Swasan_Journey from being stubborn to falling in love_Chapter 33

Swasan_Journey from being stubborn to falling in love_Chapter 33

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The scene continues from the party continues:

(Sanskar) “Ragini. Aa gayi Kabab mein haddi (Here comes the bone in the chicken)”

(Swara’s POV) He loosened his grip but held me fixed; still didn’t let go of me. I really want to run away from here.

(Sanskar) “Shona, meet again, Ragini Singh.”

(Shona) “Yeah!! I know, Ragini Singh…What?”

(Sanskar)“Ragini Singh. She never told you her last name, did she? Nor did you ask.”

(Swara’s brain virus started running)Singh. It is his dad’s surname, then, she must be “Your sister?” I looked at him, literally stunned.

(Sanky) “Yes. She is my younger sister. Technically, she is my father’s elder brother’s third child.”

(Swara shocked in her mind) I can’t believe this. I got jealous over his sister without knowing who she was. Oh my god! Ragini came closer to me and kissed me on my cheek.

(Rags) “Do forgive me, Swara. You are so small and cute. Especially, much cuter when you were angry at Sanky, I couldn’t help but tease you. I guess my teasing went too far. Will you forgive your would be Sister-In-Law?”

(Swara unable to get out of her shocked feeling and continued thinking) I didn’t know what to say. Seeing my relaxed expression I guess she understood that I forgave her.

(Rags teasingly to Swara) “Thanks for forgiving me. I am going on husband hunting. So Swara what do you think will Mr. Laksh like me?”

(Sanky) “Laksh who?”

(Swara) “Laksh Kapoor.”

(Sanky) “Oh! He is Mr. Veer Kapoor’s grandson. He is free now. He is a good choice for number 25, Ragini.”

(Rags) “Thanks. Hope he is number 25. See you later. Here you go Sanskar, key to my room. Take your quarrel there. People might come out hearing the noise.”

(Swara confusedly asked Sanky) “What is number 25?”

(Sanky) “That, we will worry about it later. Now our problem”
I took Shona to the next floor where Ragini has booked a room for herself. Ragini wanted to stay here for the day and move to mom’s house the next day. Unnecessarily wasting money for nothing! After we got inside, I made her sit and went out to bring some coffee to drink. She still seemed shocked after hearing Ragini is my sister. More probably shocked by her actions! But I am really happy the way she reacted. I am glad that Ragini’s idea really worked. Now I am confident. After she finished her coffee, (Sanky then spoke) “Calmed down? Reenergised to fight with me?”

(Swara) “Yes. (She took a deep breath and shouted) YOU IDIOT, DO YOU THINK I AM FOOL?”

(Sanky cunningly in his mind) This was the reaction that I expected from her. I wanted to laugh but seeing Swara all serious I decided to control my laughter and start talking to her.

(Sanky)“ So Shona if you do not mind, Can I explain?”

(Swara in an disgusted tone) “I will give you five minutes.” She sat with her hands crossed.

(Sanky) “Long story short, Ragini and I are closer in age. We have only a few months difference. I was worried about our relationship. Seeing me worried, she came to town to help me out. Don’t think she is all that great that she is here to help her brother. She is running away from marriage. So back to topic, she suggested that the simplest method to clear your doubt about your feelings was by making you jealous. If you become jealous, it means that you love me and if you didn’t care and if you were happy for me, it means I have to forget my love. Initially, I thought her plan didn’t work and almost concluded that you didn’t love me since you never complained. But as I was getting to know you were getting jealous, I really wanted to stop. But she wanted to continue till you were open about it. I thought going out of town will make her go back to her home. But it didn’t work. That day when you had come to office, I was feeling so guilty seeing you almost cry. I didn’t want to put you in such a spot. I didn’t realise how angry you were until now when I saw you storm out of the party before meeting me. Sorry. I am really sorry.” She kept quiet for some time. Then she softly said, “Idiot.” Of all the words to say, she says idiot yet no confession.

(When Sanky did not get any reaction from Swara other than the word idiot, it disheartened him and he let out the words)“Sigh. I give up. Let’s go down. Back to the party. Ragini will be waiting. I will drop you back home. Ok?”

(Sanky’s POV) Just as I was leaving the room, she suddenly pulled me back and kissed me. My mind went blank for a second. What did she just do? She kissed me, on her own. Wow! I never did dream…… wow! Our first kiss, by her! She slowly let me go and leaned on me, (Swara) “I love you, Sanskar. I want to spend my life with you. I have never felt this way with anyone and I don’t think I will feel too. Sanskar, will you forgive me for all I have done till now?”
Forgive she says, but I am filled with happiness that words can’t explain. I swayed her from her feet. I hugged her closer to me.

(Sanky)“Shona, this is the best thing I have ever got in my life. I don’t think that there will ever be another one like this. I love you so much, Shona. I am so glad I met you and fell in love with you. This is the best Christmas ever.” I kissed her. I didn’t want to leave her. But I cannot push my wishes on to her. I set her down slowly. Seeing the time to be 9.30,

(Sanky) “Shona, there is about two and half hours and could you please wait till then”

(Shona) “Fine, where you have been waiting for me for so long can’t I do so much for you. Let’s head down Sanskar.”

(Sanky’s POV) We went down and joined the party. As soon as we entered, Ragini took Swara away from my hands and went ahead in direction of Laksh Kapoor. From her attitude, I could guess that her tactics didn’t work on him. But he is no less compared to her seeing the number of people both have dated. If she does get him to marry her, it will secure a strong connection for business. I don’t wish for her to marry for business but……….. I went on moving from people to people killing time.
Swara asked Ragini: “Hey, what is the hurry?”

(Rags) “Swara, you must smash that guy. He said I was a sl*t. How dare he? I am the daughter of the Singh family and he has the guts to talk to me like that.”

(Swara) I stopped. “Wait! Wait, Ragini. Laksh Bhai isn’t like that. He is a gentleman. He never speaks rudely to ladies though his actions may imply something different. If he did say something like that, what did you tell for him to say such a thing?”

(Rags) “I didn’t tell him anything. I was just talking about business when he suddenly said it and left before I could say anything. I tried to talk to him to know why he told that, but he hasn’t given me a chance to ask and I can’t disgrace Aunty here by creating a scene. If this party was taking place at my hometown, he would have been thrown out and bashed without any explanation.”

(Swara’s POV) You can see her control her fury. She was trembling. If he really did say it, I will make sure he apologises. I smiled. She looked unsure. It sounds like she is almost begging but her anger can be sensed in her actions. Why would he do that? He surely doesn’t provoke women no matter how bad they are and he knows very well that she can’t talk back to him here. Laksh Bhai, I don’t know what you were thinking but I decided to talk to him. I left Rags and moved towards finding my dear so called bro Laksh.
I went straight to the group where all my friends and Lucky were standing (Swara) “Hey guys. What are you talking about?” (the entire Swara’s gang is talking. Her gang had comprised of Indians and Britishers)

(Sagar) “Hey, Swara. Lost time no see, bro. Give me a five!”

(Swara) “Sagar, I am a girl. So it is sis, not bro.”

(Theo) “You are only biologically a girl. Otherwise, you are like us.”

(Sahil) “That is not nice to tell that about a girl, Theo. Swara, Mom wants you to come home once in a while. When did you come here? I didn’t see you at all.”

(Swara) “I just came now. Thanks for the invitation, Sagar. If you don’t mind, can I borrow Laksh Bhai for a short time?”

(Theo) “Oh god! Swara wants to borrow you Laksh, run for your life!”

(Swara) “Ha ha. Nice joke, Theo. But still, I am borrowing him.”

(Sahil) “Go on, Swara. Come back for a cup of champagne or white wine, if you prefer?”

(Swara) “Not in this life. Order me some fruit juice, Sagar.”

(Frank) “Are you confident that we won’t mix alcohol with it?”

(Swara) “Try it.” I know it is not good to provoke them but if I don’t, god knows what they will mix. I pulled Laksh with me and went towards the cocktails. I pulled up a fruit juice to drink.

(Swara) “Why are you silent, Laksh Bhai? Don’t you have anything to say to me?”

(Laksh) “Not really. So what do you want, Swara?”

(Swara straight to the point) “What did you tell to Ragini?” “I told her not to hang on me.”

(Swara) “What makes you so sure she was hanging around you?”

(Laksh) “Don’t all girls do?”

(Swara) “You sure are self-centred. I usually ignore that but not today. Why do you think she is hanging around you?”

(Laksh gave a platonic answer) “Rich husband hunting”

(Swara angered) “I thought so” (Swara in her mind) Such a self-centred person. Why can’t I have nice people around me! She was telling those things for fun! She has no need for a rich husband.

(Laksh) “What did I say wro……….. Augh…”

(Swara’s POV) Without letting him complete his sentence I just punched him in his stomach. Usually, I would have shouted at him but I talked into his ears.

(Swara) “You dumb headed bro! She has no need to go husband hunting. She has guys standing in queue to marry her. She is one of the Singh family’s heirs and one of the directors in the Maheshwari main company and Singh group. You should know that you are endangering your company’s business by your actions. If I were you, I would apologise to her.”

(Laksh) “Cough………….. Cough…….. Your punch is as strong as ever. But aren’t she and you at swords? Why are you sticking up for her?”

(Swara’s POV) Of course, I will stick up for her! I wouldn’t have spoken ill of her even if she was Sanky’s girlfriend. When did I speak ill of her? I was annoyed by her actions. If she is such a person to annoy me, I dont think I will be hanging out much with her in the future but if it was a act, thats another story. Now that I know that all of it was an act to make me fess up, it makes me like her more for supporting her brother.
(Swara) “What? What gave you that idea? Even if we are fighting, I am not going to tolerate any guy badmouthing even a pr*stitute. I am sure grandpa taught you how to treat a woman. Now go on and clear this mess before I by mistake chat this up to him. Bhai, never ever use words against girl or I will make sure you get in a scandal you can’t get out of. Remember the last time?”
(Laksh) “Fine, fine. I get it.”
(Swara) “If possible, accept a slap from her and later we will have a match between Varun and you to see who is stronger. Is it good?”
(Laksh) “Slap is fine, but why should I fight Varun? He must have become insanely strong. You are being too full of yourself. I won’t fight Varun.”
(Swara) “Ok.” Laksh was taken aback.
(Laksh confusedly) “Really? Strange to see you accept without a fight.”
(Swara)”Yeah yeah, I don’t want to ruin my happy mood today.”
(Laksh) “Happy Mood? Are you mad? You want me to get slapped and it is happy mood?”
Complaining, he went towards Ragini and took her to the balcony. I went back to the guys. He better not make things worse.
He came back within few minutes. He looked mad but he didn’t tell anything. There was no mark on his face. I am sure he would have offered to get a slap. Why didn’t she do it? Any girl would have. Did she intend to hit him with business?
(Theo) “Hey Lucky, you look mad? Did that girl reject you?”
He glared at me. No use glaring at me. You made the mistake. (Swara) “Yeah Bhai, did you confess to her?” My words snapped him.
(Laksh) “As If! I don’t think I have gone dry of girls so much that I need to confess to anyone. Besides, my standards haven’t gone that worse yet. I was apologising for a misunderstanding. Nothing else”
All of them were amazed because they all know that Ragini is exactly the type of girl that he dates.
(Frank) “Lucky (Laksh is also called as Lucky), has your eyesight gone bad? She is totally your type, dude.” Sahil cleared his throat.
(Sahil) “Frank, he is not going to agree, cause…… he has completely fallen for her.”
(Swara) “Oh my! Really Bhai?” His nerves were popping. I am enjoying this thoroughly. But I don’t think it will be long before I am in Laksh’s position.
(Laksh) “Shut up”
(Swara) “Hey, guys, Laksh wants to fight with Varun. Wanna fix a date for the matches? It has been so long since we got together. It will also be a break for Varun from all his studying.”
(Sahil) “Yeah, Varun’s also learning karate. He must have advanced now. Lucky is also a karate fighter, isn’t he? Sure, Master vs. Student.”
(Lucky) “Hey! I am not fighting.”
(Sahil) “Don’t be a spoilsport. We are calling the whole gang back together. I don’t think one day is going to hurt.”
(Lucky) “Even if you do that, I am not fighting.”
(Swara) “Scared that you will lose?”
He knew that he couldn’t get out of this without telling why I want him to fight Varun. He sighed.
(Laksh) “Fine, go ahead and plan it then. Since the gang is being called back, why not Swara also fight?”
(Swara in her mind) Me? I don’t mind but Uncles and aunts will be angry if they knew about it.
(Frank) “Hey, she is the only girl. I don’t think any of us are ready to fight her.” Frank is a real sweety. He really hates testing who is better, girls or boys.
(Swara) “I don’t mind. I don’t like gender bias. So, who will be against me?”
(Frank) “You want us butchered, Swara?” Oh! He is worried about the scoldings.
(Sahil) “Frank is correct, you know. We will be butchered to pieces, all twenty of us, by our parents but mostly by Lucky’ grandfather if he knew about it. You know all our parents listen to Grandpa Veer’s words and Swara is Veer gramps’ favourite.”
(Swara) “Only if he knew”
(Sagar) “Ahm….. about that, let’s decide on the day of fight. I like Lucky’s idea. I don’t mind fighting Swara.” We kept chatting and time went by. All of a sudden, I heard Sanskar’s voice behind me.
(Sanky) “Excuse me, if you don’t mind, can I borrow Shona?”
(Swara blushed and in her mind)Drat! He said Shona. Of all the people to call me like that in front of, he had to do it here! Though I like it when he says but at least not in front of them.
Sagar pulled me up from Sanskar’s side and hugged from behind facing Sanskar, “Sure, but who are you to call our precious girl Shona?”

(Swara again in her mind) Sanskar and I just reconciled and Sagar is creating misunderstandings already.

(Swara) “Let me off, Sagar. (I pushed him off) Sanskar, let me introduce you to the Knights in Shining Armour, Sagar, Frank , Sahil and Theodre and of course,Laksh Kapoor. Guys, Sanskar Maheshwari.”

“Nice to meet you all. Can I borrow her?” He extended his hands out to me.

“Not yet.” Frank pulled me back as I was about to get his hands.

(Swara) “Frank!!!!” Seriously, these guys need to give me a break!

(Theo) “Come on baby, we are allowed to call you Swara and yet, he calls you Shona like grandpa. We don’t like it.” Theo caught the point.

(Sagar) “You get mad every time we called you Jo and now, you are allowing somebody else to call you Shona?”

(Lucky) “Let her go.” Laksh was smiling slyly.

(Sahil) “But Lucky?”

(Laksh)“She better do some explaining on the day of tournament.”
He kept smiling at me like I was caught in theft by him. Did Veer Dadaji tell him already?

“Thank you Lucky bhai, but I don’t owe you any explanations.”

Precap: Where did Sanky take Swara and go??

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