Swasan_Journey from being stubborn to falling in love_Chapter 18


Swasan_Journey from being stubborn to falling in love_Chapter 18
Hello folks. If you have missed Chapter 17, please find the link that is attached below  . Let’s continue with our journey. I am giving my best not to make you guys bored.

Swasan_Journey from being stubborn to falling in love_Chapter 17

Then Swara suddenly asked Sanskar: “Is that man in blue checkers crossing the road gone?”
(sanky) “There is no one on the road. Why do you ask?” I immediately separated from him. I started walking to the car. Just when I was starting to feel better.
(Swara) “Thanks. Just so you don’t misunderstand, he is a person who I never want meet in this life and since he knows my face, I didn’t want him to see me. Can I drive the car?” He looked baffled, but I can’t help it. I don’t want to tell him about my personal problems.
(Sanky) “Sure. Here you go.”
SANKY’ POV: She followed the man to a hotel. He was met by a woman and two children. He was laughing merrily as he went in. She switched seats with me. She seemed too upset to what she was few minutes ago. She asked me drive to a place, giving the address. She just silently sat till we reached the place. Who could he be? A client she didn’t like? I didn’t know what to tell. It is better to be quiet than cheer her without knowing anything. Once we reached there, Shona simply went up and stood there. She didn’t do anything. I got out of the car. She looked at me. Maybe, I was also supposed to go with her. I went up to her. She kept standing quietly besides me. She didn’t tell anything. She stood there with her head down. What is she doing?
I rang the doorbell and a middle-aged man in his mid-forties, opened the door. He was around 5’8” feet tall while I was 5’10” and Shona was 5’3”. He was well built and you can say he maintains his form well for the age he looked. Light brown skin like Shona’s and brown hair unlike black hair of Shona’s.
(Dev) “Swara Beta! How are you, sweetheart? How long it has been since you came here? Your aunty has been nagging me to bring you here, oh, and you are?” At least talk now, Shona. She kept silent and went in. If you were going in without even bothering to introduce me, why did you call me up here? To knock the door? Man! This is so awkward. He looked at her go in and at me. That Girl!
(Sanky) “Hello, sir. I am Sanskar Maheshwari. A friend of Shona’s. Just came here to drop her. I will be leaving now.”
(Dev) “A friend of Shona, eh? You mean Swara, right? Oh, no no no. You are not leaving yet. Come right in, Sanskar. It is rare to have her friends come here. They come only to the main house. I am Swara’s uncle Dev Gupta .Call me Uncle. Come on in, Sanskar.”
(Sanky’s POV) Before I could decline the invitation, he dragged me inside. “Thank you” was all I could say. I don’t know if I am supposed to be here. Jo was standing inside. She just looked at me, blankly. No reaction. It was like she has been shut off. Is she even conscious? Her uncle nudged her inside.
(Dev) “Honey, Swara is here.” He was pushing her till a woman in her late thirties came out. Petite and serene, unlike Shona, who was petite and full of energy. She was a bit taller than Shona, black hair like her that went down almost till her knees and with very sharp and proportionate features.
(Rajini) “Swara Beta. How are you? You look terrible. Are you sleeping properly? You look pale. Are you sick? Come right in with me. Your uncle always hogs you. Today is my turn. What do you want? Cookies, cakes.”
(Sanky thinks) Without even turning back, Shona went with her aunt, while I was shown to the living room by her uncle.
(Dev) “I am sorry for her behaviour today. She almost never behaves like this. She is always composed and hospitable. Also, Swara rarely comes here. I always go and visit her. Her aunt barely leaves home. So, what do you want, Sanskar?”
(Sanky thinks) I guess he was having his tea when we came in. Before I could say anything, he poured me a cup of it and offered.
(Dev) “Sanskar, what do you do?”
(Sankty) I told him that I look after the business established by my Nanaji, which is looked after by my mother currently and slowly taking over her work. I was quiet surprised by the familiarity he feels towards Swara and he also says that he is her uncle. I am not very close with my uncle or aunt but with my cousins, it’s a different story.
(Sanky again) “I am sorry to intrude in your personal space, but from what I understand, Swara doesn’t have any relatives, right? They are orphans?” I don’t think I need to tell him that I know Shona’s parents are alive.
Then Fufaji/ Uncle started explaining that he is her fufa and son-in-law of Late Deendayal Gadodia. Then he explained about the entire family who stays here. He also mentioned that he is their lawyer also. When Sanskar felt relaxed he told Uncle the events that took place. Listening to it he went to Shona and just patted her and came back in few minutes to give me company.
(sanky) “So, you were the one who took care of whenever Varun and Swara got into a fight.”
(Dev) “Who told you that?”
(Sanky’s mind) He looked quite surprised. I could understand the reason for his surprise. If I knew about their fights in school, then obviously I should have known about what he said previously.
(Sanky speaks) “Varun did. I doubt Shona even considers me as a friend.”
Then Slowly Sanskar got to know a little about Varun and Swara’s past. Uncle told him that their real names are not Swara and Varun but Priya Kumar and Varun was called Ved Kumar. Since he didn’t want anyone to trouble them from the past, he changed their name along with the surname of Dadaji.
On the other side. Swara asked her Bhua whether Shekhar Kumar (Swara and Varun’s father and Rajini Gupta’s own brother) was in town. (Rajini Bhua) No Beta I have no idea about it.
Then Swara told her that she had seen that man from far and she just hated him that he was enjoying with some other woman and those children. If he loved them so much why he never loved us.
Aunty told her to stay calm and forget about it. She asked Swara whether the scar in her leg still hurts.
Swara in a sarcastic tone “Thanks to your brother, the gift that he has given me on my leg is very clearly visible, and I can never wear short clothes in my life. Whenever I recall those moments I feel an unbearable pain on my leg in the scar area.”
Rajini felt sorry for Swara and she immediately changed the topic and they started talking about random things.
Back to Sanskar: Uncle was talking about the various properties that his papaji has left in Swara and varun’s name. Sanskar was shocked because the place where he took Swara, the other properties and mansion surrounding his property belonged to Swara, Varun and uncle.
(Sanky Thinks) He thought, she having so much money and properties, why does she work like a maniac. But he didn’t want to ask the same about uncle as he wanted to know few things from Swara also. Then Swara’s Bhua and Fufaji, made me stay back for dinner. They were very lively family. I had liked being with them.
After a nice dinner, we headed back to club. On the way Swara from nowhere asked “Don’t you want to know who the man was”
Sanskar said “I guess, he is your father whom you don’t want to see because of the pain he has given you in the past. Am I right?”
Swara :”full points to Mr.Maheshwari, and sorry for dragging you all the way to Uncle’s house”
Sanskar asked:” If your father stays here, would you go back?”
She said “ Yes, because I don’t want to face that man and I don’t want Varun to know all the truth at least not till he has become 18. In that case (giggling) I will have to revoke the contract and pay the revocation fees to your company”
He felt bad for Swara’s mood and so he said “Sorry for asking about past and hurting you” and they drove silently back to the Club.

Precap: Sanskar meets his mom and Swara explores the club. Annapurna helps Sanskar in clearing his confusion by giving a solution.

I am really sorry for making you guys bored… Seeing the response, i am planning to complete my FF haphazardly.. Sorry for disappointing…

Credit to: Crystal

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