean it when he is saying that? How is an evening buried in work or staying alone, be ‘great’? “You too.”
He left. I could enjoy my day like any bachelor would, but I am too lazy to go out. I guess I could leave now and buy a movie to watch. Too much of work is also bad.

I parked my car and went in.

(Sanky) “Gilman, I am back. I will be needing dinner only at nine today.” Gilman was standing in front of me.

(Gilman) “Yes sir. Would you like coffee now?”

(Sanky) “Yes. Bring it to my room.” I went up. I hope this movie will be good. I opened the door, Payal jumped out.

(Payal) “Daddy!”

(Sanky) She hugged me. It brought me happiness that couldn’t be described with words. I hugged her back. “Payal! Baby! When did you come back?”

(Payal) “Just now! Mommy in shower.”

(Sanky) “Really? Let daddy change and come. Until then, go and play.”

(Payal) “Yes, Daddy! Play! Play! Play! Play!” She ran out saying play over and over again. Just as I closed the door, Shona came out.

(Swara) “Hi, Sanskar. How come you are late? Didn’t finish work on time?”

(Sanky)“Before that,” I took her in my arms and kissed her. How I yearn for her presence! This desire in me seems to be increasing more and more as I age. “Welcome back. I didn’t feel like coming back without you here. How come you are back so soon? Didn’t you say you won’t be back till Sunday?”
She blushed. She doesn’t go out very often in the sun anymore. She looks fairer now and when she blushes, her whole body becomes rosy.

(Swara) “I thought you might be lonely with no one at home. Once the reception was over, I decided to come back. Uncle, Aunty, Akira and children are back only on Sunday. Besides, I have a meeting with Laksh Bhai tomorrow. There is a problem in his accounts.”

She is embarrassed. Having her in my arms is………. This is Real Heaven. Gilman knocked on the door. That must be my coffee. Shona went in to get dressed.

(Sanky) “Come in.”

He kept my coffee on the table.

(Sanky) “Gilman, you didn’t tell me Shona was back.”

(Gilman) “It didn’t strike me, sir. I am very sorry for the inconvenience. Madam is also back home, sir. She reached just now.”

(Sanky) “Mom is also back? Ok, I will meet her after my drink and dinner at eight as usual. Thank you, Gilman.”

He left. Shona came back from the bedroom, dressed up. I wouldn’t say she still looks the same as when we got married. She has gotten even more beautiful after having Payal.
Now, she looks more stunning, even with a big belly. Seven months and that too twins. She wore a loose summer gown for comfort. I was scared to send her on this trip but she got the approval from the doc and argued that her relatives wanted to see Payal. She sat by me and started talking about the marriage, how Payal was everyone’s candy there, and others. Payal must be with mom since she didn’t come back searching for me. Before I knew it, it was eight already.

We went down for dinner and Varun had also entered.

(Varun) “Hello everyone!” He hugged Swara carefully and carried Payal who was running towards him and threw her in the air.

All had gathered around the table. We discussed about random things. We are also discussing about RAGLAK’s wedding that was going to take place. It felt like heaven having full family around.

After dinner, Shona went to put Payal to sleep. As I was about to go to sleep, I noticed the movie I bought. It was of no use after all. Roy’s wishes did come true. My evening was great. With all my loved ones around me, I couldn’t ask for a better evening. I really love it when my days are filled by my dearest. Shona came in; she looked earthly. No matter how much we fight, how many things we disagree on, I can’t imagine my life without her ever.

(Sanky)“I love you, Shona.” She blushed.

(Swara) “Why this confession suddenly?”

(Sanky) “I was just telling what I thought. You don’t love me now?” She caressed my face.

(Swara) “More than ever.” She kissed me on my forehead. This is my paradise, no OUR PARADISE.

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Guys there is another story that was erupting in my FF and that was of Raglak.. If u r interested lemme know… Its pure Raglak with Sanskar’s guest appearance and an extended cameo of Swara… If interested pls drop in ur comments..

Please remember me in your prayers.. Lots of Love and Hugs to all u guys

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