Swasan_Journey from being stubborn to falling in love_Chapter 23


Swasan_Journey from being stubborn to falling in love_Chapter 23
Hello folks. If you have missed Chapter 22, please find the link that is attached below  . Let’s continue with our journey. I am giving my best not to make you guys bored.


(The day of the party) Next day, we left the club and went to buy our attire. True to her word, even though her dress didn’t put a hole in my pocket, it did burn quite some cash. When she was dressing up, the Shop manager, a friend, was annoyed and wouldn’t shut her mouth about it.

(Sherry) “Sanky , I don’t know a girl in this country and this era who doesn’t put makeup. She looks quite good without it. She chose a perfect dress that would suit her but still I don’t know why she doesn’t realise that she will be stunning if she looks after herself a bit.”

(sanky in mind) It is just like Sherry (Sherry is Sanskar’s school mate). She hates it when people don’t look after their appearances if they are naturally good looking but I really don’t know if Shona can be called pretty or beautiful.

(Sanky said) “You really think she will turn out to be a beauty, Sherry?”

(Again in his mind) I doubted it. I have seen her in baggy pants and T – shirts, Business suits. Sometimes, she goes to work in casual clothes, if they look kind of formal. Any guy can feel comfortable with her but to be attracted to her, I seriously wonder if Sherry is right.

(Sanky shouted): “We are getting fashionably late because of you, Sherry.”

(Sherry in a firm tone) “Be late for all I care! I wish for elegance, if not perfection. Anyway, how long does she take to get ready every day?”

(Sanky) “Ten minutes, at the maximum.”

(Sherry) “Oh. I see you are so close or should I say very personal.” She smiled slyly.

(Sanky) “Oh! I am tired of refusing for this question every time. I am sick of waiting. When will she be ready?”

(sherry) “It will take time. When you leave her to me, she needs to be perfect. I don’t know to whom she styles her hair, but it is like a nest. Her hairstyle is what taking so much time to do.”

(Sanky)“Her hairstyle? She has shoulder length, wavy hair. I don’t think she straightens it or anything but it doesn’t look like a nest. It looks normal to me.”

(Sherry) “It may be ok to you, but it is a disaster to us! Ah! There she comes. So, how is she?”

(Sanky in his mind) I was awestruck. She is definitely not beautiful. Her face is more of handsome type than beautiful. I thought she will look much better in a suit than dress. But she looked astounding in a gown. She was wearing a cream white long gown with puffed mega sleeve hands. The long gown clung to her and her curves could be clearly seen and not like in those baggy clothes she wears at the club. Any guy will flirt with her without a second thought. She had perfect proportions and the gown seems to make her look unearthly. I don’t know how to describe her but she was very pretty with makeup on. I wonder if this change is because of clothes and make up or because she actually tended to her appearance. Where did she hide herself all these days?

Sherry patted herself for her styling. But she complimented Swara as she knew what exactly suited her. Though she was talking to me but I was just admiring Swara and I clearly knew that I was gonna lose bet with mom.

Sherry then complimented Swara that she was looking damn pretty.

(Swara) “Thank you, Ms. Sherry. I just never had much interest. I was made to attend many parties by my uncle almost every year. Last year was the only year that I didn’t attend any. I inherited my grandmother’s face. I was also a model for my aunt, who is a designer, though my height was not that great. So, what do you think, Sanskar? Sanskar?”

(Sanky) “Ah… Yes. You look great. Now, I am kind of scared to take you there. I am afraid no sane man would leave you alone.”

(Swara) “You really think? Thank you. But, I think that will be the least of your worries. What about the bill?”

(Sanky) “Didn’t you say that I will be paying it?”

(Swara) “I said that thinking you would refuse. There is no way I am letting you pay for my dress.”

(Sanky) “No, its my pleasure. I am sure my money isn’t wasted, if it is on a beauty like you, as Sherry says. If your boyfriend minds it, then that is a…..”

(Swara) “What boyfriend? I don’t have a boyfriend. Don’t hook me up with someone on your own. Do you spend money like this on every beautiful girl you see?”

(Sanky overwhelmed in his mind) She doesn’t have a boyfriend. If she doesn’t have a boyfriend, then who was that Laksh? Why do I feel a sense of relief? Get a hold of yourself! I didn’t want her to take with me because I was jealous that she would be snatched away from me. 🙁

Precap : At the party.

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