Swasan_Journey from being stubborn to falling in love_Chapter 16


Swasan_Journey from being stubborn to falling in love_Chapter 16

Hello folks. If you have missed Chapter 15, please find the link that is attached below  . Let’s continue with our journey. I am giving my best not to make you guys bored.


Swara was relieved coming back to the club and was doing her work when Varun jumped on her and hugged on her.
Varun : I don’t tell you a bye and you fall sick. This is really bad.
Swara (Thinks) The very thought of what Varun told made me laugh and happy because he was the entire world to me apart from my work. Varun seeing me alright then ran towards his room for studying. Then I had noticed Sanskar Maheshwari standing there.
Swara: “ I am so sorry that I had misused your kindness the other day. I never realised until I woke up the next day that I was with Laksh”
Sanskar nodded “ok”.
Sanskar asked Swara how she was and she replied that she was much better after the rest that she had got at Laksh’s home because Laksh had locked her in a room.(laksh did this so that Swara could rest and recover fast)
Swara then quickly added that please do not show any concern in front of Varun because he feels that you might become his future JIJU. Sanskar hearing this was shocked and he immediately left Swara’s room.

The entire week Swara and Sanskar did not cross each other’s path.
Swara: Now since I am a consultant for the Maheshwaris I was glad that even in workplace I never crossed path with him. Mr.Roy was very helpful and he knew exactly the amount of work that is needed for the amount the Maheshwari group was paying me.
Swara: “Mr. Roy, you never informed me about the change in the President’s position before my appointment.”
Roy: “Was it a problem to you, Ms. Gadodia?” It was a problem. Not that, I can voice it out.
Swara: “Not at all. But, is it alright to have such a young President?” Young and reckless.
Roy: “You need not worry about Mr. Maheshwari. I have known him since he was a child. He listens to everyone, takes their advice if it is relevant, he is particularly devoted to his mother but acts like he doesn’t care about her. He has never crossed swords with her. Sometimes, it is envious to see such a son who tells what is troubling him to his parents and listens to what they say. I wish my daughter was like him. He is also a good leader. He has very good ideas and strategy for the companies. He is what you call a proper businessman.”
Swara Thinks :He kept continuing, pouring praises of him. No matter how a troublesome person he is, he manages to create a good impression of himself. I never thought Sanskar was a mama’s boy. Young master of a big house, no wonder he does what he wants and talks without respecting any person and still manages to create the best impression on others. I don’t want to listen about him.
Swara :“Oh! You have a daughter, Mr.Roy? What is she doing?” (So she just bluntly changed the topic)
Roy: “She is in middle school.”

Swara: “Then, she has time. My brother is rebellious, even though he is going to finish his high school. As long a child rebels, it means she/he is growing up healthy.”
Roy: “You talk like a parent.” Parent? First time, I have heard it.
Swara: “I have to take care of my brother, though, it has been a short time since.”
Roy: “What about your parents, Ms. Gadodia?”
Swara: “They are no longer with me.”
Roy: “I am sorry to hear that. It must be tough.”
Swara thinks: Tough? That is the slightest of the words to describe my feelings. Well, get back to work, Swara and therefore she again changes the topic and straight gets back to work : “So Mr. Roy, about this detail and then we got back to work again.”
Swara: It was Friday night and hence I decided that I would go and search for houses along with Luke who has been helping me to find houses.
Swara: “Hello Luke. It’s Swara here. Can we go for house hunting tomorrow. I am kind of free.”
Luke: “Yes, Swara and straight to the point. Yes we could go. How is madam free tomorrow? Is Varun going to join us?”
Swara: “No, Varun is not joining us. He has gone over for a sleep over to his friend’s house this entire weekend”
Luke : “Ooooh, so let’s meet up tomorrow morning around 9.30am. So is it a Breakfast date then.”
Swara (Angry but with a calm voice): “Not funny, no weird ideas Luke. It’s just House hunting and nothing else. I will reach there by 9.30am”
Luke: “Ok.. You never let a boy come near other than your brother and few of your friends. That is mean. Anyways Good Night. See you tomorrow”
Swara hears the voice when she turns back and finds herself shocked and irritated.

Precap: HOUSE HUNTING and some nice friendly cute moments between SWASAN.

Credit to: Crystal

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