Swasan_Journey from being stubborn to falling in love_Chapter 25 and 26


Chapter 25
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Next day, fortunately or unfortunately, she came for breakfast. I decided it is best to separate myself for some time from her and clear my thoughts and actions. After breakfast, I told her that there was a house for sale and asked if she wanted to see it. She seemed surprised but she came with me. It was just behind Varun’s school – five minutes’ walk. The compound wall is huge. Inside, in the middle of the garden or maybe a small forest, is a small and cosy house. There is a corridor connecting to a separate building, the office outside and a separate entrance for the same. By the entrance to the house, there is a waiting space connecting to the living room and open kitchen. Opposite to the kitchen are two rooms which are connected to the garden outside. By the entrance of the rooms are stairs connecting to the first floor which has about five rooms of different sizes. It fits her need. We saw the interior and went out. We were looking around the house. I have never seen her so excited. I guess she will buy it. I don’t know if my feelings will fade. She hates me as it is. So, maybe if I confessed and she rejects I can move on. I stopped walking and stood still deep in my thoughts.
(Swara) “Finally, I got it. Thanks, Sanskar. It is everything I wanted. I like this house so much. You were asking why I need to work so much; to buy a house like this; with my own money, not to rely on Dadaji’s. Yes! I finally got it. Sanskar? Sanskar? What happened? Why did you stop?”

(Sanky in his mind) She was walking back towards me. I didn’t know what to say or what to do. I won’t be seeing her again.

(Swara in her mind at the same time) He stopped as we were walking around the house. Why? What was the reason? I finally got my house, he doesn’t like it? I don’t care about it.

He wanted me out of his place and I wanted to be out of his place. I walked over to see what his problem was.

“Sanskar!” (shouted Swara)

Suddenly, he(Sanky) carried me and hugged me firmly yet gently and buried his head on my shoulder. What is he doing?

(Swara)“Sanskar, let go of me. What prank are you trying to pull here?”

(Sanky) “Shona”, he called me in a soft gentle voice.

(Swara in her mind) The way he called me, made me feel all tingly. He looked up. We were in the same eye level. His blue eyes, looking into mine fixated me. No, no, no! What is he doing! I struggled to break free.

(Swara said)“What? Let me go.”

Looking into my eyes, he(sanky) said “Shona, I love you.” It was almost like a whisper. Like a spell, it bound me for a second. I couldn’t answer him. Looking disappointed, he buried his head between my shoulders and still didn’t let me go. All these days, I thought he hated me. Now, he says he loves me. Even if he says he loves me, I…………………

(Swara) “Sanskar, let me go.” He didn’t budge.

(Sanky) “No. Not until you answer.” I don’t even care about him. But I don’t want to hurt him like I have hurt others, I don’t understand why; yet, I cannot say that I love the person if I didn’t.

(Swara) “Sigh. Sanskar, I don’t love you. Not right now. I like you. You have changed a lot from when I saw in Varun’s school but I don’t feel anything towards you. I am sure, you are not clear about your feelings as well. We have known each other for not even a month. So please……”

He let me off slowly.

(Sanky) “Shona, it is true that I am not clear about what I am feeling right now. I tried every way to fight with my mind that I didn’t love you but I don’t know what else to describe these feelings I have as. I don’t want to part with you. My days have been fun and hectic ever since you came into my life.”

(Swara said to Sanskar abt her parent’s past)

{ Flashback begins
“True love takes time, months, maybe even years, to form. I told you, my parents are lawyers, but I never told how they met. Dad ran away from home when he was thirteen. He studied law with help of his wrong friends in order to help them out. Mom was a famous public prosecutor’s daughter. They met when father was in his last year of college. It was love at first sight. They thought they clicked but they realised their morals were different. They thought that they could manage but it was a huge obstacle between them. They went out for some days and decided to marry immediately after their studies. Mother’s father was furious when they got married. They didn’t bother about other things when they got married. There was nothing wrong till I was born. Sometime after I was born, dad started bringing home his friends. Mother didn’t like their attitude and behaviour. She didn’t want them to come home.
Father started staying out of the house very often. Whenever he came home, there was a fight always. I was kidnapped once when I was four. After lots of struggle, I was brought back home safely. Father promised mother that he would cut ties with all his friends. He came home daily, played with me. That time, which I don’t even remember properly, may have been the best time I had with my parents. Then, mother had Varun.
Slowly as days progressed father reverted back. When I was nine, one day, he came back home drunk and fought with mother. I tried to step in and I was hit with a vase. Lucky for me, it hit my leg. Seeing me faint in a pool of blood, he ran away. That was the last time I saw him. Mother took me to the hospital and admitted me there. She applied for divorce. Mother slowly stopped spending time at home. A housekeeper was there in her stead. One day, she came with Dev Uncle and she said we wouldn’t be seeing her anymore. Dev Uncle took us to Dadaji’s home.
Flashback Ends}

(Swara continued) Rest, you know. Their marriage ended in the worst possible way. It did not affect their lives but their children’s. I don’t want to commit the same mistake like them. I want to wait or even better marry the person Dev uncle chooses since he knows me the best. As of now, I don’t have any feelings for you. Care, maybe, but not the desire to live with you. If you can wait and see, maybe, your wish would come true or maybe not. You should go out with other girls. Some of them maybe more accommodating and would suit you. You don’t have to change yourself or anything. What you do is up to you to decide. I am going to uncle’s home now. I will catch a cab. You can take the car. I like the house. Hope you will sell it to me. I am sorry if I have hurt you.”

Sanskar didn’t move. Shona stood there for a while and walked away from me.

(Sanky shouted so that Shona who was walking could hear)“I will wait, Shona. I don’t vary once I decide something. If I change, it will be to become a better man for you. I don’t have the desire to date anyone else. Till now, you are the only girl to have made me feel this way even without a reason. I am not your father nor are you, your mother. We are different. Our life need not be like theirs. Think about it, Shona.”

She left waving her hand. She didn’t even turn back. I went to the car. I slumped on the steering wheel. I was rejected in the worst possible way, making it impossible to make the next move. But no matter how much I convince her now, she will keep rejecting me. Better get back to the club. They will be moving this week.

Precap: Will Sanskar be able to cope up with rejection? Swara’s mockery

Chapter 26

The day when Shona had gone to visit the property, the same day she visited her Uncle and Aunt’s house.

Swara had gone and visited her Bhua and fufaji’s house. Her Aunty was shocked seeing her. Swara then told her that she has got a house and she wanted Dev uncle’s opinion for that. Aunty was sad but she was happy for swara.

Swara also informed her aunt about Sanskar’s confession and the way she rejected it. Aunty felt bad and told her the story how she and Dev had met then she had also told that love doesn’t take months or years. Sometimes even a day is enough. But Swara never bothered saying she did not have time for all this.

Just then uncle had entered and I told him about the property. He said he would make all the legal documents ready for execution of the sale of the property.

After having dinner there, I went back to the club. The club almost feels like a home now. When I reached, Sanskar was not there and the lights in his room were off. Guess he went to sleep. I saw a note pinned against my door. ‘If you want to buy the house, go to Maheshwari Headquarters’ at eleven tomorrow.’ He must have pinned it thinking that I would be coming back in the morning. I really don’t know what to say to him after rejecting him.

Next day morning, I had to leave early to meet Uncle. I saw the bill for the gown in the mailbox. I took it with me and left. Before leaving, I pinned up a note on his door thanking him, hoping that he hadn’t left the building. Uncle and I reached Maheshwari’s office around the appointed time. Rahul was waiting in the reception when we entered. Why would he be here?

(Rahul) “Hi Swara, what brings you here?”

(Swara) “I am here to seal the deal on the house that Sanskar said is on sale. This is my Uncle, Dev Gupta.” He was elated to see Uncle. His admiration could be seen from his reaction.

(Rahul) “Hello, sir. I am Rahul Roy. I have heard a lot about you. Have seen you from far in the courthouse but never been able to talk to in person. It is a great honour, sir.”

(Dev)“The pleasure is all mine, Rahul.” His last name is Roy?

(swara) “Are you relative of Mr. Roy?”

(Rahul) “He is my uncle. My father’s younger brother”
Suddenly Sanskar came from behind and apologized for being late and asked the receptionist about the room that was free.

(Swara) “Sanskar!”

(Swara in her mind seeing Sanskar) He popped up behind us. He was still buttoning up his cuffs as he was moving to the reception. He looked like he overslept and he IGNORED me. How can he?

(Receptionist said)“0202 sir.”

(Sanky)“Thanks, Linda. Now this way, if you please.” He kept going in front of us. We reached to the conference room.

We immediately started discussing the clauses for the sale agreement and all the discussion was quickly over. The sale registration was fixed for Wednesday.

Then uncle and I had gone for a lunch and uncle from nowhere he asked:

(Dev uncle)“Swara, you are perturbed. Why?”

(Swara) “What?”

(Dev) “That sanskar doesn’t seem like he just confessed to you yesterday and was rejected, does he?”

(Swara) True. He doesn’t act like any of the guys who have confessed to me till now. It is almost like he doesn’t care, like he did it for fun, but…. “How do you….. Aunty Told You?”

(Dev) “Of Course, Who Else Will Be Telling Me? You look more shocked and upset than sanskar himself.”

(Swara) “I am not shocked but surprised. I never thought he was the type to recover so fast. It makes me feel like I have been cheated though I cannot actually complain about it. I wasted my time and breathe telling him about my parents.”

(Dev) “It is not necessary that he has recovered. He hid it and carried on with work like a true professional. He didn’t bring any of his personal feelings at work.” Anyone who is a professional never mixes personal issues with work but he didn’t seem like that type of a person.

(Swara) “Still”. She could see that her Uncle was annoyed .

(Dev)“You Are A True Professional, Right? Then What Is Wrong With Him Being The Same?”

(Swara) “He just didn’t look like it.” Always looked like having fun and no work.

(Dev) “Looks are very deceiving, Swara. Just like how it is for you.”

Then after a quick lunch uncle and I took a break for the day.Since I had no work that day I decided to pick Varun from his school, while waiting I met Mr.Anthony. I thanked him for all the help that he provided for not creating a big matter about Varun’s scholarship, guardianship etc. That time prici said that all was well handed by Mr.Sanskar Maheshwari and he played a big role. Though Swara was shocked but her ego stopped her from believing. Mr.Anthony also mentioned Swara that Varun has topped his class and he will have no problem in getting into the university he likes but he told not to mention the same to Varun as the results weren’t published.

Varun had arrived and I decided to take him to visit the new house. Varun was happy seeing the house and he also laid condition that during his last term in school, he will call all his friends for sleepover at our place. I didn’t have any problem with it.

(Swara) In the evening after returning back to the club, I was waiting for Sanskar to thank him. Still waiting, I saw Sanskar coming with lots of papers in his hands.

(Swara) “Hey, want help?”

(Sanky) “Nope. I am good. It is punishment for not working. I have been cooped up with the research work so much that I didn’t do my designated job. Roy has ordered me finish all these by tomorrow. I don’t think will be able to sleep tonight.”

(Swara in her mind) He seemed completely recovered. He can talk with ease to me. I feel like he just confessed to me like how he casually insults me, to know how I might act. It irritated me. Why? I don’t understand. There were guys like that in the past. I never cared about them.

(Swara spoke)“You seem well for someone who was rejected. I thought you were sincere, so I told you my parents’ life. I have never told anyone who has confessed till now about my parents.”
His smiling face immediately turned full of scornfulness. He glared at me. He dropped the bags and pinned me against the wall and locked me between his arms.

(Sanky) “Do I hear spite or pride speaking, Ms.Gadodia? Am I supposed to be happy you told me about your parents? Sorry, if I have not fulfilled your expectations. I am here trying to bury myself in work, to help myself from not being depressed and you say, I didn’t confess sincerely. I meant every word I said. I might have said hurtful things when we first got to know each other, but I really do mean it when I say I love you. Shona, I said I will wait and I will. I will wait till you change your mind. It doesn’t mean I will drown in my sorrows just because you have rejected me. I have a business to run and have no time to be depressed, even if I want to. You know that very well. Good night.”

Saying that, without turning back, he went inside his room with his bags. I couldn’t stand anymore. My knees didn’t have strength. I slumped down, with the wall supporting me. I have never seen him this angry. Not even when he dragged me from the hotel. Anyone will be angry if their love is mocked the way I did. I can’t believe that I have been such an idiot. I always try to take into account the other party’s feelings, why do I not feel the same empathy for him? Why do I lose my composure when he is involved? Why do I show my anger and disappointment to him?

Next day morning, I went to his room and knocked. But there was no response. I didn’t see him down or in the research side. I left, feeling guilty. I wanted to apologise to him.

Luckily, it was appointment with the Devon group that day. Even there, when I insisted on meeting him, he refused. I deserve it. Tomorrow is registration. I won’t have the chance to apologise to him after today. He didn’t return back to the club that day. I won’t be seeing him. Must I say goodbye leaving such an impression? Why do I have to make such a mistake? Why can’t I clear this misunderstanding?

Precap: Registration of the house and again a BLAST FROM PAST. This time who did Swara Meet.

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