Swasan_Journey from being stubborn to falling in love_Chapter 34


Swasan_Journey from being stubborn to falling in love_Chapter 34
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We left from the party and Sanskar and I sat in his car.

(Swara) “Where are we going, Sanskar? This is not the way back to home.”

(Sanky) “Yeah, I know. This is a place you know, yet never seen.”

We went to Varun’s school. He got the security to open the door and we went on in.

(Swara) “Hey! Why are we here at Varun’s school? Sanskar, answer me.”

He went on to the roof without replying. The night was clear and icy wind was blowing. I wonder if it will snow.

(Swara again) “Sanskar, why are we here? It is cold. Can we go back? I am really sleepy. Aunt and uncle are coming tomorrow.”

(Sanky) “Shona! Don’t be a killjoy. Come here. You can see this only from the school rooftop and today the weather is great!”

(Swara’s POV) I am so cold. The cold air kept escaping in through my gown. I felt like I might freeze. Cursing him, I walked to his side, where you could see the whole campus. After the playground and the garden, was a lake. The moon’s reflection on it was so clear. It was so still like a painting. He is right. It would be impossible to have this view if not for
the icy weather.

(Sanky) “I know that I don’t have much of creativity but this is the first place we met. I misunderstood you at first, spoke ill of you, and didn’t respect you,”

(Swara) “All that, you realise only now?”

(Sanky) “Not really. I knew it from the first but………Shona, please don’t stop me.”

(Swara) I couldn’t help but smile at him. (Giggle) “Sorry, continue.”

(Sanky) “So, as I was saying, I didn’t even treat you as a person in the beginning and always tried to hate you at every instance I got. Maybe, I unconsciously I fell for you at first sight and tried every possible method to reason out that you weren’t the one for me. But Shona, as you tried to distance yourself from me I realised that I don’t want to be away from you. Will you marry me, Shona?”

I couldn’t help but smile. He spoke such classy lines for proposing but I know what his saying is true.

(Swara) Hugging him, “Even I tried to reason out my feelings for you but maybe, unconsciously, even I fell for you the moment I met you. But we couldn’t just go the other way, could we?”

He smiled at me. I never knew he could smile so sweetly.

(Swara continued) “I already told you, I wish to spend my whole life, if possible eternity with you. Of course, I will marry you, Sanskar.”

Tears started coming down my cheeks and I was smiling. I never knew I could cry when I am happy. He held me tight. He took my left hand in his and put a simple yet beautifully designed ring with turquoise in the middle.

(Sanky) “It is perfect. I thought I might get the wrong ring size. I didn’t know when to give you this. With this, I vow to you that I will love you forever and ever.”
He hugged me tight and kissed me. After some time, we came down.

(Sanky) “I completely forgot.”


(Sanky) Kissing me. “Happy Birthday, Shona. It’s past twelve.”

(Swara) Stood there blushing and said “Thank you for making this bday so spl”

I dropped Shona home and I took my car to the next door, both of us were eagerly waiting for the sun to rise and breakout to our families.

Sanskar earlier that day had gone to his mother’s house where Ragini and AP were teasing him. He told them that finally Swara has accepted to marry him. They both were overjoyed and AP started crying because she was happy seeing her son happy. She also told him to tell her that after wedding she has to stay with us and AP also said that she would not have a problem if Varun also stayed with us. After a light lunch I decided to head back to Swara’s house where I had to ask Varun if he would readily accept me as his Jijaji.

Swara’s POV

Morning Uncle and Aunty had arrived, and I was cooking when aunty suddenly asked what I was wearing in my ring finger. I was shocked that she noticed and then finally I told Bhua that I have accepted Sanskar’s proposal.
Hearing this aunty ran outside and told uncle and Varun. Both were happy and Varun was flying in the sky. Then I told my family the entire story of how Sanskar made me love him. They all were happy that Sanskar was the man in Swara’s life and both deserved each other completely.
Sanskar had then chipped in at our house and celebrations had started.

Third person’s POV

Then both of us had decided about family meet and decision for engagement and wedding was decided. In the family meet Sanskar’s paternal side family had come and they had accepted Swara with lots of love. AP did not tell any complication in Swara’s family. It was just said that Dev, Rajini and Varun are the only close relations of Swara. Swara was elated because of the support she got from AP and Sanskar. They had decided that the engagement party would be something like a wedding and wedding would be only with close and near dears. They wanted wedding to be private for which both of the families had agrees.

(Swara’s POV) As the preparations of our engagement had started, I had started feeling nervous. In fact both of us were busy with our work as well as engagement preparations. Our lives were just like a merry go round. Both our families had decided that Engagement Party would be huge but the wedding would be only among the closed ones.
Just before engagement one of Dadaji’s brother’s Daughter-in-law who was named Akira Gadodia had arrived with her two kids Ruhi (5 years) and Adi (3 years). She was a widow at a very young age and a psychologist. She joined the Maheshwari Group school as a psychologist and she was planning to settle down with us.

I had offered her to stay back at this place and she did not have to search for any other place since after wedding I anyways was going to move out to Sanskar’s house.
Sanskar knew about all the new developments that was taking around with my relatives coming to stay permanently and hence he decided that Varun could shift to his main house where his mother was staying and to continue his studies. Because with kids around the house and his exams, it would be difficult for him to concentrate. I agreed with Sanskar because I knew that what decision he takes for me and my brother will be right. I started trusting him blindly because I knew he wouldn’t break me.

Varun was hesitant in the beginning but he knew that it was best for him and hence even he had accepted Sanskar’s decision.

I felt secure with him. Whenever I saw him, I knew I wouldn’t get a better life partner than Sanskar.

{Sanskar’s POV : The reason why Sanskar had taken this decision was a combination of few more secrets that was unknown to Swara.

On the day when both my and Swara’s family had met for setting up of Engagement Date, I had noticed Varun a little sad. He had left the party in the middle and went to the terrace and sat. So I decided to confront him.

I asked “ Varun are you not happy with this engagement or is there any other thing that is bothering you.”

Varun :”Actually Jiju, I have a problem and I know only you could handle it but I did not know how to confront you.”

Sanskar “Are you feeling scared that I will separate you from Swara. If so, buddy you are wrong. I will never ever separate you from Swara.”

Varun “No I am not scared of that. It is about my studies. Actually the course that I want requires me to stay in dorms and I cannot travel long distances daily as the course requires a full hundred percentage of my attention. But if I tell this to Didi, she will not listen to me because ever since my kidnapping incident, she is scared. If I have to continue here, then I will not be doing the course of my choice. So I don’t know what to do.”

Sanskar (thoughtful):” I will talk to Swara about this but you have to promise me one thing. Whenever you get holidays, you have to come and stay with us. If after your course you take up a job in London then you have to permanently stay with us. I will not allow you to stay separately. If it is a deal then I will talk to Swara and get permission for you”

Varun (Happy): “Of course Jijaji, where else will I go if not to you guys. It’s a deal”
Both hugged each other happily. But Sanskar was tensed as it will be an uphill task to convince Swara. I did not spill the beans out to Swara since I knew she would not listen, I was waiting for the right time to come.}

On the day of the engagement:

(Rags) “Wow! Get going; people are waiting. Sanskar, one last thing, since you say it is like a wedding today, remember you won’t get a better girl than her. Don’t make her regret this decision in life.”
Like you need to tell me that! But, I wanted to irritate Rags.

(Sanky) “Thank you for your advice, little sister. Also, did you know Laksh Kapoor is here today and he is also invited to the wedding? I do hope next will be your marriage.”
Her face changed immediately.

(Rags) “Just shut up Sanky! Mind your own business. I don’t need you to play matchmaker for me.” She has never looked this angry in her life. What does she hate about him? But making one angry and tensed with 100% success can only be done by siblings. Rags is an easier prey to it than her younger sister Swati.

Changing the topic “Sanky, did you see Swara yet?” Why did she pop that question out of nowhere?

(Rags) “No. Why?”

(Rags) “You are in for the best surprise in your life. I took care of her makeup and rest. I am sure you will be shocked.”

(Sanky) “You did her makeup, eh? I should expect a bridezilla.”

(Rags) “Ha ha, Very Funny! It doesn’t make me laugh. Get going. It is getting late. Aunty is waiting for you. Get running already.”

(Sanskar’s POV) As I was going downstairs, I saw someone very beautiful enter the lift. I could only see the back. Very slender, walking style – sophisticated, her curls off her shoulders looked so natural; I wonder what kind of beauty she would be. Wait! Don’t even think about it! You have never thought about looking at a woman till now. No matter how beautiful a person is, Jo is the only one for you. Somehow, my eyes drifted to her. Why does she catch my eyes? She looks kind of like Shona, walking off majestically, the only difference is that Shona would never wear an off neck dress no matter how many times I tell her she looks awesome in that after the Christmas party. Somehow thinking of all these things, I didn’t want to look at the woman’s face.

(Sanky) “I am sorry, please go on ahead. I will go later.”

(Swara) “Sanskar! Don’t you recognise me?” What! It is Shona’s voice.

(Sanky) “Shona!”

(Sanskar’s POV) Honestly, I didn’t recognise her. She was in a dark bottle green gown. The gown fitted her so perfectly, you could see how curvaceous she is. I didn’t notice, since she always pulled up her hair, her short hair has grown longer. It was left free and the curls looked so natural. I was worried thinking how Rags would have done her makeup but it was not done thick or packed. It was perfect. So beautiful! All eyes will be on her. I wonder if I will be able to take my eyes off her.

(Swara) “Sanskar! Are you coming?”

(Sanky) “Yeah.”

(Swara) “Speechless?”

(Sanky) “Yeah. For a moment, I couldn’t recognise you. I never thought you would look so beautiful. You never dress up at all and this dress is the complete contrary of what you usually wear. I am falling for you all over again.” I couldn’t resist playing with her hair.

(Swara) “Yeah, Uncle said I must dress up for my engagement party. Aunty and Ragini didn’t let me go of me till my makeup was done completely. I usually brush up lightly for parties.”

(Sanky) “I guess Ragini did a good job. She even made up your hair.”

(Swara) “Hey, these are my natural curls. I usually keep my hair short but I have not been able to cut it in the past few months.”

(Sanskar’s POV) Listening to her being frank and open minded makes me feel very happy. She wouldn’t even talk about herself before, when we used to stay in club. Nevertheless I can’t complain because that was something that was bound to happen or else today wouldn’t have happened. I guess I am the luckiest person and I would want to cherish every moment with her and also Varun. He was like my brother and I adorned him.

(Sanky) “You should dress up, Shona but if you had, unfortunately, I would have never been able to see you. You might have been hitched long back.”

(Swara) “Ha ha. Ready, Sanskar?”

(Sanky) “Absolutely. I am not going to let you go for anyone, no matter how much they understand you and change themselves for you.”

(Swara) “Thanks and you don’t have to be jealous. I would always be by your side and even if you try to run away from me, I will break your bones with my Karate skills (chuckled).”

(Sanky) “No Shona you would never do that.. Anyways I will not run from you it’s a promise and today I am going to seal the deal for lifetime.”

(Swara) Entering the venue “So here we are. Are you ready to be hitched permanently and now no turning back?”

(Sanky) “May I, Ms. Swara Gadodia?” I offered my hand to her. “It’s a gesture that I will never leave you”

(Swara) “Yes, Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari.” She placed her hands on mine. I gently led her to the hall.

Precap: Rings exchanged and again a Blast from the past. This time what was the past about ?

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