Swasan_Journey from being stubborn to falling in love_Chapter 20


Swasan_Journey from being stubborn to falling in love_Chapter 20

Hello folks. If you have missed Chapter 19, please find the link that is attached below  . Let’s continue with our journey. I am giving my best not to make you guys bored.

Swasan_Journey from being stubborn to falling in love_Chapter 19

The conversation continues. AP is happy that Sanky has not complained and the conversation continues. The conversation had stopped abt Swara being a suitable bride candidate for Sanskar.
(AP) “Besides, you still haven’t complained about anything to me all this time. You have accommodated them. If you didn’t like my decision, you would have refused immediately or done something else. Since you have been silent, I assume that you like her. I don’t mind if I get that child for a daughter in law.” I accept that I love her but since she already has a boyfriend, I don’t wish for others to know of my unrequited love.
(Sanky) “Why do all of you think I love her, including her? She says not to give false hope and that too not to her, but to her brother. To her, Varun is her whole world. She treats me no less than she treats an outsider or a business associate.”
(AP) “Probably she is behind your money”
(Sanky) “If she was, she would have shown interest in me already. Also, she earns a lot, she has her Dadaji’s estate, can get any job she likes and what not! So, she is not necessarily after my name, fame and money. If you want to know further, ask Roy.”
(AP) “What if she is acting to be disinterested to get your interest?”
(Sanky)“ Mom I atleast know u so much. Ok let’s say if u wouldn’t have liked her then, Roy won’t be in your picture. Mom! She didn’t even know that I was your son.” I got up. I don’t have to stay here, listening to this nonsense.
(AP) “Look at you Sanskar, giving excuses for her. Fine. Play it your way; what made you hit the man who spoke sick of her, if you care the least for her?”
(Sanky) “What?” (Sanky gave a confused look) How does she know that?
(AP) “The incident where you told that your wife was staying at the hotel, I was in the waiting room of the hotel when I heard the commotion. I saw you tell them that she was your wife. Why do you have to do so much for a girl you don’t care about in the least and do as much as call her your wife?”
(Sanky in his mind)Wait, calm down, mom is driving me into the corner. She just wants me to admit that I love her. I am not going to admit it. I am confused. Do I really love her or not? How many times do I have to ask that question to myself? I fell back on the chair.
(Sanky then spoke) “Sigh! Finally, you are doing these self-analysis questions on me just to show me, I love that girl because of these?”
(Then again he goes in the thought mode process) Yes, I care about her. I am attracted to her reckless attitude and her pride. But thinking deep, I don’t know why I am attracted to her. It seems like an instinct. I don’t know.
(AP)“No, I don’t know if you love her; I said that you like her. You are attracted to her attitude and at the same time, you hate her attitude. You want to know more about her, yet you are angry that she doesn’t want to know anything about you. You want to help her, she doesn’t want your help, which irritates you. When you offer for a date, she doesn’t accept, so you go with her and ruin her date with someone else. Think about it, Beta.”
(Sanky)“Fine. Let us leave her there. I trust that she is not the kind of girl that you speak of or you portray, as the one after my money. She is the way she is because of too many things in her life. You investigated and found out about her. Yet, you didn’t give me the full report. If I do come to love and care about the girl, it won’t be because of her or her strategy as you say. It would be because of you, since you started the whole mess by making her stay in the club. You should stop investigating about your own son and everything he does. I am not a child anymore. It feels like I can’t keep any secrets in my life seeing the way you spy on me.”
(Laughing)“ Sanskar, you are always a child to me. Like you say, let me clean up the mess I have made.” Strange! She never accepts things are her fault or mistake.
(Sanky) “What do you mean?”
(AP) “I have found a perfect place for her to stay. It is closer to the school but exactly in the opposite direction of the club. The club and the house are at poles. Take her there next Sunday. Show it to her. She can buy the place if she wants. I was planning to sell that property anyway.”
(Sanky) “You want me to take her there and ask her if she likes it.”
(AP) “Don’t worry. She will love it. It is exactly what she wanted. Here is the address. After the sale,…”
(Sanky) “Wait a minute; this is the house I got first with my first pay. You want to sell this to her? I treasure that place.”
(AP) “Oh, don’t worry about it. I can tell you now, that you won’t regret selling that house to her. By Sunday, if you still don’t want to sell the house to her, then show her my property next to it. And as I was saying, after the sale, you won’t be able to contact her at all. Problems at school will be over for Varun, her house hunting problems will be over, so she won’t stay in the club, it is also closer to Varun’s school, further only Mr. Roy will be in contact with her for work. Any legal issues will be handled by her lawyer. So within a week that annoying, stubborn, arrogant woman will be out of your life, just like you said to Mr. Anthony. I have cleaned up my mess.” Cleaned up her mess? She is cutting off my contact with her. I never have to see her again. Maybe then, I wouldn’t feel the suffocation of not seeing her. Maybe these feelings will fade off….. but she will never know the feelings I have for her. Is it for the best? I don’t know. I am confused. “Hello, Beta! Are you listening to me? Be sure to take her there when you get time.”
(Sanky) “Ah… Yes, mom. I will take her there.”
(AP) “She can move in immediately, if she likes. It is empty and ready for use anytime. I had people clean both the houses for me just few days back.”
(Sanky) “Yeah, see you. Bye. Take care.”
“(AP Seeing him leave) He can be so stubborn like me. Even after spelling it out to him, he denies his feelings. How did I ever give birth to such a fool?” (she giggled among herself)

Precap: Roy gets out of Swara’s mouth exactly what she thinks about Sanskar and Maheshwari Group’s Annual Party Invitation. Challenge for Sanskar.

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