Swasan_Journey from being stubborn to falling in love_Chapter 17


Swasan_Journey from being stubborn to falling in love_Chapter 17
Hello folks. If you have missed Chapter 16, please find the link that is attached below  . Let’s continue with our journey. I am giving my best not to make you guys bored.


(Sanky) “Varun is staying over, again?” I flinched. Sanskar was behind me. It was stupid of me to sit in the lobby instead of my room. I thought that he was not here. I really didn’t want to meet him, since I don’t know how to talk to him after our last conversation.
(Swara)“Yes. I realised that he does know karate for defence.”
(Sanky) “Oh. Good to hear. So, how come I have never seen you use the car?” Car? Oh yeah, the one that comes with his so called membership. It is his car, how can I use it? (The car was gifted to Swara after she cleared all her tests for being member)
(Swara) “I can’t use your car.”
(Sanky) “That car is for your use. It is a member’s right.”
(Swara) “Using the right is up to the person who has it and I don’t want it. I am planning for my own when I get a house.”
(Sanky) “Good luck with that.”
(Swara in her mind0 He smiled at me. It felt like he wanted to pat me but was doubtful. He didn’t argue anymore. He is the only one who has made me lose my temper often. I never care to answer back at people but why am I getting worked up only at him? He seemed pretty distant and mature. Not like before, the one who kept up the argument with me in every single conversation. Am I only one feeling this change or was he different only with me before?
(Sanky) “Are you free tomorrow?” His words brought me out of my thoughts.
(Swara) “No. Why do you ask?” (Swara in her mind) How can he ask such question. he already heard me speaking to Luke.
(Sanky) “I thought that I would show you around. You are new to this place right; but it seems like you are going house hunting again?” “Mind if I tag along?” Why? I have no reason to reject the request but do I have to spend my time with him tomorrow?
(Swara) “Are you sure? Won’t the others be here?”
(Sanky) “Ah… they have their own work to do. Except Jai, all are married. And Jai also has a date tomorrow. I would be bored at home. So, I thought I would tag along. If it disturbs you, you don’t have to bother about it.”
(Swara in her mind) The way he said it made me feel like I was wrong. Well, no harm done. Luke may not be happy about it but taking him along may have its own uses.

(Swara) “Done. I will be leaving before nine.” His face brightened up like a kid ready to go on his picnic. 

(Sanky) “Let’s drive the BMW out. I am driving. Good night then.”

Next day morning, Sanskar and I reached Luke’s office. Luke was surprised to see Sanskar. More than surprised, I could see that Luke didn’t expect a third wheel to come on his date. Luke really doesn’t know when to give up. (Luke has a small crush on Swara since her university days. Swara knows the same but she maintains a friendly relation with him)

(Swara) “Luke, this is Sanskar Maheshwari and Sanskar, this is Luke Kinsman. Luke has been helping me find a perfect place and Sanskar is lending me his place to stay.”
(Sanky) “Hello. I am glad to see Shona has a good friend in the city.”
(Luke) “Glad to meet you. I am surprised to see Swara is willing to crash in another guy’s place.”
(Swara) “Luke! I already told you that about it. One more word from your mouth about it, I am not going with you today or anymore.”
(Luke) “Sorry” (Luke thinks) I didn’t realise the sparks flying around.

We went to many places but Sanskar seem to answer all of Luke’s questions for the comments on the houses. Though Sanskar is right, I noticed Luke didn’t like him answering.

We split for the day at four. Luke said that he would mail me the pictures of the new places.

Then Sanskar decided that he would take me to some place. So we drove outskirts of London and as we went closer to those places I immediately recognized the area. The place that he took was beautiful.

(Swara) “Nature is always beautiful.” He looked kind of surprised.
(Sanky) “Yes, that is correct, Shona. But, very few people put effort to preserve it.”

(Swara thinking over what Sanskar said made her remember her Dadaji)True. Dadaji, he also did the same. But,

(Swara spoke) “How come I don’t see any tourists or people here?”

(Sanky) “That’s because it is a private property.” This place, a private property? I know the places surrounding it are private, but this place?

(Swara) “Then, we are trespassing.”
(Sanky) “Not if the trespasser is the owner.” Owner?
(Swara) “What? You are the owner of this place?”
(Sanky) “Yeah. There will be a mansion at sight, if you go about a mile further in.”
(Swara) “You are a rich spoilt man.”
(Sanky) “Rich may be but not spoilt like you say.” Not spoilt, you say,
(Swara) “What do you call a brat who does what he wants and never listens to anyone, never cares about others’ feelings or actions?”
(Sanky) “If it is a brat, then it means that he is spoilt”
(Swara) “(Giggling) Then, so are you.” I got up to run.
(Sanky) “You call me a brat! You are the brat here. You do the same things that you just said. Wait till I get you.” It has been long since I spent time like this laughing. I didn’t know spending time with Will can be so nice. I guess, if either one of us shuts our mouth in an argument, then there wouldn’t be much of a problem. As we were running towards the car, I suddenly stopped.
(Sanky) “Caught you!”

(Swara in her mind) He caught my arm. I turned and hugged Sanskar. I hid my face in his chest. I know this is bad and might mislead Sanskar but, I don’t want to see that man. (Sanky) “Hey, what happened? What are you doing?” He looked confused.

Precap : Blast from the Past. Sanskar meets Swara’s Uncle and Aunty.

Hi guys the reason i don’t give long updates is because of lack of time…. Sorry for disappointing…

I guess last chapter was a bit boring coz the response was poor.. So i apologize.. hopefully u guys will like this chapter….. keeping my fingers crossed..

Credit to: Crystal

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