Swasan_Journey from being stubborn to falling in love_Chapter 28 And 29


Swasan_Journey from being stubborn to falling in love_Chapter 28 & 29

Hello folks. If you have missed Chapter 27, please find the link that is attached below ( . Let’s continue with our journey. I know I am giving short updates but it is just matter of another 16 episodes.. So till then please bear with me .. Till may 22nd I will be irregular but I promise as and when I find time I will upload the FF… But please please don’t forget me…. It’s a humble request…. I really love you guys and I will be missing you guys for sure..

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Chapter 28 :
He looked at me. Shona still hasn’t let go of me. I didn’t know if I was supposed to break off from her. Seeing me hesitate,

(Dev) “I will drop him. You can leave.”

After Rahul left, “Swara, come here, let Sanskar go. He is unable to move. Come here, honey.”
She didn’t raise her head. She left me and silently went over to her uncle. He hugged her and motioned me to get the car and threw the car keys. What does Shona have to do with Sen to get upset? Wait a second; Uncle said Sen’s grandchildren are Priya & Ved. Aren’t they Shona’s and Varun’s names, before they were adopted by their Dadaji? Then, he must be their Nanaji. He didn’t even recognise her.
Hasn’t he ever seen her? Too many questions were in my mind as I took the car and came. I couldn’t ask her about it. Even so, why does he need me to stay? In the car, Shona took the back seat.
(Dev) “So Swara, you want me to tell about that person to Sanskar?” I couldn’t see her face but I am sure she would be frowning right now.
(Shona) “He is not an idiot. He would have figured it out by now. You know who he is, don’t you, Sanskar?” The tone of her voice, mockery, was obvious. There is no sign of the girl who was scared and shivering moment back. She is back to normal. “Let me guess. Is he your Nanaji?”
(Shona) “Yay! 100 points to Sanskar. It is not a surprise after uncle reminded Mr. Arvind Sen, his grandchildren’s name.” Her sarcasm hasn’t disappeared. Yup, she is back to normal.
(Dev) “What? Am I at fault here? He asked for your names. Be happy that I didn’t tell him it was you.”
(Shona) “Yeah right, like you would have told him. You are the last person who wants to see me miserable. You must have tons of questions to ask, don’t you, Sanskar?”
(Sanskar) “Maybe, but I do not wish to know unless you want to talk.”
“Oh my! What a gentleman, isn’t he, uncle?” Why can’t she just answer normally? But, I am not going to give in to her.
(Sanskar) “I will take it as a compliment. A compliment after such a long time from Shona is good to hear.” “It is not a compliment.”
“I said I will take it as one. Where do you want to go?” I am sure she is grumpy right now.
(Dev) “Go to the house. I haven’t seen it still. And I think the movers from my house will be coming there this afternoon.”
We arrived at the house. Shona showed uncle around the house, while I waited sitting on the bench in the garden. Why did uncle want me here? He wouldn’t have specifically told Rahul to leave because he wanted me with him to see the house.
(Dev) “It is a nice house, Shona. I think Sanskar must have built it, with you in mind.” Does he know!? I doubt it. I don’t think Shona is a person to share such things with her uncle.
(Swara) “Thank you, Uncle. I am sure this would be one of the many houses he has.” Why can’t she drop the sarcasm? Or is she doing it on purpose?
“That is true. The house next to this one is also mine or more precisely, my mother’s.”
(Dev) “Why don’t you get me something to drink other than water, Swara? I will wait here.”
Shona looked at him. It was like she was fighting with him in a staring contest. Seeing defeat, she left. Seeing her turn around the corner, he suddenly spoke, (Dev) “Finally, she left. It will take her at least ten minutes to come back. So Sanskar, you want me answer your questions?” He wants to explain about the things that have happened.
(sanky) “Thank you for the offer, but I still prefer her to answer them.”
Dev was happy seeing Sanskar’s love for Swara. He told him that Swara would marry a person of my choice and I approve of you. If you want I can right away fix up the alliance.
Sanskar said “Uncle, I am glad you like me but I will wait till Swara accepts me as her lover”
Dev again said that I know you will break the wall that she has formed around her and I am happy that my Damaad would be you because Swara cannot get anyone better than you.
Just then Swara arrived. After the soft drink that Swara had got, Uncle got up abruptly and told that he was leaving and Sanskar would help Swara with the moving as he is getting old.
When the movers had arrived, both youngsters had arranged the house. After arranging both discussed about their past.
Swara had told that the reason why she hated love was because of her parents and she didn’t want to make the same mistake what her parents did and Sanskar shared about how his mother ignored, later how he got to know the reason why his mother ignored and his growing lover for his mother.
Then it was time for Sanskar to leave, as he knew he would not able to control his emotion that he had for Swara
Precap : Two months leap
Chapter 29:
Two months went by in a giffy.
I was fixed with work to be done from home than from clients’ place. Once the data is organised, my work time will be reduced drastically. Varun went to the club with his friends on Sundays. Sometimes, on request, I cooked food for Sanskar and sent them. I didn’t have time to go and meet Sanskar. With next week, Maheshwari group’s contract will be over. I just need to go to the meetings, for checking how the plan is being implemented. I didn’t have the time to think about Sanskar and my feelings.
On Monday, when I was waiting in the conference room of Maheshwari’s company, Sanskar came in with Mr.Roy.
(Sanky) “Hi, Shona. Today’s meeting will be with me and not Roy. Over the next two days, we will be discussing and finalising the plans and others. Mr. Roy, you can go now.”
(Roy) “Here you go sir, the files. See you later, Ms. Gadodia.”
(Sanky) “Get ready to answer my questions. Mr. Roy, please go and check over the reports that arrived in the morning.”
(Roy) “Sure, sir.” As much as I wish for him to stay, Mr. Roy also looked like he wanted to stay, but Sanskar can be very obstinate at times or should I say, most of the times. Seeing Mr. Roy leave,
(Sanky) “So can we start, Shona?”
(shona) “Ready when you are.”
Sanskar is a sure taskmaster when it comes to work. Surprisingly, he listened patiently and asked relevant questions as and when required and made sure the strategy was a solid plan with the required space for change. He is tiring and harder to deal with than Roy. Maybe, that is why he is the President when young. Roy did say that he was brought up with the sole propose of leading the Maheshwari group and Sanskar was also dedicated since he loved his grandfather, who looked after him after his father died. But, he must really give me a break and listen to what I have to say. Once I start my sentence and he understands, before I complete it, he moves on to the next topic of discussion. He is really irritating in this aspect. I am surprised people can even work under him without throwing their papers in within a week.
The meeting had got over as planned. (Swara in her mind : Finally I have got a break for my holidays.. Luckily all my meetings with the scheduled clients have got over and for next one weeks I am free.. I am just super happy.. it feels amazing going to my village.. My Dadaji’s home)
Soon Swara’s thoughts were disturbed by Sanskar.
Suddenly, Sanskar asked me what I was doing the next week. Swara replied that she was going to her town along with Uncle, Aunty and Varun to visit her Dadaji’s grave on his death anniversary (His body wasn’t cremated unlike the Hindu customs because Swara wanted to be close to him)
Sanskar asked if he could join them on. Swara said yes but on one condition that he completes work on time and if he gets a nod from Mr. Roy because even on the day of shifting, he had skipped work and later had to pull an all-nighter.
Sanskar was angry as being the boss he had to take permission from Mr.Roy but nonetheless he accepted Shona’s challenge.
Shona’s family was very happy when they heard Sanskar was going to join them.
As promised he had completed his work on time by pulling all-nighters and he was able to join Shona’s family for this nice and long trip.
During the drive, Sanskar was tired and hence he had slept while others preferred chit chatting.

Precap: A week’s holiday and Sanskar learns about confusion that is there in Swara’s mind.

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