Swasan_Journey from being stubborn to falling in love_Chapter 21

Swasan_Journey from being stubborn to falling in love_Chapter 21

Hello folks. If you have missed Chapter 20, please find the link that is attached below  . Let’s continue with our journey. I am giving my best not to make you guys bored.


On Monday:

As I (Swara) was working, Mr.Roy suddenly interrupted me. “Ms. Gadodia, how does it feel, after working for four sessions here? What do you think?” Strange, he is not the type to disturb people to ask such silly questions.

(Swara) “It is good, Mr. Roy. I am not having problem conceiving strategies. I am having lots of fun.”

(Roy) “Good to hear. The younger generations don’t say that they have fun when they work. You must love your work. So, how is it living with Mr. Maheshwari? Ex-President Mrs. Annapurna Singh had told me” What did he just say?

(Swara) “Excuse me and Ex-President as in Mr.Maheshwari’s mom?” (Confused with the surname)

(Roy) “Yes, his mother. He was adopted by his grandfather (nanaji) after his father’s death. How is Mr. Maheshwari?”

(Swara) “Do you want me to be polite or frank?”

(Roy) “Frank would be better.”

(Swara) “Sigh, he is person who undervalues people. If he feels they are not worth his attention, he doesn’t care about them. It is not a good attitude for a businessman. He contradicts himself about his opinion of people over a very short period of time. He should check his words before he spills them. He also distrusts people strongly. Though he smiles and talks with honey, he doesn’t trust people. All these things won’t help him in the long run. People are not dumb as they look, especially, people from the top with whom he would be dealing. They are experienced enough to evaluate people at first sight.”

(Roy) “Oh my, such a detailed assessment, but what you say is correct. Maybe, it is because of his father. It was rumoured his father married his mother for money. A political marriage. But unfortunately, he died when young master was five. He didn’t get to know his father. As he grew up, people surrounded him for his money. He started to distrust people. But, he is a caring person. He cannot let a person suffer alone despite himself. He is kind. People often misuse his kindness.”

(Swara) “Oh.” (Looking at the files)

(Roy) “Such an unexpected response! You don’t seem to be interested, Ms. Gadodia.”

(Swara in her mind) Of course, I am not interested and you are disturbing my work.

(Swara spoke) “Mr. Roy, I have no interest in knowing why Mr. Maheshwari is like this or who he is. If people are going to be influenced by rumours and others’ attitude, they will naturally change. Yet, to stay as you are despite everything is the best and toughest part. Others’ doubts, influence, questions and rumours, are never an excuse for who you are. Only you decide who you are.”

Then Swara looked up from the files towards Roy. He seemed surprised. But then he smiled gently, almost like how grandfather did when he understood something.

(Roy) “You must have had a good teacher.”

(Swara thought) Yes, I did have a very good teacher, my grandpa. I couldn’t have asked for better person to teach me about life.

Then Swara spoke: “Yes. The best I can ask for.”

(Roy) “I completely forgot. Ms. Gadodia, would you like to come to our business party this Saturday?”

(Swara) “I would love to, but I must check my schedule. I shall contact you, if I can free it up.” I could go since Varun wouldn’t be at home. Ever
since he came to the club, he spends the weekends at his friends’ place.

(Roy) “Please, do come. The invitation.”

(Swara) “Thank you, Mr. Roy.”

After few hours from when Swara spoke to Mr. Roy, Sanskar was walking in the office straight to Ap’s cabin.

(Sanky) “So mom, why did you call me to office all of a sudden? I was busy with checking the results of the research.”

(Sanky in his mind) She called me up and asked me to come over to the main office immediately. Just what is her problem! She is like a child who has got a toy to play with and boast it to anyone she can.

(AP) “Oh! Forget that. It is not even your field, yet you work on it for hours together with your friends without any thoughts about other things.”

(Sanky) “It is my field. What I studied was only to learn management. I love research. What is wrong in sitting with it for hours together?”

(AP) “Anyway, I want to show you a video. It shows what Swara thinks about you..”

(Sanky in his mind) What she thinks of me? That is not necessary but….

(Sanky) “How did you get her to talk?”

(AP) “I had Roy talk to her and ask what she thinks of you. Roy has been a real dear. Maybe he is tried of babysitting you. I recorded it using the CCTV in the conference room.”

(Sanky again thought) Why is she doing this? I don’t get it. This is invasion of her privacy.

(Sanky) “You could have asked me that. She already told me. She thinks I undervalue people, hot headed and distrust people.”

AP looked puzzled.

(AP) “Sanskar, it is exactly what she said. How did you know?”

(Sanky) “Yesterday after meeting you I met her and was talking to her during dinner. She told me all those things. If Shona knew that you have recorded it like this, she would be furious. Also, she never tells anything bad about someone until she can tell it right at their face, is what Varun said.”

(AP) “Oh, too bad. But, she is just like her Dadaji in almost every aspect.”

(Sanky confused in his head): Dadaji? Did mom know him? Even if she did, I doubt she is going to tell me about it. I am very confused about what I feel for Shona. I really don’t know.

(Sanky) “Mom, you and my friends keep saying that I will love her. What is love? I really don’t know.”

(Sanky again thought) I feel that I love her but I feel that I can live without her. Will I be able to live the same way I did before meeting her? Do I really love her?

(AP interrupted Sanky’s thought and explained explained): When I and your Papa met, it just happened. Though ppl thought it was politically arranged but the fact was we loved each other and it just happened. When your Papa died, I ignored you the reason being you look just like your dad. I was not able to get over, so I busied myself in work. So I ignored you. But now I regret the moment I ignored you. I am so sorry beta. Please forgive me”

(Sanky) “I am sorry, mom. It’s alright, mom. I don’t hate you. On the contrary, I just love you too much. But I know the love I feel for her is different from what I feel for you and other girls. Just like you said, I am attracted to her attitude. She is not like any of the girls I have met or I would meet, but I don’t feel that need or, to put it better, the desperation to be by her side.”

(AP) “Maybe, her appearance doesn’t appeal to you.”

(Sanky) “Maybe. I have never seen her all dressed up. I don’t think she uses makeup or in the least, a talcum. I have seen her only in casuals and business suits.”

(AP) “Then a final chance to confirm, bring her to the company’s party.”

(Sanky) “What?”

(AP) “Bring her there. She needs to dress up. She has to put a pleasing appearance if she wants new clients. Till now, all her clients are those who have known her from her childhood. She has never felt the necessity to dress up. But, she does know that to get new clients, she must make a good first impression. You will know then.”

(Sanky) “Maa…”

(Sanky in his mind) She wouldn’t even have dinner with me in the club, a date is almost impossible.

(AP) “No arguments. I am trying to help you. If you honestly feel nothing for her other than care, then I won’t talk about marriage for next five years at least. Deal?”

(Sanky again in his mind mode) If my feelings are really illusions in my mind, then I don’t need to worry about staying outside the main house anymore. I surely can resist her looks, if she has it and if what I feel is really infatuation. I have not been that week to give into lust.

(Sanky) “Then, I have no more nagging after this Saturday. Yes!”

(AP) “But, you must be honest about how you feel.”

(Sanky) “Yeah, yeah. See you on Saturday.”

(AP) “Ok. Don’t bother to turn up without her. Bye.”

(Sanky leaving AP’s office) Oops it’s gonna be a uphill task. Will I be able to accept my mom’s challenge (thinking). But how can I ask her to be my date. She doesn’t even regard me as a friend. Bhagwan, Please help.

Precap: Will Sanskar be able to convince Swara?

Again a big thanks to all my silent readers and spl thanks to ppl who have supported me.. I am indebted to them..

Thank you for reading my fan fiction.. Thank u Dhara, Angel Goldie, Bresh, Sus, Siya, Ruchi Shah, Jyoti, Anu Ann, Dev, Natasha, shan, Shreya, Ashu <3

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