Swasan_Journey from being stubborn to falling in love_Chapter 32

Swasan_Journey from being stubborn to falling in love_Chapter 32

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The next day, being a Saturday I (Swara) decided to go for shopping. For a foul mood, shopping always makes me feel better and even Varun had decided to hang out with his friends. I never thought Sanskar will be the one to put me in such a mood. By lunch, I realised that I had shopped too much. So I decided on going back home after having lunch. As I was heading for a restaurant, I saw Sanskar carrying a bunch of bags more than mine and Ragini with him coming out of a classy mall. Here I thought I can improve my mood and seeing them my mood was again back to square one!

Though I must say, she is quite a beauty. A type any guy will fall for. She is as tall as a model, not to say perfect curves, long hair that is almost brownish hair, beautiful, elf like face, even the dress she wears compliments her very well. She and Sanskar looked very good together. Sigh. Seriously, Swara, you came to shop to get rid of these feelings and now…… I wanted to ignore them completely and wanted to pass by them especially Sanskar. I don’t think he will recognise me among all the people, but fate.

(Ragini) “Swara! What a coincidence to see you here! Shopping? What did you get? Sanskar here isn’t allowing me to buy anything just because he is paying. He doesn’t even allow me to spend a few grands. Isn’t he mean?”

I saw him. He averted eyes from me as if I would ruin his good mood.

(Swara) “I guess. But he is always generous towards the ladies who are a beauty and the ones he likes; I am sure he will buy whatever you ask for. Didn’t you get one for me, Sanskar?” She looked at him. He didn’t show any response.

(Swara) “Anyway, I think that I should leave. My shopping here is over. So……………….”

(Swara’s POV – it’s all the thoughts that was running in Swara’s mind ) But Ragini dragged me along with them for Lunch and she didn’t want to listen a “No”. My mood had just got worst and I wanted to run away. Please bhagwanji help me. I want to run away, why you are testing my patience. Bhagwanji please do something. She wanted to cry but her dumb tears would not come out in front of Ragini. It rolled down only in front of her Dadaji and obviously the person who is in front of me but with someone else

Then we had gone to a posh Italian restaurant and even there Ragini was only chatting and Sanskar and I were just quiet. She always mentioned that she was the only girl that Sanskar is closed. This irked me. I was just wondering if he had told her about the love confession. I doubt because he was so comfortable and enjoying her company. The moment we all had our lunch, I excused myself and ran from there.

(Swara’s POV continues) When I came back home, it was almost evening and I was damn tired not because of shopping but because of the afternoon instances of seeing them together. I have to accept, Sanskar is handsome, manly, and also rich, any girl will fall for him. Tall, well built, his black hair shining, sky blue eyes, a confident aura, charming personality, so hard to get angry at him and you can’t stay angry with him. You can’t ignore his presence. He brightens the room the moment he enters. Sigh. What to do? I am not able to stop thinking about her and Sanskar. Why must Sanskar upset me so much?

Almost a month is over from then. I haven’t seen him at office either. Christmas is coming and so is my birthday, which is on Christmas. Varun was busy preparing for entrance exam for getting into the university and his last term exams of school.

I had come to the Maheshwari company for the review of whether the plans that I had formulated are on track or whether it needs any changes. While I was concentrating on my work,

(Roy)“Ms. Gadodia”

(Swara) “Ahhh… Yes, Mr. Roy. Sorry, I was preoccupied. The plan is going as per schedule at a good speed.” “Yes. That’s good to hear but that is not what I came here to talk about. There is a party hosted by the company on 24th December, will you be able to make it?”

(Swara was thinking) This year Uncle and Aunty are coming over for Christmas. Varun said he won’t be able to go for dinner because he has mock test on 27th. I might as well attend the party and let him study in peace.

(Swara) “Yes. I can. Also, I haven’t seen Sanskar around. Where is he?”

(Roy) “He didn’t tell you? Funny! He has been out of town for a month for work. He didn’t specifically tell why. I guess he has gone for training under the Singh family (Singh family is his paternal side relation).”

(Swara) “Oh. When will he be back?”

(Roy) “Don’t know. I haven’t got any information. But he should be back by Christmas. For a change, he has a partner for the party which he personally called up and asked me to enter.”

(Swara) “Really? (I exclaimed) Who would it be?” Roy looked at me with doubt.

(Swara quickly came back to her senses and said) “Not that you need to tell. Just asked out of interest since last time he asked me to be his escort.” I don’t think my reasoning convinced him but

(Roy)“Even I don’t know who is she. But If you want, I can look up and tell.”

(Swara) “Not necessary, Mr. Roy. Thank you.”

After a quick conversation with Mr. Roy, I headed towards Sanskar’s cabin to report to Ragini. Ragini has been taking care of his work. She doesn’t talk anything else except work unlike before, when in front of Sanskar. Even if she talks about anything other than work, it is always about how unyielding Sanskar is but how sweet he is to adjust for her. Her bragging has gone on and on without any limit. I have had enough. Somehow, I feel better talking with anyone else than Ragini. She makes me feel so irritated.
I was about to leave when I saw Sanskar entering, he looked pale and I immediately kept my anger aside and ran to him. I asked how he was and he said he was fine and he did not talk further. From Behind Ragini came and told Sanskar let’s go back to home, as we both have to decide on what we are wearing for Christmas party because being your date I have to be perfect. Swara was shocked and felt betrayed by Sanskar. I left from the company immediately.
Very soon, the day of the party came. I was not able to meet Sanskar till now and even if we met, I was not able to speak with him properly because of Ragini. Today, I am going to break up everything, friendship, business ties and …., everything with him.

I arrived late at the party. As I entered, I saw Sanskar, Ragini and his mother being merry. My mood was ruined. I went in search for Veer Dadaji but instead of Dadaji I met Laksh Kapoor, his grandson and my bro there. I was talking with him, while we were chatting Laksh had seen something.

(Laksh) “Swara, danger incoming.”

(Swara) “What?”

(Laksh) “A very pretty or should I say, hot girl is approaching you. Did you talk with her boyfriend or what?”

I turned to see Ragini coming.

(Swara)“I didn’t snatch away any guys from their girlfriends, Lucky Bhai . You need to stop your jokes. If you don’t like it being here with me when she talks, you can go.”

(Laksh) “I don’t like cat fights, though the girl is just my type. Be careful.” He whispered in my ears and left.

(Swara) “Yeah right.”

(Rags) “Hello, Swara. Nice to meet you once again babes. I almost don’t know anyone here. By the way, who is Mr. Handsome you were talking to?”

(Swara) “Oh you mean Lucky Bhai? Just a friend. You look terrific today.” But in my mind I just said Why don’t you just leave? I really am not in my best moods today.

(Rags) “So do you. You look very different to the plain girl I saw the other day.”

(Swara in her mind)Sorry for being plain. (Swara then spoke) “True. I don’t put makeup on unless it is necessary for the occasion.”

(Rags)“As in for rich husband catching?”

(Swara got angry and thought) Rich husband indeed! (Swara then spoke) “It is a pity that I am not in need of money that much. I am sure that I have some cash, to survive, there in my account left for me to live the rest of my life comfortably.”

(Rags)“You wouldn’t get a husband with such a tongue, my dear.” Like I care!

(Swara) “At least, I am not in need of anyone right now.”

(Rags)“But I do see an eligible man other than your Laksh Bhai. What do you think about Sanky?”

(Swara)“A very good businessman and a good client.”

(Swara again going back to her thought process) And a horrible person! What is her intention? Why is she asking me about Sanskar?

(Rags continued) “A very romantic fellow, isn’t he?”

(Swara) “I am sorry. I am not aware of it.” What is she getting at?

(Rags) “Too romantic for my taste. I went ahead and asked him if he would date me, that time the nerve of that man, he rejected me and told he is in love with a girl.”

(Swara in her mind with little relief) So finally, he said it to her. I was thinking of breaking off without listening to explanation but I guess I should at least listen since he had the mind to say that he is already in love.

(Swara spoke with little happiness) “Too bad”

(Rags) “Yes, but seeing that he has not brought her as a date, I must say I have a chance with him, don’t I?”

She just doesn’t know when to give up; just like Sanskar. But she is being annoying to the core.

(Swara) “I guess.”

(Rags) “But even Mr. Laksh is good.”

(Swara) “I don’t know if he will be interested. I have known him for years and once the girl he dates starts getting on his nerves, he dumps them cruelly. I am sure you wouldn’t like that.”

(Rags) “I am sure I can manage if I try. Besides, I don’t think I am any less in the number of guys I have dated.”

(Swara) “I am not that sure, since I know him for a long time.”

(Rags) “Can you introduce me to him?”

(Swara in her thoughts) I wouldn’t pair her up with anyone. She is already having Sanskar and now she is behind Laksh. She is just getting on my nerves and hence I decided that I would take a leave.

(Swara Spoke)“Do forgive me but I feel sick. I think I should be going home now. Bye, Ragini.”
I went to say bye to Sanskar’s mother. I was in no mood to meet Sanskar and I didn’t want to spend the beginning of my birthday in a place with either Sanskar or Rags. As such

Rags is getting on my nerves, don’t know if it is because I am jealous or she is really irritating.

(Swara to AP)“Bye, Mrs. Singh. I feel sick. I am leaving now.”

(AP gave me a concerned look) “Really dear? You came just now and leaving already. Maybe the weather doesn’t suit you. Take care. Did Sanskar introduce Ragini to you?” (Swara POV)Even she talks about Ragini!

(Swara) “Yes. I met her at Maheshwari headquarters long back and I had a nice chat with her today also.”

(AP) “Really! That is good. Does Sanskar know that you are leaving? Wait, let me call him.”

(Swara) “No, not necessary. I am leaving, Mrs. Singh.”

I almost ran away from there. I don’t want to see him. Not when I am not confident about what I am going to say. As I was heading towards the elevator, Sanskar came chasing me.

(Sanky) “Hey, Shona, wait. Why are you leaving so impatiently (grabbing my hand)?”

(Swara) “Let go of me. I am going home and please Mr. Maheshwari stop calling me Shona.”

I struggled to break free from him. Though I started liking when he called me Shona but seeing him with Ragini, I think he has lost the right of calling me Shona.

(Sanky in a teasing tone) “Why? Didn’t you enjoy the party?”

(Swara in anger) “I loved it so much that I am sick of it. So let me go.” He pulled me closer. I don’t want to see him now. I might cry, scream and what not!

(Sanky)“Hey, don’t be so unreasonable, Shona?”

(Swara) “Who is being unreasonable? Go and enjoy your date with Ragini. Forget about me. With this, today, we are through. I am going home.”

He let go of me but then again he continued his teasing by laughing aloud. I was startled. He pulled me very close to him, hugged me and held me firmly in his arms. I was not able to break out. “Are you jealous?” He hit right on spot.

(swara) “No.”

(Sanky)Whispering in my ears “Tell the truth” It was like a magic charm. I almost fell into his spell. I shouted at him.


He kept whispering into my ears, (Sanky) “Come on, Swara Gadodia. You are jealous that I didn’t invite you as my date and you are jealous to see another girl beside me. Tell me.”
At this rate, I might tell him what is on my mind. I need to get away from him. I still couldn’t break from his arms. He held me so tightly that I couldn’t even wriggle. I had no choice but to give in.

(Swara blurts out)“I admit that I am jealous. You said you loved me and yet, for the past few days you were with her. You didn’t even care to explain to me about her.” He looked at me smiling slyly.

(Sanky teasingly)“You know you look so hot in a black dress, better than Ragini.” Irrelevant!

(Swara angered) “Please, let go of me. I don’t want to talk about who looks better and who doesn’t!”

(Sanky) He lowered his head on my shoulders. His whispers sent shivers through my body. “You look good in White (she wore it in the first party where she was Sanskar’s date) but stunning in Black. You never wear off neck dresses. You look so hot in this black off neck gown. Black colour makes your skin look lighter than usual. Your skin looks almost cream. Cream and Black, so sensual” He kept nuzzling my neck. It felt weird. I wanted to push him off.

(Swara) “Sanskar, let go of me before I hit you.” He raised his head from my shoulders. Finally, I won’t feel strange but I could still feel his breath on my neck and tingly.

(Sanky) “You are still resisting? I can’t believe this. Ragini is such an idiot for telling me to do this and I am much more of an idiot than her to actually do it. Can I explain? After listening, you can go.”

(Rags) “She can’t go anywhere since you are holding her so tight, Sanky.”

Precap: Will Swara accept her feelings and some more..

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